Problem with my mod

Started by Afaut, July 19, 2016, 02:24:51 AM


Edit: just found why it's not working anymore * Changed healing beam balance, now it heals 25% structure for 5 seconds regardless of maximum HP

i've create this mod

it was working fine on 1.4.9 but now it just see ship immortal...

i've look into device_repair_beam.xml to see if anything have change but it's still the same, so device_repair_beam.xml work and mine not and i don't know why.
Maybe it's a bug?.

here's the code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <title>Experimental Repair beam</title>
      <description>Special device designed to repair other ships in space.</description>


         <!-- none -->

         <!-- none -->


         <!-- none -->


         <durability>25000</durability> <!-- max durability -->

         <cooldown>1</cooldown> <!-- cooldown in seconds after initiation of usage -->

            determines a way the module can be activated
         <target>3</target> <!-- 0- N/A, 1- self, 2- area (around self), 3- object, 4- coordinates -->
            <range>10</range> <!-- used for all except "self" and "area" mode. -->
            <!-- determines area of effect on specified coordinates. only for "area", "target", "coordinates" -->
            <!-- only for "target" mode. For target can be specified: asteroid, ship, crate, jumpgate, base -->

         <!-- DEVICE ACTION
            determines how module effect should be applied
         <action_type>2</action_type> <!-- 0- N/A, 1- immediate, 2- per frame, 3- on complete -->
         <!-- the following configuration is only applicable for "per frame" and "on complete" modes -->
            <duration>0</duration> <!-- 0 for infinite -->
            <cancel_on_move>0</cancel_on_move> <!-- module is disabled when ship moves -->
            <cancel_on_take_damage>0</cancel_on_take_damage> <!-- module is disabled when ship takes damage -->
            <cancel_on_deactivate>0</cancel_on_deactivate> <!-- module is disabled when user activates it again (in this case deactivates) -->

            can be any number parameters, also accessible through scripts
            <!-- duration in seconds -->

         <!-- script definition for this module, must be valid filename -->