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Mods / Re: Night mod
« Last post by Alibaba on Today at 03:11:04 am »
I would limit the area of ​​information about dynamic objects transmitted to the client not to the screen size, but to the radius of radius R. The visibility range may vary depending on the environment (time of day, weather) and equipment (torch, flashlight, night vision devices). Everything that does not fall into sight is obscured by the fog of war. In the afternoon, the visibility zone will be larger than the territory displayed on the screen, so the fog of war is not visible. At night, a real dimming will be obtained, which can not be bypassed by any modes.

In addition, another drawback will be eliminated when users receive a different amount of information depending on the screen size.

As for the night, I would suggest introducing fines on accuracy, especially over long distances. Thus, animals will become even more dangerous at night. But that is another topic.

Original message
Я бы ограничил область передаваемой клиенту информации о динамических объектах не размерами экрана, а зоной видимости радиусом R. Зона видимости может варьироваться в зависимости от окружения среды (времени суток, погоды) и оборудования (факел, фонарь, ПНВ). Всё что не попадает в зону видимости затемняется туманом войны. Днём зона видимости будет больше отображаемой на экране территории, поэтому туман войны не виден. Ночью же будет получено реальное затемнение, которое никакими модами не обойти.

Кроме того будет устранён ещё один недостаток, когда пользователи получают различный объём информации в зависимости от размера экрана.

Что касается ночи я бы предложил ввести штрафы к точности стрельбы, особенно на далёкие расстояния. Таким образом звери ночью станут ещё опаснее. Но это уже другая тема.
Game discussion / About South resources
« Last post by creamcake on Today at 02:42:42 am »
Hello, I have been playing this game for four days. It is very attractive! Here's my little game tip. There are two volcanoes in the north, which will allow many people to go to the north to build their homes. If adding resources to the south can change that, they must be important.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Regarding base roofs (and fog of war)
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 08:21:31 am »
What we're considering now is a fog of war idea. The base layout (only doors and walls) would be still visible, however, the interiors (including buildings and players inside) would be hidden from the outside. With this approach, we can provide certain benefits of roofs idea without making the cost of raiding unpredictable.

That's an idea the team wishes to experiment with in the future. Meanwhile, we believe there is a higher priority proposal which needs our attention first: Proposed feature discussion—S.H.I.E.L.D. (offline raiding protection) (please have a look and considering providing your feedback there).

Ideas and suggestions / Regarding base roofs (and fog of war)
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 08:14:31 am »
First, thanks to @Avakyn for editing this text to make it clear and concise.

Roofs for bases (PvP servers)
At first, we wanted to introduce them and thought about it for more than three months before discarding the idea and starting looking for other solutions. Unfortunately, hiding the base completely, including walls, will make the game completely unbalanced for everyone playing PvP.

Here is why:
Currently, the raiding cost is predictable because the base layout is visible. The raiding outcome (the loot) is not unpredictable so there is some risk. If we add the roofs, the raiding cost will also become unpredictable.

The result is raiding is such a high risk that most players will prefer to craft a lot more bombs so they are prepared to ensure they can get into every room (costing much more time to set up a raid) instead of making calculated strikes. This will favor large groups of players who have a larger number of resources and can afford the risk of wasting bombs.

You're a solo player, crafting even a dozen of C4 is hard for you. Currently, you can calculate the number of bombs you need and make a perfect strike. But let's add roofs. You've crafted a reasonable amount of bombs and go to raid and get nothing from it because you did not have enough bombs to destroy that last wall preventing your access to the loot.

There is no way to ensure your bombs will not be wasted. You will raid a few times and quickly conclude that often you get absolutely nothing (as you have not enough bombs). So to make a profit, in the long run, you need to raid much more often—but you cannot craft so many bombs as you're a solo player.

In the end, smaller groups and solo players cannot profit from raiding over time as the risk-reward ratio is too large. Imagine a large group; wasting a few bombs for them is not a problem, so they will raid often and less affected by the random outcome of the raid.
Small range risk-reward for raiding (as now) is balanceable and easy to predict. But large range risk-reward for raiding (as with roofs if we add them) is not balanceable, and the first victims of such change would be smaller players and groups. Yes, you would feel more protection with roofs (nobody disputing this). However, the result is that your own raiding capabilities are crippled.

Raids become a lottery with a very high range of risk-reward, where a loss is that you don't get any loot at all. Unlike the current system (without roofs) when you at least could get access to the crates (if you've calculated the number of bombs correctly, which is straightforward as soon as you learn how much bombs the wall worth).

However, that's not the end of the idea. See my next post.
Mods / Re: Night mod
« Last post by ai_enabled on Yesterday at 07:46:00 am »
@Alibaba, yes. Similar to how it's done in the most online survival games (e. g. I remember in ARK a few years ago it was possible to just reduce the graphical settings to low and the nights were much brighter due to the lack of post-effects/lighting effects; IDK if it's still the case though).
That's why on PvP servers currently the game is not hiding other player nicknames and healthbars, otherwise such mods would provide a serious advantage. The same effect could be achieved by adjusting screen brightness or GPU gamma, with the client-side mod it's just easier to adjust and the mod is available to everyone who wishes to use it.

We're considering how to best handle this on the server-side in future updates. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

BTW, here is our policy regarding such mods

Mods / Re: Night mod
« Last post by Alibaba on Yesterday at 06:45:23 am »
Does the client receive the same amount of information from the server as during the day, and the effect of the night is created only by manipulating the gradients?
Game discussion / Re: Offical China2 PVE sever offline
« Last post by Ernest1301493 on February 23, 2020, 09:35:32 am »
Thanks for your effort ;D
Game discussion / Re: Offical China2 PVE sever offline
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 22, 2020, 12:23:57 pm »
The Official China 2 PvE server is relocated now to a reliable (long-time proven) hardware in the same datacenter in Beijing.

Please let everyone on the server know it should work perfectly now.

Enjoy the game!
Game discussion / Re: Offical China2 PVE sever offline
« Last post by ai_enabled on February 22, 2020, 08:46:32 am »
Huawei's support team investigated the issue and suggesting there was an OS failure.
This night (by China time) we will relocate the server to different hardware in the same datacenter, and reinstall OS on the affected machine. We will add extra logging so if any issue happens we will have more data.

Enjoy the game!

You're right. I wonder why nobody reported this earlier.
I think we need to provide some power grid stats right in every power producer/consumer window (in the "switch" add-on near the top-right corner) so players will know how much power there is in the grid and its efficiency, and with this data, we can also display the actual generation amount of the building (adjusted by taking grid's efficiency into account) like you've proposed here:
Current generation 14.4 (16 max X 90% efficiency)

Thank you!

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