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Game discussion / Re: auto fire recoil
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 19, 2019, 06:04:35 am »
Thank you for testing the guns! The traces+ballistics update is an important milestone to add variety to the game weapons and adjust the balance (as previously automatic weapons were heavily overpowered).

The first 3 shots are usually very accurate for every (semi-)automatic weapon. Firing the short bursts and giving your character an about a second to re-aim the weapon (aiming cooldown), allows performing accurate shots. The crosshair is changing its appearance accordingly. This way every player has an option to fire accurate rare shots or unload the whole magazine at a cost of lower accuracy. BTW, the fire sequence pattern is always the same per weapon (similar to CS:GO).

When making the ballistics update we wanted to ensure that:
- Pistols are good for medium-range combat (their DPS is simply too low for close combat, and their max range is limited).
- Shotguns and 8mm machine pistol are best on the close-to-medium range (but in the latter case you would need to wait for aiming cooldown to make accurate shots).
- 10mm SMG and .300 cal MG are best for medium range but also good for long-range shots if recoil is managed.
- .300 cal rifle and laser rifle are great for long-range shots.
- Plasma rifle is good for medium range and it doesn't have recoil, but it has a spray effect similar to a shotgun's buckshot (which is good when you're fighting a group of enemies or getting close to the target).

8mm machine pistol indeed has a large recoil but it also got +20% damage boost to compensate for its degraded accuracy. So it could be successfully used in full-auto mode on a close range and it would be superior to Luger or similar pistols (and comparable to a shotgun). It's still usable on a larger range if used like a pistol, by making separate shots or very short bursts.
The same applies to a military shotgun. If we make it more accurate when used in the full-auto mode it would have much advantage against other weapons for the medium range.

We will consider adjusting everything later, as we gather more feedback from the players!

Game discussion / auto fire recoil
« Last post by gaara on November 19, 2019, 01:52:45 am »
hello i test all guns and:
1 10mm submachine gun and .300 heavy machine gun is fine
2 military shotgun with 12-Gauge Buckshot Charge and 12-Gauge Pellets Charge are fine
3 laser rifle is +/- fine
4 8mm machine pistol and military shotgun with 12-Gauge Slug Ammo have ridiculous recoil.... on distance 2-3m it looks like 45 degrees
Game discussion / Re: my impression about the game
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 18, 2019, 06:42:47 pm »
Hello, Eleanor!

Welcome to the Forums. Sorry for a late reply, your post appeared right before the weekend and the team is busy with A24 Update release (scheduled now for November 25) preparations. Plus it took a while to provide a comprehensive response.

1. In order to provide the best connection quality for players from different continents, we're providing multiple official PvP and PvE servers. Ping and connection stability is a major concern for us. Plus there is an issue with bad international routing between certain continents and countries. The current number of the official servers is reasonable as it delivering great experience to the most players. Plus we need some extra capacity in case the game will get attention again thanks to an update release, launch of the demo version (which is planned for A24), or simply a decent discount in Steam.

2. The night is an important part of the game loop, suggesting players get back to their bases and sort out the gathered items, craft new items, etc. The game is providing multiple buildings to establish cozy lighting there which certainly adds to the mood of the game. Plus it's much easier to become an unlucky prey during the night time to dangerous creatures unless you bring a flashlight (or craft an artificial retina implant!). Plus, in the future updates, we might consider adding some nighttime-only creatures and maybe some nighttime-only events.
So, cutting the night duration is not considered now as we believe it's currently fine.

3. We're planning to continue expanding the game with more content, including house decorations.

4. I hope you will enjoy the female player character model in A24. But it's only a step in this direction for us, we're considering further improvements and more ways to customize the character.

5. We're considering implementing a quick-communication system to communicate with strangers — imagine holding a spacebar and selecting one of the preset phrases (like "Hello" and "Friendly") which will appear over your character (and even better, these messages could be already translated to other languages so any player will understand them instantly).
For the characters' interactions, we're looking for community suggestions.
That being said, most players are playing in groups while using a voice chat (usually, Discord). It's useful to coordinate in PvP, but it's also a lot of fun in PvE.

6. Seeing all other players' bases in PvP would be a bad idea (as it invites raiders). In the case of a PvE server, we've tried it and it makes the map absolutely unreadable for any popular game server (as there are often hundreds of land claims).
We're planning to implement support for user marks so every player can mark interesting spots on their map. Plus we're working on a Factions system which may provide a way to view bases of other faction's members on the world map.

