Author Topic: Expansion Pack : Pariahs' Bane (7th of March 2017)  (Read 9818 times)


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Re: Expansion Pack : Pariahs' Bane (7th of March 2017)
« Reply #15 on: March 10, 2017, 01:48:46 am »
Yep, and in my opinion it's the main problem of the game.

It's space combat oriented, but it's not nervous or tactical enough to be really good.
It has industry part (mining, market...) but it's not dense or viable enough to be worthy.
It has some exploration, but nothing really attractive to focus on.

It's quite missing its niche, and so it is seen has an average game.

I feel it's a waste, as it could be so much "more". A kind of mix between ASCIISector, Unending Galaxy, Drox Operative, Star Sector would be so possible with the engine and base gameplay you've achieved so far...

Still, it's well worth playing VoidExpanse, only with a taste of "i wish / if only".


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Re: Expansion Pack : Pariahs' Bane (7th of March 2017)
« Reply #16 on: March 10, 2017, 02:57:26 am »
Tchey, thanks for your honest review! :-)
Well, many people still love the game and modding options.
There are not much we could do to improve - considering the engine architecture and a lot of legacy code. There were many quick bad decisions at the start of the project which are simply impossible to fix and implementing workarounds is not something easy. After all, it was our first project and it was done fairly quickly (for it's scale and our team size)...

Pariahs' Bane is some kind of tribute to the original game - we felt it deserves a content add-on and we knew exactly what we want to tell in its story and what content and features to include into it to make the game more complete.

We aren't repeating the same mistakes with CryoFall. It's solid and maintainable (thanks to our custom engine!), easy to develop with really quick iteration time. We're completely confident about every part of it.

I only hope one day we will return with VoidExpanse 2 to create our ultimate sci-fi hack-and-slash RPG game!