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Run/flee option
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:11:03 am »
You don't want to die and loose all your inventory, armor, weapon and LP? Maybe that is the answer for your concerns!

Run/flee option

Again, like in Fallout 2 combat mode – a player should have an opportunity to run away (to escape zone on the edges). Of course after paying „the cost” of such escape. For example – 20% of inventory and loose of 10 LP (gained by the winner) . Sometimes maybe the attacker will be running away – that might be the cost of bad choice. And when the fight ends with death – read above.
This will force players to think and calculate before pulling the trigger (clicking the mouse buton) while unexpected meeting on the screen. No „first shoot then talk” strategy, but „lets talk and maybe trade” strategy.
After the fight resolves by escape, both of the players will not be able to attack each other for sometime (like 2-3 minutes). Otherwise the escape would be non-effective.
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