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Ideas and suggestions / Re: Fast Travel
« on: July 08, 2019, 12:50:47 am »
personally, I'm not a big fan of teleports besides on such a small map you don't even need it. but I can see that in some cases you might need them to teleport from one base to another, but how u expect to justify teleport??? you cant make teleport out of crap and sticks on a workbench, can you? there must be some premise so that people won't be able to make teleports all over the place, maybe like i have already suggested you can make a difficult raid on alien base whereas loot you can get teleport sample, and only limited number. maybe only one or two ports. so people could have only one teleport from base 1 to base 2 and maybe to base 3 as well, not more than that,  it should be quite rare and guild only will be able to get it, cos i know how its all starts. first, they ask you for teleport then they ask you flying mount then they want to be a king of the world. life is to suffer and survival games are all about it. 
its a little map of why you crying? when i played solo i used to run from the very bottom of the jungle all the way up to the north to get coal and i felt like an adventure it was so fun i was preparing this trip for long, got ammo and guns food and water. why you guys can't just enjoy game why you keep crying for an easy life? i can't understand you
1) Teleport if its ever in game will be in T4 right beside laser guns and space suits.
2) ITS A GAME! If you want something like real life - go camping.
3) I had to move my base from one side of map to other. You know how much time it takes to get from tropical to desert? 7 minutes in one way. That is 14 minutes one trip. And moving took around 15 trips. That is 14*15 / 60 = 3.5 hour of mindless ruining. You think i was having fun for that time? This game badly need some kind of fast travel and teleport's if constrained to base would be best option.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: PvE suggestions
« on: July 01, 2019, 11:24:53 am »
As another way to spice up thing, you could spawn big boss monster instead of container. That way PvE component is preserved. Boss would be powerful enough to fight people in T4 gear.   Anyone who deals some % damage to it based on total LP will get loot when its killed. Just make sure its bullet spongy enough to survive few T4 characters. Some timer before world boss spawns with global notification would be nice.
As a result:
PvP get there battle royale mode, and PvE get world boss mode. I think that would be fun.
PS I know its hard to make separate game modes, so just wanted to say thank you for that. Not many studios willing to put on hard work for us casual players.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: PvE suggestions
« on: June 29, 2019, 10:01:03 am »
Thanks for taking the time to answer to my post!

1) If there will be attacks on player bases, there should be a way to auto defend your base. Or you will see no end to grifing. People would just drop few scorpions on your base while you doing ruin runs. Plus its fun to plan your defense against big wave of stupid NPCs  ;D Just look at terraria's blood moon.

2) Cool idea! As PvE only player i would like something like that to be implemented. Just hope it wont be noob massacre up there  :P

Anyway, thanks for your hard work. Really loving this game so far!

Ideas and suggestions / PvE suggestions
« on: June 29, 2019, 06:36:12 am »
While playing the game i had few ideas that worked in other survival games:

1) Right now there is no incentive in PvE to build any other walls except wood. This can easily be mitigated by allowing certain animals attack player base. So stronger the animal - stronger walls it can damage, for example wooden walls can be damaged by any animal. Brick walls can be damaged by lizards, dessert critters, etc. Steel walls cannot be damaged at all, except boss level critter. Also would love to see automatic base defenses like turrets, traps, etc.

2) Would love to see random loot drops around the map defended by few NPC. Something like ruins but completely random, after it was looted it will despawn itself and any live NPC defenders.

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