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Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by Xargt on October 17, 2018, 03:07:41 pm »
To all of you,

players who are trolling..
players who are serious..
players who are still learning..
players who are very good at games..
players who are born to compete..
players who are showing heart..

and the devs who I respect the most,

You guys are doing great.

I'm not suppose to say anything right now.
(...because no one wants my attention. No @Xargt.. sad face.. pfff...)

I should let this discussion continue a little bit more..

But, before this goes any further, let me clear some more points to all 200+ players out there.

  • End-game gears are meant to be very stressful to craft.
(...else, why don't we just have a gun/armor that has 10+ different looks to choose from.)
(...wait dude. Wood is already making me very stressful. The early walls we have to make... The fuels we have to maintain...)

  • Nothing is fair as long as there is a competition.
(or do you guys want me to be your father and.. here's for you, for you.. and for you. Do not PvP or I'll PvP your faces!)

  • CryoFall seems encouraging us to form a group; players with different specializations.
(...To the players who are stuck because there's nothing else to do. You are all encouraged to look for a group, especially to the other players who control end game resources. If all fails, we have to wait for the next round...)
(...I'm looking for a group. I have many skills; many specializations. I'm a master of none. Send me a message, yeah?)

And finally...

  • "...but we want to try everything right now."
You can create your own server. You can try everything there while waiting for the next round (next wipe).

  • "...we don't know how. It's complicated stuff."
Then please wait a little longer. Devs are already making it so much easier for you.

  • "...we can't wait."
Uhm... want to play hide and seek..?

  • "...shut up."
Okay.  ;D

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by Neoxion on October 17, 2018, 02:41:29 pm »
If resources are permanently claimable, after some time on any server only people who own these resources will play. We will see a bunch of servers with 20+ online and that's it. People will either quit or wait for new servers in order to get their hands on high-level content. People who own permanent resources will claim all depletable ones easily and just conserve them, because they can extract other permanent spots. You will never be able to challenge owners of permanent resources because they simply outfarm you. PVP in these games can go pretty brutal - PVP that's currently happenning on servers is nothing. When this game goes public and we will see large groups of people taking over servers - that's when all these disadvantages of permanent system will be noticed quickly. Even now people are stopping playing because they simply have nothing to do - they cannot raid others without large amounts of lithium and oil, and in terms of progression they already reached everything.

That's an obvious solution when everyone can get everything and sit behind 10-layered walls, but where is the fun? And I like an idea of fighting for some spots over strategic resources. This can be a solution for PVE, but to make it more fun make it in a way: people are allowed to build either oil or lithium so they will need to trade resources.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by nosfirebird on October 17, 2018, 11:15:33 am »
just make lithium spawn as ore and allow us to farm oilpods like tobacco possibly have only seeds drop from the bushes in the north to force people into pvp situations

also when a structure has been damaged it cant be repaired for 5 minutes
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by MilesD37 on October 17, 2018, 11:14:41 am »

also, i don't know that it's the right move to make it so no one isn't at a "disadvantage"... that's kind of the point of all of it, he who controls the oil controls the world... then it's on the world to take that control away (and ultimately become what they fought against).
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by MilesD37 on October 17, 2018, 11:09:09 am »

But not having a permanently claimable resource takes away the tug and pull of fighting for the resources/their control and it's just a race to the next one each time with generally the only people that know another is spawning soon being the ones that deplete the resources.

making it so that the resource CAN be taken, just not immediately, fixes that imbalance more than simply making the resource deplete over time but still claimable.


Maybe a better mechanic than just fully depletable resources would be to make it easier to get them out in the world, like oil pods... instead of limiting them to a small forest area they can spawn elsewhere too, with a similar mechanic for lithium salts too. This makes exploring and foraging for limited amounts to allow you an in on a base.

Or, other reasonable options for entering a base (heavy firearms, other more powerful bomb options that don't require a seep and deposit, or other such option), though these ideas are more long-view ones that don't seem like they'd be a mechanic that could be easily be implemented quickly as they change a lot.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by Neoxion on October 17, 2018, 10:01:30 am »
That's good to hear that depletion mechanic will be implemented for another resource. If you leave lithium/oil areas unbuildable - you can test simultaneously both mechanics. I mean that's what we are here for. For resources that can be depleted it's also debatable whether they should appear on the map or not - it will make people explore and if you find it first you will have some time to start building. But in order to not give advantage to previous resource owners (they can go for searching as soon as resource depletes) there may be a random time delay between depletion and spawn. Maybe there should exist a special high tech level scanner that put marks on the map if you built it . And what to do if people extract 95% of resource - get good gear and leave resource spot not depleted and claimed? Because you dont need to rush if you are already better than others, others will deplete their resource and you can get next spawn. Make something like a planet pool? For example there are 8000 units in a planet pool for a batch (or even a random number in a certain range), there are 5 resource points for any batch, any point can extract up to TotalPlanetPool/4 units (or even more). Next 5 resource points will spawn for the next new full batch and so on. This way people will definately rush extraction, but if you started to extract last (even if you just found the spot) you may not get a lot from this point. Other option is just to make resources both - amount limited and time limited.

Having any permanently claimable rosources will still put others at disadvantage. And why do you need that if you have circulation?
For claims you described the same machanics basically. I dont like the idea of permanent destruction without giving you a chance either - you log in and your base was razed over the night. But I dont like the idea of not beeing able to destroy the claim at all more.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by MilesD37 on October 17, 2018, 08:55:43 am »
Here's my take and input...

Having a sprinkling of unclaimable deposits and seeps are a decent idea as a stop gap measure... Not too many, for my tastes, I would keep the same claimable ratio for map size but just add 2 or so non claimable (so, like a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 ratio)...

