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« on: August 30, 2018, 12:06:30 am »
A new thread for "Loot" solution prososal. Lets talk about it!


Back to the magical influence (boost) of loot and its „happy birthday” effect.  When u get super things in loot, mostly like armor and weapons (with ammo), there should be relationship with the ability of using that weapon/armor and your characters skills. Let me explain it on the example of T4 sniper rifle. Now, if you somehow manage to get it, you can use it with no negative effects.  My suggestion is:
T4 sniper rifle. Weapon effectiveness is 100% when your conventional weapon skill is min.10, survival skill is min. 10, and hunting skill is min.10. When you meet only two out of three conditions, weapon effectiveness drops by 30% and destruction time speeds up by 15%. When u meet only one out of three, effectiveness drops by 60% and destruction time speeds up by 30%. When u dont meet any out of three, effectiveness drops by 90% and destruction time speeds up by 45%. Simple to argument: you don’t know how to use it so you use it the wrong way and that causes less damage/protecction and faster breakdown.
Accordingly T3 weapon or armor – two conditions. T2 – one condition
This way the magic effect of loot will be neglected for unexperienced or unwilling to develop players.

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