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Automation for late game
« on: April 05, 2019, 05:18:37 am »
I came out with some of ideas. As in the late game it is quite boring to mine yourself those tones of materials you need for crafting and T3 mining charges are not efficient... - It would be good idea to make things more automatic. You could add it industry 4 or make whole new industry tier for automation.

Drill - Next tier pickaxe wich can mine more ores than pickaxes lets say 5% more drop chance.
Chainsaw - Same as above but for tree cutting (i've been working on mod of it but it lacks alot features that i don't know how to implement yet)
Automatic drill - building simmilar to lithium and oil pumps but it's mining ores and everything on it's way. Lets say it could have it's own inventories: 
  • one for the fuel as in pumps buildings
  • one for things that machinery is digging out and it will have same slots amount as normal woodden chest
You could build it anywhere you want and deppends on the biom you will get different ores mined. Can be done the same way as ore respawn on map (coal on the north, iron and copper everywhere etc.) It would have a digging ticks that will take a time in sake of balance like one dig tick would take 15-30 seconds or so on. Deppends on streght of you machine which could be possibly upgraded in few ways. Cost of each upgarade would be half of the materials that base drill cost (with or without lp) and give:
  • from 5 to 10% of mining speed boost each lvl depends on your balance preference up to 3 lvls of upgrades
  • 2-5% of increased ore chance each lvl and 3 lvls as well
  • 1-2% of  inceased chance for special drops (like gems) 1 or 2 lvls
Another thing i didn't mention would be fact that each tick should have chance of mining things - example: Stone or sand - 50-60% and each possible ore should be random between rest of the possible chance (5-10% depended from circumstances). So in result we have machine that each half a minute gives random raw mining material in exchange of fuel so we don't need to be wasting time digging and can be doing other things.

Transportion system - Pipelines that are connecting different consctructions with each other. When your machinery producing alot of materials you could connect it to chests and crates to store them more effectively or connect them together so they transfering thing between them.

Assembling machine - Automatic crafting device where you can queue things you want to craft in dramatic quantities. Could have upgrading system as well as the drill has but this time you would have to already got technology unlocked for each type of crafting. For example:
  • You want to craft a gun you need to have nodes for this gun discovered and made an upgrade parts for the assembler wich would cost some materials to do
  • need sulphuric acid - get your hands on chemistry then add it to your asembler
same for all of the different stuff. Can be done one of two ways: one where you can "teach" assembler tehcnology and everyone else can use it, or queue can be done only by a person who have tehcnology on him.

Auto Smelter - Automatic device used to burn ores into ignots and create other materials that furnance is doing. Can be connected directly do the drill by transporting system and then connected to the Assembler which will fill all of our chest with everything we want it.

It would be definitely end game thing where you don't need more lps as you will not earn them using this systems. You will just get materials and stuff for future trading/raiding/boss fighting or anything that would implemented to the game.

I'm really curious about what do you guys think about it?

In addition could you change back some of the materials stacking to 250 like piryt or wood? Same thing would be for food you can carry 250 iron ore in your hands or 100 iron ignots but 11 berries is too much :D come on guys at least give as 50 or 20 :D



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Re: Automation for late game
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 12:05:19 am »
iv been already thinking about this and was gonna be in my mod i am making.


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Re: Automation for late game
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2019, 02:39:47 am »
The mechanics of "Minecraft" in its pure form ... in fact it would be nice.