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I think it's good enough, i find it obvious to have mods in mods section of the forum, it's not like "it's hidden deeply in forums".


--- Quote from: Lurler on April 08, 2014, 01:53:29 am ---It's nice, but we simply wouldn't be able to manage that. If we start managing plugins then we wouldn't have time to make the actual game...

--- End quote ---
It could take not too much of your time.
You can contact Curse Network authors directly and if they will show some interest in your game they can provide you a ready-to-use platform for mods and other community goodies (as they did for bukkit and many other commercial or non-commercial projects). But of course it can be a plan only for some distant future.

What can we do right now? Well, forum section is the easiest way, but it's not very flexible and you'll end up with either wasting too much time for moderation or having semi-ordered chaos.
I think it's far more better to have an organized catalogue for mods, but there are no freely distributed engines for that. You can take one of the very powerful engines such as modx or drupal and build something on top of that, but it still requires too much work time.
Or you can wait until someone from the community do something like that for you. Actually, i can do that (i'm working as a linux admin and a web developer), but i'm not sure right now that my effort will do any good for me (i mean i'm not sure whether such catalogue is needed by someone or not). Also i'm not too good in design, so i definitely need some help.

However, it's up to you how you'll support the community.


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