Event trigger

Started by Karsthans, April 18, 2020, 07:06:49 PM


Hi, was only one online other day and "boss" event came up so wanted to ask if would be possible to add some triggers to events to avoid having issues like this happen. If "boss" event having a x number of players online to trigger and even other events triggers being influenced by number of players online would avoid either having impossible event come up, when to few players online or too many mining or hunting events that would be to "easy" when only a couple of players online, alternative could also be number of players could define total number of creatures or meteorites so that would still have events at any time just with different difficulty and or loot amount, anyway, just a suggestion, thanks.



We will keep watching how the events are played in A26 and consider further improvements such as the suggested dynamic triggers or reward/difficulty adjustment.
Until A27 we're certainly not planning to change the mechanics and may adjust only the balance a bit.