EU/PL X6 PVP CryoEasy!

Started by CryoEasy, September 08, 2023, 07:19:42 AM


EU/PL X6 PVP CryoEasy!

Server wipe: 09.09.23!  15:00 UTC+2 (about)

Download mod from here (

Server Ip:

Info about mod: Cryofall Improved + some changes below


                                               - Most rates X6

                                               -DMG PVP x0.8

                                         -DMG to creatures x3

                                        -DMG by creatures x0.3

                                          -DMG by bombs x0.5

                              -BASE SHIELD protection max 18h

                               -MedicineCooldownDuration x0.5

                   -Added to coca conventionaldamage +10percent

    -Changed joints bonuses stats x2 and added skill and LP bonuses

       -increased conventional, exotic, energy skills cap level to 100
                                    (added more dmg bonuses)

              -All basic player stats 100 (+1,5 per survival level skill)

-Changed ReinforcedSuperHeavySuit stats to better (the best endgame suit)

      -Changed ReinforcedSuperHeavySuit craft recipe to more expensive

                         -Changed Scout speed movement 4 to 3

  -Landclaims destruction timeout T1(0,5h) T2(1h) T3(1,5h) T4(2h) T5(2,5h)


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