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Bug reports / Re: Проблеммы с запуском игры
« Last post by ai_enabled on Today at 10:29:17 am »
Проблема известная - несовместимость модов. Просто уберите подключенный мод из файла ModsConfig.xml в папке Документы\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall
Если всё заработает то смотрите, не вышло ли обновление мода.

Полноценная поддержка модов с правильным репортингом из-за чего игра не может запуститься будет в ближайшем будущем. Удобная установка и автоматическое обновление модов также планируется.
Bug reports / Re: Проблеммы с запуском игры
« Last post by Mordred133 on Today at 08:05:24 am »
Если не сложно укажите количество лог файлов)) а то я человек темный в этих вопроса по звездам ориентируюсь)
Bug reports / Re: Проблеммы с запуском игры
« Last post by ai_enabled on Today at 07:21:59 am »
Доброго времени!
Если проблема до сих пор присутствует, пожалуйста загрузите скриншот на Google Drive, Dropbox или Yandex.Disk и опубликуйте ссылку на файл (или на папку с файлом). Также очень помогут последние лог файлы из Документы\AtomicTorchStudio\CryoFall\Logs
Ideas and suggestions / A few ideas
« Last post by gobias on Yesterday at 10:58:10 pm »
1. Fishing - craftable rod and reel which would be held like a mining pick and used on tiles of fish. That would open up a bunch of new recipe options

2. tameable or useable animals -  maybe catch a few chickens and build a coop for them to harvest eggs once per day or milking a goat or something

3. cartography - a new skill where the portion of the map explored is the experience to level. could add the possibility of adding map markers to note specific areas of interest

4. craftable shoes/gloves - a new piece of gear could be a resource sink

5. craftable backpack - maybe lower basic inventory slots but allow for different "levels" of backpacks to be crafted. they could degrade slowly over time(not sure how that would work maybe items spill out or something)

Just a few things ive thought of while playing. some ideas may have been inspired by other games..
Bug reports / Проблеммы с запуском игры
« Last post by Mordred133 on Yesterday at 10:56:38 pm »
После обновления ошибка при запуске игры. Есть картинка, но мое слабое знание редактора не позволяет ее сюда вставить)

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.17.x (Pragmium Update)
« Last post by Lurler on Yesterday at 08:11:19 am »
=== CryoFall v0.17.4 (patch) ===

New features:
   - Moderation tools (white list, black list, kick, ban, etc.). Currently only server console commands (see /help).

   - Chests in radtowns now take a couple of seconds to open to prevent abuse of the spawned resources there.
   - Adjusted spawn density in radtowns and increased chance for better chests to spawn (generally you will find better loot there now).
   - All cybernetic implants now have doubled lifetime and durability
   - Improved droplist item spawn algorithm in cases when a probability multiplier is used
   - Not fully grown trees will now give much less resources when destroyed
   - Colliders for mineral objects.
   - Double spawn issue on server reboot (trees spawned on top of rocks, etc)
   - Some small zone issues for the world map (will be available in the next major release as the map is already created for the current version)
   - Object deconstruction by another player (there was was playing no sound)
   - Vertical walls prevented construction of doors above them due to physics collision (thanks @Dekasto)
   - Certain other small issues and bugs
   - Issues with looting animals when they are behind other world objects, such as plants (thanks @Kawasoe)
   - Charred ground prevented mineral respawn (thanks @Kawasoe)
   - Fuel being used even if the crafting is stuck due lack of space in the output (thanks @Kawasoe)
   - In-game timer display issues (e.g. briefly displaying 60 minutes rather then switching to next hour)
   - Server players_max_count config is now properly taken into account
   - Split item stacks with food didn't immediately display their freshness level (thanks @Kawasoe)
   - Issue with filled water bottles disappearing if you don't have space in inventory to put them after filling (thanks @General Jeevicus)
Ideas and suggestions / An alternative to wall spamming
« Last post by Warbot on November 15, 2018, 05:15:48 pm »
So we all know wall spamming is ugly, and other games have more or less ...intuitive solutions to that (Salem splash damage, I'm looking at ya!).

