Started by Swiur_Yngwi, October 23, 2018, 09:17:10 AM


... or I would even call this Advanced Logistics Solutions

Well, I must admit that endgame play for me means mostly ...running across the entire map. And very often with inventory full of more/less precious items.

And it is not a funny feeling when u have to run a whole map with 5k coins onboard. It is more like looking for a "golden killing shot" winner  :)

So, community, lets think of any good ideas how to solve it


Well, you can equip an assault armor and take .300 cal machinegun with you. This ensures quite high level of survivability :)

But sure, in all seriousness we do plan to introduce transportation system later. We will probably start with teleport stations, but there (hopefully) will be other vehicles in the future as well.


I did mentioned it earlier on discord when discussed the implants options, but there was no response. Therefore I do it here again.

Implant or structure: tranportation drone. Cannot be destroyed or looted. 4 slots of storage. Route - between two points set by structure or implant (landing base, recharger, etc).

Cryofall Parcel Service (trademark :) ). Structure where u prepare and send a parcel to a dedicated coordinates. Can be done automatically by the game or ...by other players that are willing to earn some money. Service cost will be 5% of the package value, based on the average price of items inside parcel, counted from all TS in service.  Parcel cannot be inspected and looted by the "delivery man", returns to starting point, when "delivery man" gets killed.


Well, you know... implants are somthing inside the body, not outside :)
For that we have devices system. You can equip a device that will perform some action, like in your example - carrying things around.
Transport drone ides isn't a bad one, actually.
As for parcel service - we are planning to introduce dropboxes. Then we will see from there :)