Invitation for experimental servers

Started by Karsthans, March 27, 2021, 04:05:44 PM



I am aware probably not a popular suggestion but think it is valid anyway so here goes, could you consider invitation for experimental servers and not open servers, random players tend to lose interest and there's more of same on experimental servers and not actual testing, thinking that was the goal of those servers.
If you could select some players to join experimental, if active and interested in testing, they could probably give a more constructive feedback, anyway just a thought,



While it is a great approach - unfortunately we simply don't have the manpower to manage a system like this.

So in the end we just open experimental servers for everybody and then hope for feedback.

There are usually a few people who write to us directly or I simply reach out to some of our long time supporters for their feedback and reports.

Usually that does the trick, though more feedback is always welcome!