AtomicTorch Store closed ???

Started by PnYMaT, January 08, 2023, 07:29:37 AM



AtomicTorch Store ( is closed ? I buy all your games directly here. I search and it seems the only way to buy it is to go to Steam.

I never buy on Steam because we don't realy own the game. I buy only on GoG or original web sites.

You are not on GoG  :-[ how i will buy your next game ? I will never spend a cent on Steam.

My brother would like to buy VoidExpanse to play with me, but he can't, we found it only on Steam  :-[

If you close your store, please go to

Many thanks for reading me.

Other question, if you update CryoFall, can i will have the update on ?


Sadly, we can no longer accept new orders because of problems with PayPal. We've considered integrating another payment system but it's hard to justify as direct VoidExpanse and Dinocide sales were pretty much zero in the past few years, everyone prefers Steam these days. Also, we cannot sell CryoFall on our website as the game got a publisherΓÇöall sales go strictly through them.
Some time ago we've tried to get our games on GOG but had no luck. Maybe we will try again later.
Of course, all purchased games will remain available to download and play. We will also keep uploading the game updates to our website, same as before.


Hi, thanks for your clear answer.

I will hope your next games will be available on GoG.