7. The world is changed dramatically in A24 with the introduction of transport and roads, connecting all the biomes (except the volcano) together. Hoverboards are available in Tier 3, requiring some pragmium (which is more readily available in A24), but they're very well worth the effort! We're considering adding gasoline-driven Tier 2 motorbikes/choppers in the future updates (the problem is that they would require a lot of work to make them look and feel great; hoverboards were simpler to add so we decided to focus on them first, while also introducing the necessary game mechanics to build and maintain the vehicles).

Regarding the two problems you've mentioned (base decay and wipes)—they're both a part of the same problem. The game has a single large handcrafted world map. Decently large, but not infinite. During A20-A22 versions we heard multiple complaints (and even negative reviews from new players) that there was no free space to establish a base, especially closer to the starting area (the servers sustained over 100 online players for weeks gathering over 2000 active players population sometimes). To ensure the world is not overcrowded the game currently has a land claim numbers limit (not more than 3 per player) and the decay system so an abandoned base will start decay and eventually will be destroyed. In A22 bases were decaying in mere days if left abandoned. In A23 we've improved the system by making the high tiers of the land claims to last much longer. So right now, the higher tier of a land claim (which usually means "the more time player spent in the game"), the longer the base will last if abandoned. In the case of the official PvE servers, Tier 5 land claim will last over two weeks, but T1 only a few days (T3—well over a week, and it's achievable within 6-12 hours of the gameplay by the most players). If there are multiple land claims composing a base, the game will use the decay time from the highest tier. Everything is explained in the "Decay info" in the land claim menu to manage the expectations.
We understand the decay mechanic might feel repulsive if you got used to pure MMO or mobile games which are keeping your personal space in the game permanent (usually by creating a shard or separate space which is connected to the main world via a portal or simply accessible only via a menu). Our game is different as all players on the server are sharing the same limited world space. So it obviously has certain drawbacks by design, but it also has a sense of shared space—when you know where somebody is living and can go and visit them (which is essential for PvP but also welcomed in PvE). The map was essentially made not extremely large to ensure everything is accessible while walking in a reasonable time (as you have noticed, it's already hardly comfortable), though now, with introduction of vehicles and roads, we may continue expanding it.

Server wipes (including PvE servers) with major game updates are also, unfortunately, the necessity. For example, in the upcoming A24 update we've reworked the world map dramatically—adding roads and changing terrain, expanding and/or simply reshaping biomes. As you can imagine, it would be a huge mess if A23 savegame data (with all the bases/buildings locations) would be loaded on the A24 world map—some bases would be split with cliffs or get partially underwater, and many bases would be suddenly intersected with roads, making them unusable... (in A24 it's not possible to construct over/near the roads)

A similar problem applies to the player's technologies and other character data. The tech tree is changing with every major update (sometimes removing certain technologies, sometimes adding new ones). While it would be possible in the future to ensure the user data compatibility between the game versions, the game is still in very active development and not keeping the compatibility with the previous game versions allows us to move forward faster.
That being said, we cannot wipe your memories and your knowledge of the game. Experienced players usually enjoy starting the game from scratch after a major update, applying their knowledge to build a better base and also experiencing a better game with more content and features (which we hope is a fair deal for an Early Access game!).
Besides that, the game simply doesn't have that much content to keep PvE players entertained for over 100-200 hours as endgame getting reached, and we're not a large studio to have a content pipeline to keep players constantly supplied with the new worthy content (besides that, again, the world size is limited so a single server cannot provide gameplay for hundreds of players indefinitely while also gaining more and more active players). So making a fresh start might be a much better experience than keeping playing longer after reaching the endgame. While we will add soon (in A25) some PvE goodies to keep endgame players entertained (we're considering adding bosses which are really hard to deal with unless you gather a powerful party and/or bring a heavy mech), there is not much to do in the game which you've basically completed—usually you have a large base with full chests of each of the resources, all tech researched, all equipment crafted, etc...features like PvE "dungeon raids" and bosses would be a great addition but we need to remember—the game is not a full-fledged MMO with 100% persistent world, it has a different (much smaller) scope and offers very different gameplay (with players being much closer to each other, especially as the online number is getting closer to 100 for the server).
By the way, unlike full-fledged MMOs or mobile games, which can simply have official servers closed and the game is basically getting shut down, our game will have community servers running as long as the community wishes to host them (which is not hard and the hardware costs are fairly low now). CryoFall game server is completely free to host by anyone (server setup guide). Also, the game itself is open-source (except the engine part) so modders can mod it forever, delivering new content for the community.