So what needs to be done?
- reduce the number of possible walls (players will just do whatever is possible)
- balance raiding to compensate for that

How to do that:
I thought long and hard about that, and there might be better solutions, so if you have one, share it! ;)
The thing is that a certain amount of (construction) materials x should provide a certain protection y,
to keep that in balance, in a simple way to just remove the many walls in a first attempt, I propose this:
- devs need to chose (for instance) 3-5, meaning the space required from one wall to the next
- explosive damage range is increased to 3-5 (depending on the dev-chosen walls upgrade levels), this means that putting 1 wall every 3-5 tiles is equally effective as placing 3-5 walls behind each other
- make walls upgradeable in size (small/med/large for 3, some more for 4 or 5), per tier (wood/stone/brick)
- med and large walls (of the same tier) can be build upon small walls of that tier, large walls can be build upon small and med of the same tier
- med walls always cost twice as much as small walls (of the same tier) in total(!), and have twice the hp, no matter if you build small walls first and then upgrade, or build med wallls directly
(cost of building small walls then upgrade to med = cost of building med walls directly)
- large walls have 3 times hp and cost of small walls (of the same tier), otherwise same rules as above
-update chest/claim/... HPs, too, to compensate for the larger explosives range

So the implementation trick would be to make dynamic blueprints (bp), for instance med walls buildable on free space for full cost (one bp), or buildable upon a small wall of that tier for half the cost (different bp), and in the same way for large walls.
Meaning you have just one (for instance) "medium wooden wall" to select from the build menu, but depending on if you target a free tile or a tile with a small wooden wall, you will apply a different blueprint.

NOTE: Ingame notice if you try to build a wall tile next to (within 3-5, depending on what is chosen by the devs) another wall tile that already has "neighbours" in 2 other cardinal directions (thereby is part of an existing wall), you get a message explaining how that is a bad idea due to the (now more realistic) range of explosives.

One could do this even one step further and make upgrades possible between wall tiers, therefore the materials would need to be re-balanced so that neighbouring wall tiers share some materials, like, wooden and stone walls share wood and stone (for tiles and doors), and stone and brick share stone and clay/bricks, so you can "save" the already spent materials when upgrading.
This would meaning upgrading you wooden walls to stone or stone to brick is less expensive than removing the lower tier and building the higher, but still more expensive than just building the higher tier and skipping the lower tier altogether.

This would mean less wall tile spamming, and building up instead of wide, making it easy to start your walls small and upgrade later, making it unnecessary to add (many) more layers of walls later so you can just upgrade them and have much more space inside your base instead of having 80% of the tiles in your base be walls.

Ofc this is just an idea, so if someone has a better idea or a vital addition/change to this one, go share it! ;)
Mods / Re: Fast local message
« Last post by Lurler on November 15, 2018, 02:50:48 am »
Good job! This looks quite useful! :)
Mods / Fast local message
« Last post by Kawasoe on November 14, 2018, 10:49:40 pm »
Mod add fast button for short messages in local chat, such us "Hello", "Help", "Thanks" etc. "Hello" is assigned to the F1 button by default. Enother message need assign in game settings-controls tab- FastMessage sections.

From game client version 0.17

For instalation mod open mods folder

For English version:

download  FastMessageEng.mpk!AiCFvF-CXs7pqSdn3tyyFKt0hNCo and place him in mods folder.

in ModsConfig.xml add
Code: [Select]
Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Save changes.

For Russian version:

download FastMessage.mpk!AiCFvF-CXs7pqSQ0VvW2nEe-NKju

in ModsConfig.xml add next string
Code: [Select]
Result file looks like this:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

Save changes.
Game discussion / Re: I want the cryofall's vs2017 plugin
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 13, 2018, 02:41:25 am »
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