I actually *like* the overall idea that you can't follow destroy a land claim immediately and take it right away, however I would suggest the following to balance it out (and hopefully something like this is an easy to implement thing).

1. Decrease the time. 24 hours is too long if even no owners log on, anyone that walks by it in that time can see it, time it, and go to take it after a player or group did the work to raid it. 8 hours, or even 12 would be more reasonable.

2. Once destroyed, it can't be repaired during the count down. Basically, the claim area becomes unclaimable for the duration of the countdown, then the raiders and the owners (and anyone else that wants to ride into the fray) has to wait and hold that area until the countdown is completed at which time the claim is removed and can be rebuilt by the surviving party(ies).

This gives players that don't play 16 hours a day a chance to save their work, or what is left of it while also not giving the raiders an instant win for camping and waiting until the group logs offline.

This also gives players an incentive to not place all their eggss into one basket, and having a secondary base with tools to defend available incase an initial is taken down and looted fully.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by ai_enabled on October 17, 2018, 07:00:48 am »
1. Sure, that's why I'm personally looking for depletable/destroyable/respawnable resource spots. It simply sounds fairer and also should be more fun (as the players will need to balance defenses otherwise they're risking to have their precious spot exploded, but balancing is not easy - an excessive defense will cost too much and will become useless when the resource depletes). For the upcoming big update we have already implemented this mechanic for a new kind of resource (ultra-high-tier mineral) and will see how players actually using it. If we will have extra time before the release of the update we might try to change the system for oil and lithium deposits too, but the plan now is to simply introduce some new resource spots open (restricting building around them) so there will be at least some non-claimable oil and lithium extractors.

2. Yes, EVE capture system is the idea we though about (even since the previous game where we considered implementing this feature for the space stations in multiplayer) but were not sure if this is a good fit for CryoFall. Definitely it's worth reconsidering. We also have an issue with players being able to almost instantly repair the damaged structures so the attacking side has almost no chance if there are online players protecting the base.

4. Well, we also have some scaling issues as the game servers never saw such a high load and players retention (before we rarely had more than 20 players online average total across both servers, with peak up to 35 players online). The recent influx of players highlighted some serious optimization and gameplay issues which we need to address before we will be able to actually handle more than 100-150 players online without any hiccups and problems gameplay-wise. Some of the issues will be addressed in the upcoming update (including necessary server hot-path optimizations, expanded map, and some gameplay-related changes).

5. the buildings rotation (such as doors) are automatical (based on what buildings are nearby) and should not be an issue; the bed rotation before building might be added later but we don't give much priority for this task now.
Bows and crossbows are expected in one of the upcoming updates (but not in the next big one as this task actually requires special character animations).

6. Multi-language support will be implemented as soon as we finish improving the core features of the game. The game is highly-moddable so we're expecting the game will receive unofficial localization to many languages similar to our previous game VoidExpanse (which has translations mods to German, Spanish, Portuguese and some other languages).

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by leuros1988 on October 17, 2018, 06:40:08 am »
I agree with you, I take this message for several things:
1- My thanks to the devs of this game, there is a lot of work and to be a game without being finished has mechanics and content for many hours.
2- As you have said it is true that those lands with special resources should not be appropriate, completely break the mechanics of the game because at advanced levels, almost impossible to advance as for example the creation of C4 for raid.
3-This game has a future, devs answer and take note of the opinions shown in these forums. I worry in the future, When the game is paid, players stop playing and unfortunately this game without people is worth nothing. Currently the official 1 server with the passing of days is going down. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the server has come to have approximately 70 players online almost all day.
Hopefully when this all and the game is more finished and advertised among more people. I would love to see the servers with an average of 150-200 players at the same time, raid, kill, collect with more difficulty and with the tension that they can kill you.

4-you have to centralize a little more servers, if there are many servers and also the unofficial, I think more servers less people will have half and faster emptied as time passes for the wipe.

5-Add the option to rotate the objects, also the arches kill animals with a gun is noisy and expensive.
You have a short way to reach even, I say short because you have taken a very good game with many hours of fun and enjoyment. Much encouragement and effort.

6-the possibility of adding a multi-language would give a lot of depth to people from other countries such as I am from Spain.

You have a short way to reach even, I say short because you have taken a very good game with many hours of fun and enjoyment. Much encouragement and effort.

Thank you.
Ideas and suggestions / Re: Few suggestions
« Last post by Neoxion on October 17, 2018, 06:22:36 am »
1. As I stated, if you make resources completely open people will whine that it takes too much time and you need to be near resource all the time. I mean in an hour you get only around 15 oil canisters. But I understand that resource depletion mechanic cannot be implemented immediately. With no build zones around resources we will see people grouping up around these resources, taking them for themselves, which is fine. But the current machanic needs to go away, because the only viable tactic is right after server wipe - rush immediately without stopping to strategic resource and place a claim on it

2. No, it's not OK to just take resources. What if I want a prime base spot like near ruins, on desert entrance or huge clay clusters? Or I want to punish someone who built on mining spots or too close to ruins, preventing any spawns there. Or I just dont like neighbors. I understand that people cannot be online 24/7 that's why I described reinforce implementation that works (concept is taken from EVE online). People know that their territory is contested and they need to defend it after certain period. If they cannot do it for a particular reason then they have time to move their valuable stuff and relocate, giving up on their previous base.

3. I don't know how difficult it is to code resource exchange, but if you do it - everything will work (you can choose coins for exchange if you so desire). I also forgot to mention that it will be awesome to implement personal contracts - for example I place an exchange order with a particular person. I know people were complaining that you need to run to trade and you can be robbed, but it's PVP in the end.

4. 100 is still not 256  :) I knew about this game from youtuber myself, it's actually quite hard to know that this awesome game exists. Early access on Steam will definately help, but it's up to you when you feel ready to put it there.
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