Bottomline, we understand concerns regarding the wipes for PvE servers and we're still planning to provide long-lasting PvE servers in the future. Due to the necessary limitations set by the game's design and current technical capabilities, we have to keep it this way for now. Meanwhile, we encourage PvE players to try the updated version (when it will be released). While it's often frustrating to let go what you've spent hours on, we cannot erase your memories and experience, and you can apply your knowledge on the next playthrough, enjoying a better game with new content and features (and, hopefully, much improved balance). You can build a better base quicker, acquire the necessary resources faster, and optimize your technologies research order to focus on what's most interesting to you. And if you have already made friends in the game, it's a lot of fun to start together and work towards a common goal!

Mods / Re: LP Notificator
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 18, 2019, 08:19:14 am »
Thanks for a great mod, Djekke!
We've considered to implement this feature into the game and finally decided to include it into A24 (build v0.24.7.3).
The implementation is different (and more refined) so we didn't copy the code, but I certainly took inspiration on the bootstrapper idea to hook up the events!

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 18, 2019, 08:06:06 am »
=== CryoFall v0.24.7 (experimental version; aka Hotfix 6) ===

New features:
- Learning points notifications. You will see a notification every time you accumulate more than a single LP (most actions provide only a fraction of LP).

- Improved weapon traces.
- Skipper mech has increased cargo capacity with 8 more slots.
- Pistols now have a much shorter delay when selecting (they can be selected and used faster than rifles and other ranged weapons).
- Mech explosion is larger and more powerful (and with a much more larger sound range).
- Added additional sounds for mech movement.
- Added "offline" animation for mech.
- Improved movement animations for player characters and mechs when changing the movement direction.
- Ranged energy weapons now have proper hit sounds.
- Plasma weapons have larger projectiles scattering.
- Implants will no longer decay and provide skill experience ("cybernetic affinity") when the player is idle for over 5 minutes (AFK mode).
- Increased number of sound virtual channels to prevent an issue with disappearing sounds during a battle involving several actively firing mechs.
- Players no longer receive any Psi damage while offline.

- Fixed player character flickering when mounting/dismounting a hoverboard.
- Fixed crosshair replacing with a normal cursor when hovering over a closed chat.
- Fixed very rare random crash related to multithreading.
- "Resource deposit available" notifications will be properly displayed on the first connect.
- Sometimes a duplicated "resource deposit available" notification was displayed on the reconnection.
- Use Shift-click to quickly move solar panels in the solar generator menu.
- Fixed text in player block/unblock dialog.
- Reduced the compiler process priority so the game is less likely to consume all your PC's resources.
Mods / Re: 尋找堆疊MOD Find stack size MOD
« Last post by proy27 on November 16, 2019, 11:10:24 am »
server+client  all need
It occurs every time I exit through the menu.   Thankfully I found that logging out of steam and back in seems to fix the issue.  Not sure why.  I'ts still a really annoying issue, though at least I don't have to restart my computer every time I want to relaunch the game.   
Game discussion / my impression about the game
« Last post by eleanor.e.d on November 14, 2019, 02:03:58 pm »
First of all, the game I played for a while (deepworld) was closed in August.
 I've been looking for a similar game since then.
 I downloaded it because cryofall is the closest similar game.
 Yes it is very similar. but there is also disappointment.
1.  have 3-4 pve servers at game. and their names are asia america europe...
why is that? I live in Turkey, not well but I can speak english. I joined the European pve. 
all the players speak german french ....
 and I'm sure everyone speaks chinese or something at asia pve. Why did you divide the continents?
(or I don't know if this is true. very few players right now)
2. The night times are very long and gloomy. boring ... at least it could be shorter than the day,
 or daytime could be even longer.
3. could have been something more cute.  for example decorations.
 a rare item  that is randomly found while wandering in the forest. or a rare item can be  found at ruins
4. waiting for female character A24 update
5. player communication.
 yet there is nothing in the game that encourages conversation.
 I encounter a player in the game. we just look at each other and run again.
 No emoji, no characters interaction.
6. It would be nice to  be able to see the bases of the players location on the map.
7. I think every biome can have 1 or 2 subway stations. (or anything, train, teleporter, air balloon....) (represent - teleporting)
 . each may have names for biomes. or original fun names.
and players need to explore one by one to use the subway stations.
metro stations may seem to have just discovered.
The player can travel to the metro stops he discovered. others gray options (waiting to be discovered)
and metro stops. players discover metro stops at  the technology tab.
 build on their bases. you can see the list of players with stops At the subway stations .
so you don't have to run like road runner to go to the trade centers;)
(after checking the A24 update notification. EDIT:  you have added (hoverboards). I think this requires high technology. and something produced with pragmium. for pro players. Beginner players have to run like road runner again )

