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Low replay value... (among other things.)

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As with all games, this has it's problems. But it's glaring problems.
This game gets old really fast when there is just so few ship hulls, so few variants and when the only ships in space is pirates, traders and aliens for the most part.

VoidExpanse fell flat for not having the atmosphere that Space is a vibrant place for trade and industrial enterprise, There is absolutely no distinct socio-economic/industrial structures (ie. Space foundries, Space Farms, Space Cities...)

There is only one single type of hauler which has no weapons, no escorts...
There is also one type of civilian shuttle...
Where did innovation go?
Even civilian hardware is abstracted as well...
It's as though everything in VoidExpanse has gone communist for the civilians.

Why is there only frigate size to heavy cruiser size? Where did all the carriers, battlecruisers, dreadnaughts go? (Or even larger)
There is also not a single instance of strikecraft in the game...

What about all the automated tracking systems? Was it really that expected of us to track the movements of every enemy ship we wish to fire all our different guns at?

I have to wonder why there are always so few weapon hardpoints throughout all ship classes when obviously, having smaller and more plentiful hardpoints on smaller ships would make some more sense against small fry.

We need more ships, and not just carefully designed ones too! We should have some rubbish designs and some exotic ones too.
We could also use a much expanded inventory of all ship hardware in general including hulls.

(Sorry about the rant!)

I have to wonder if AtomicTorch got the scale all wrong when they devised the game as it seems as though even the Order is orders of magnitude smaller than the Aliens. I would expect to have some unity against such a large force.

Another thing is, there is no policing forces or military forces. Those pirates have been roaming, attacking trade and all that...
And nobody did anything except while questing?  >:(

The feel of the game is quite bad in this sense and it totally did let me down. I see the potential however, and I would like to see lots of good things from AtomicTorch that address this issue.

Please do correct me if I expected something radically different from what the developers intended to make.

Oh, well, we consider all the mistakes and poorly developed parts of the game and literally everything our players suggested. And they have right at many points. Some of features were upgraded or made from the scratch in the upcoming content update, we are going to release it very soon. And it depends on how the player take this update and what feedback it brings. After releasing it we will decide which improvements we are going to do next. I want you to understand that we are not leaving this game and improving it, it just needs some time.

The game is what it s and I for one like it.  It has a solid core ripe for expansion.  I don't expect it to be Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous.

And compared to ED or SC,  VE does not fail.

Honestly, I consider VE a bargain. Even if one agrees with all the OP points it's still a bargain. Before the added in all the new stuff I had 70 hours of gameplay in. 70 hours for just over $10. Less than a dime per hour. Where else can you get that kind of return on your entertainment dollar?


they've a bunch of new things recently. More of everything that we've been asking for. They've been extremely responsive and I'm back in having fun. Even put a few hours into MP (although I was alone).


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