MOD - Gas collector

Started by Cores, April 28, 2015, 09:13:49 AM


Gas collector Mod
Author(s): Cores
Description: Added 2 devices and 1 resource.
Mod version: 1.0.2
Game version: 1.2.9
Game mode: SP
Mod in Steam (

1. The mod adds a devices for the gathering of hydrogen near the star (from the basic vacuum cleaner to excellent Omega-collector).
Engineering skills needed for the job. Devices differ suction, energy cost per run and safe work area.

2. Added "Fuel Condensers" - they converts hydrogen stored in the cargohold, to the fuel (tank is filled directly). Also differ from each other skill requirements engineering, the number of hydrogen consumption and output of fuel per cycle.

3. Added a new product - "Hydrogen" (despite the low price, very often, the station readily consume than accumulate).

All items added to the loot-list, but the pirates rarely drop them - not their business to gas suck =)

Please note: this mod is required for loading a savegame created with this mod. - this option is disabled.

P.S. Mod uses the basic function of the game on the calculation of the distance between the position of the ship and the coordinates of the center of the star (0.0) and does not check whether there is actually a star. If the developers added the paired stars, the mod will work "funny."

P.S.-2 Mod became broken if you activate it in your current game. Then you try to dock to any station game is shutdown with error "Cannot create local server" - game don`t know about new resource. So only work in new game, because i have no idea how to add a new resource to station dictionary.

P.S.-3 Also this pair of devices can be done in one - if there is gas in the hold, it is in the process of fuel production, if not - there is an attempt to gather a gas. But I still lazily - i am plaing in GTA 5  ;D


Can you upload your mod to somewhere else as well? It's not possible to download from steam via
The game that this item belongs too does not allow downloading of its items...BUMMER!

Thank you very much in advance.


Actually it is something we wanted to add into the core game but couldn't due to the lack of time :)
Good job :)


Quote from: Lurler on August 12, 2015, 11:14:08 PM
Actually it is something we wanted to add into the core game but couldn't due to the lack of time :)
Good job :)
Even the fuel condenser? α╝╝ πüñ Γùò_Γùò α╝╜πüñ


Exactly! :)
After watching StarGate Universe I wanted to add refueling from stars. Hence collecting some form of material from stars and turning it into fuel.


Lol, this is one feature I thought was missing from the game, being a big fan of Stargate and all. Can you please post the zip archive of the mod somewhere?
I'm using AtomicTorc Launcher and not the Steam so the mod is not accessible :(