problem1: server wipes. I know it's an early access game,
 but I don't think players will like it (this may only be an opportunity for new players),
if it continues it's a trouble for current players.
 problem2: land claim is not permanent. sometimes a player may not play for 10 days.
Or she could go on vacation for 20 days ... or get bored and come back after a while.
  rebuild everything!
 This is very repulsive! There is already no level system. or no permanent inventory system.
 a player asks for a constant progress. Do not constantly start again. especially in such games they want a permanent base.
and they want to show it with pride.
There must be a way to be permanent.  otherwise this game will not be very attractive
could have been a limit. for prevent tangling of land. 3  or 4 land claim limit.  It could be more costly to build the next ones.  there could be waiting period 10 days for first construction and 20 days for the other after the limit.
 maybe 1 month to add the next one ....
if servers are to be constantly deleted or if something is removed when I don't enter 20days ,
 why are we playing!
What exactly is the aim of this game? run, run, mining, build it,  craft it, build it.. 
  wipes/decay remove ( servers, land claim) and  again !  run . craft . run run build it. run....
wipes/decay   again. again.  :///

I wrote this the day I opened my forum membership.
 there had been a problem and I couldn't share it.
but yesterday I learned that in the game there was something more disappointing than all this:
When the server is deleted, we lose what we have built. not only this.
all lp, experience, our ability is also reset. We start the game again. sorry.
 but I've played an early access game before, but nobody was losing anything.
if that's true, it's annoying. you said there will be no wipes in new updates.
even so
Now, I'm waiting for new update.
 Is it still a grind or a really playable game!

News and Updates / Re: CryoFall - Patch notes v0.24.x (Mechanized Update)
« Last post by ai_enabled on November 13, 2019, 12:06:46 pm »
=== CryoFall v0.24.6 (experimental version; aka Hotfix 5) ===

Major combat improvements and changes:
- Weapon crosshair when a ranged weapon is equipped.
- Projectile traces for ranged weapons.
- Object hit visual effects (for melee and ranged weapons).
- Weapon fire patterns (fire sequences), now projectiles are not shooting into a single point if you're keeping firing the weapon. This is totally changing the balance of automatic weapons (also, sniper rifle and energy weapons) and we're looking for your feedback regarding the weapons balance now.
- Projectiles scattering for buckshot and similar ammo (+for plasma weapons).
- Double-barreled shotgun now can have second shot fired almost instantly after the first one (at a cost of reduced accuracy).
- The fire rate for sniper rifle decreased (as now it has supreme accuracy).
- Machine pistol rebalanced.

Changes regarding the resource deposits in PvP:
- The number of depletable oil and Li deposits increased by about 50%.
- Oil and Li deposits lifetime reduced to 4 days and doesn't change depending on the ongoing extraction (to prevent deposits hoarding without actual use).
- Oil and Li deposits will (re)spawn one instance per spawn iteration (once in 1-2 hours) per biome. For example, if the game server needs to respawn 5 oil deposits in the desert, it will take 5-10 hours as each of them will be spawned in 1-2 hours.
- Oil and Lithium deposits will not spawn close to their previous (destroyed) locations.

New sounds:
- Hoverboards (different engine sound for each).
- Mech footsteps/mount/dismount/aiming/reload/toggle light.
- Vehicle assembly bay build/repair/take vehicle/put vehicle.
- Pragmium and Resonance bomb explosion.
- Lava.

Other changes and fixes:
- Hit by any weapon or creature while driving a hoverboard will drop the player from it.
- Loaded ammo displayed in the weapon tooltip.
- Improved algorithm for selection next ammo type (by pressing B key). It now selecting the next ammo from available ammo in order of compatible ammo types.
- Improved footsteps when stopping the movement for a player character, creatures, and mech.
- Improved hitboxes for Cloaked and Fire Lizards, Scorpion.
- Gathering withered farm plants will provide fibers.
- PvP: cannot build/repair/take vehicles from the garage on a base under raid block.
- Increased mech hitbox size.
- Now you can hear other players reloading their weapons.
- Fixed: death on hoverboard sometimes resulted in player respawned on it.
- Fixed: on PvP server restart, players were not moved to their bed (and the vehicle was not despawned) if they were inside a vehicle.
- Fixed: some notifications were not going away after a reasonable time (until clicked).

Thanks for reporting. We've thoroughly investigated the issue but cannot reproduce it here, for both A23 (stable branch) and A24 (experimental).

However, we had similar reports before, mostly for our other games. The game is actually closed (there are no game processes keeping running after the quit) but Steam Client is not detecting it and displaying an error "Failed to start game (app already running)". So this issue is quite old and random. There is a troubleshooting page on Steam website for this issue but it seems to be not helpful. There are some other workarounds such as disabling the Steam Overlay so if the issue happens often, please try it and let us know.

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