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Game discussion / Re: A Cancer Growing in this Game
« Last post by arixson on October 06, 2018, 11:11:17 am »
Hello, I am a somewhat active player who is rather disenfranchised by all of the peoples who seem like they came from WoW or other such games where it is basically seemingly allowed to have racist and sexist tirades against other players, not to mention what is now termed griefing...

Yes, this is a PvP game, but being allowed to 1. wall people in so that they then have to use the unstuck command to get out of their base, which then makes it nigh impossible to get back into their base. 2. be called all sorts of names and such wherein that language makes a lot of people not want to come back. 3. if this language is allowed then the game should be rated M or even X in some cases which WILL lose players as we/they/I don't want to be bombarded with such things almost constantly, it is bad enough to not 100% understand what I am being called without using google translate, to then be called things that outside would and has gotten people shot or worse....

Cursing is one thing, but racism, sexism, transphobia, and other hate speech is 1. NOT NEEDED, 2. ILLEGAL, 3. Removes a lot of the potential audience, and for the price being requested to buy the full release of this game, I think that there should be a lot more monitoring of language like this, or a toggleable language filter, or even servers where you can't use such language and further attempts beyond simple cursing will get you booted.

Being able to ignore people should honestly have been a part of the basic client release, not what seems like "a new feature that is being added", A car is not a car without wheels, an MMO even PvP Sandbox is not such without what now is Basic Social Implementation.

 >:(  :(  :-\  :'(
Game discussion / Re: A Cancer Growing in this Game
« Last post by Daitallica on October 06, 2018, 10:21:06 am »
It definitely needs to be addressed. I've seen at least 6 people quit and never come back.
That's damaging to the game.

They're losing the devs potential customers which could potentially stop them from working on it
Game discussion / A Cancer Growing in this Game
« Last post by Dax_Tarvish on October 06, 2018, 09:26:15 am »
So I have been playing now for a few weeks from previous wipe to today. Before anyone gets crazy on me, which some of you will anyway, I understand this is a full pvp game. I am totally fine with that. I have killed and been killed, raided and been raided multiple times. In the previous version I could only stand and watch with a luger in my hand while (2) players in full assault gear and heavy weapons blasted thought my 3 stone walls with modern bombs and then shot me dead, looted my whole base (10+ days of hard work) and destroyed every single chest and item I owned. They did the same to a friend of mine who plays also. What did we do? We started over and shrugged it off. When the server was wiped I went off to gather after 4 hours of setup and came back to our base blown into and everything taken along with all my furnaces, chests, items etc destroyed. We laughed about it and carried on. So I get the intention of the game. My friends (6 of them) and I get it.

Now to the cancer. There are several players who log in and do nothing but threaten other players, curse and say aggressive, nasty, and sometimes sexual comments. They kill new players and at times dont stop typing in horrid things. There is no way to mute them or block them so you have little choice but to watch as the violent and often diry commentary scrolls by endlessly. They have been driving players off, from what I hear. Now that part I cannot, at this time, say more about as to the name of pleyers who may not want to be brought out into the open. There new trick is to wall people into their base. Just now they had walled a fairly new player into his base with, from what he said in chat, was 5 rows of wooden walls around his base. He could not get out (unless he used the stuck feature) and then could obviously not get back in. This is what you want to have in your games? This is the epitomy of griefing, bullying, and general assholery. They hide behind the statement "This is a pvp game so shut up" but this goes way beyond pvp. This is the lowest form of online human nature. I assure you this is going to impact your sales of thsi game moving forward once word gets out that there are people like this who play.

I understand you cannot 'police' such people who act like this and that it is a common sign of the times for pvp games. But this needs to be put out in the open so perhaps at least some changes can be made, such as either not allowing walls to be built right up against a claim or allowing such walls to be crowbarred down by the person who is trapped. I, personally, as well as all my friends will not pay to play a game with such nonsense. Also, there needs to be implemented a way to mute or 'ignore' such players so i don't have to sit there watching their nonsense and bullying endlessly scrolling by my screen.

The shame is that you have a truly remarkable game here with great depth. I can see the love put into the creation of this game and would genuinely hate to see it end up with reviews such as other games with a hateful and nasty community. Take my words as you will. I will not comment to anyone who replies with hate speech. It is simply my opinion, and that of my friends.

Best regards,
Dax Tarvish
Bug reports / Re: Crafted Items Doesn't Appear in Inventory
« Last post by Xargt on October 06, 2018, 05:19:44 am »
I see. That's alright. Thank you, sir.
Bug reports / Re: Crafted Items Doesn't Appear in Inventory
« Last post by ai_enabled on October 06, 2018, 01:23:07 am »

The game has an items desync issue which happens sometimes if you're playing with a significant latency and managing some items while their count might change by the server (like in the crafting scenario).
Unfortunately, it's hard to reproduce (even with the simulated latency) so we're still figuring out the best way to fix it.

Bug reports / Re: Crafted Items Doesn't Appear in Inventory
« Last post by Xargt on October 05, 2018, 10:30:17 pm »
Although restarting the game made the mats appear.

I also want to include in this note that there are times, mats that are crafted were left on the floor.
It's hard to see this. But, gladly, I notice them sometimes. The cause is probably my inventory became full without even noticing it. From my view, it was clearly not full. The game didn't warn me about this.

By the way, I'm also playing the game with 200-250 ping, maybe this matters.

I will try to investigate these further so I can say things more clearly.

Bug reports / Crafted Items Doesn't Appear in Inventory
« Last post by Xargt on October 05, 2018, 10:25:50 pm »
I'm not sure how to begin, what I've done, or how to identify the cause.

I can only say, I started crafting so many different materials until the game told me something like I can't craft anymore because of too many queues. Also, I was doing other things while crafting, like harvesting fruits and vegetables from my farm, watering the plants, headed to stove and start cooking, and went to my crates, put stuffs and sort them.

I also noticed as per bunch is crafted, while my inventory screen is opened, all my mats and equipment in my character inventory were dividing - making a huge space of inventory slots in between.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Trading
« Last post by Xargt on October 05, 2018, 11:29:28 am »
I'm asking too much.

Anyway, if the game comes out on steam with price increased, I'll be glad to spend for this.

The game itself is already good, but with a cool trading system like this feels unique.

I prefer to see this whole idea of trade first than others like vehicles and such.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Trading
« Last post by Xargt on October 05, 2018, 10:15:36 am »
Then I would also like to suggest that these trading machines should be invulnerable unless the "Land Claim" is destroyed. I'll update my previous suggestion list.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Trading
« Last post by Xargt on October 05, 2018, 10:12:09 am »
Noooooooo.... Money should be meaningful in this game! LuL :P

That idea is okay. Although I really would like to see a city filled with people's own hard built and well designed market places. Won't we all..?
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