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Mods / Re: Automaton Mod
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:53:06 am »

Although it feels a bit like an exploit :)

But oh, well. Since it doesn't break or exploit any server rules it is fine, even if we are not happy about it :)

Game discussion / Re: the game is awesome
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:50:55 am »
a game like this for us make. thank you very much :D
please add a Turkish language?
We are hoping to add localization tools in one of the future updates to make it possible (and we are hoping people will start adding more and more languages). But at this exact moment it is unfortunately not possible to translate the game.

Bug reports / Re: Game fails to boot after update
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:28:35 pm »
Thank you! :)
It's great to hear you are enjoying the game!

Mods / Re: Big Bad Wolves Mod
« on: September 24, 2018, 11:11:44 pm »
Moved topic to "mods" section.

Bug reports / Re: Players go through the wall and endure things
« on: September 21, 2018, 09:23:52 am »
Just a hint about raiders tactics.

Sometimes they blow up your doors, then replace with their own, but add you as well, so you go back and everything looks normal, except they tool all your stuff and can continue robbing your base without you even realizing what happened.

Please check all of your doors and make sure there are not other people (raiders) there.

Modding info / Re: Quests/Skills
« on: September 11, 2018, 10:11:42 pm »
For it to display the number correctly the changes have to be made in both: server and client.
The client can't know the different numbers if they are only on the server.

Modding info / Re: Excited for modding
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:19:40 pm »
Thank you! :)
We are hoping to add complete modding support in A17 or A18!

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Miscellaneous
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:28:09 pm »
more decorative structures - armor rack, bench, bulletproof windows, fountain,
100% agree with this one. We are hoping to continue adding more and more features like that with each version of the game.

electric wires with lightbulbs, electric power generator
Yup, we are planning to introduce advanced electricity system in one of the future updates.

Picking sand and clay by pickaxe is not a best solution in real life. A SHOVEL does this job much better. So it should do in the game.
We want to avoid introducing 999 different tools that would only clutter the hot bar, so we will leave it as is, even if it's less realistic.

Land mines and cautionary signs as passive base defence to be set in area of landclaimer
Again, this is something already planned and we have all of the assets for mines and grenades ready!
We will introduce it in one of the future updates!

A game should have an end game purpose/danger - like alien/rad mutated monsters swarm that will destroy all life on it. Survivors main mission would be to prepare for that danger and beat it. Raiding/scouting randomly groups of agressive rad monsters should be included. The later the gameplay, the more agressive/ the bigger the groups.
We are planning to introduce more complex points of interests with interriors (e.g. abandoned laboratories where you can explore inside, caves, etc.) when we have interrior system ready. This will also come together with story elements where you will be able to find logs of the previous colonists.

More mellee weapons/armor options - maybe samurai style?
I think we have quite a few different armor options right now :)
But we will certainly introduce more in the future. Including power armor and more decorative armor options!

Thanks for your suggestions! It is very much welcome! :)

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Cry of All - punishment
« on: August 30, 2018, 02:53:58 am »
First of all, it's neither CryofAll, nor Cry of all, it's CryoFall, from Cryostasis and Fall :)

And about PVP. This is a natural part of the game. We do not want to prevent people from engaging in combat and raiding. Otherwise we would have introduced hard limits which would have made it impossible.

But saying that, we also plan to introduce pure PVE servers where people won't have to be afraid that they will be raided. This way everyone can choose which type of server they prefer. Purely creative play with no combat or free for all.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: CryoFall
« on: August 29, 2018, 09:19:59 pm »
This is quite a lot, thank you!

I think it would have been better to create each suggestion in a separate topic, so we can focus on each specifically, but oh, well :)

So, first about PVP, marking of PK, consequences, etc. It may seem like a trivial task, but in reality it is something that cannot really be solved :)
Please read this article:
It will give a good overview of why this is much more complex thing than it appears initially.

As for the rest - sorry that I can't answer each point individually, there is just too much, but I did read everything and put some notes for us.
Some of the ideas are quite interesting, while others wouldn't suit the game very well.
Well, I can at least say that we are committed to make the game better and we will continue working on it bringing large updates roughly every month! :)

I agree with you 100% regarding this.
Even when there will be multiple servers later and you can just join another one I still feel there has to be an option to start from scratch. So it's certainly on our todo list and we are planning to implemented in one of the future versions (but probably not in A16 yet).

Thank you for the detailed suggestion! :)

As for wipes - yes, eventually we'd like to see servers running for months without wipes, especially official servers.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Character Name on Creation / Start.
« on: August 20, 2018, 03:18:20 am »
I would like to offer the suggestion that when you start on a server you have a slight character start screen that you have now with what you can change but maybe also the ability to create a one time name.
Having a special character screen when you join a server is certainly planned for the future!
We just didn't have time to implement the character creation screen yet. But it will be either in A16 or A17 (most likely) for sure.

But you can actually change your character appearance even now. There is a button in the options and you can press it to open character customization screen.

As for one-time-use names it will probably not be possible, since this username is tied to your account to prevent impersonation by other players. It will create chaos if people can use random names on each server. But I'm sure there will be mods to enable that anyway even if we don't add this option :)

Bug reports / Re: Crash
« on: August 20, 2018, 03:14:04 am »
Yes, please share your logs with us in some way and we will investigate and try to help!
And yes, you can use pastbin as Djekke recommended or google drive or any other service.

Usually we are able to release small patches right away or at the very least in the next big update.
Thankfully CryoFall is NOT made in Unity, so it's very stable and even if there is a bug it's usually very easy to fix :)

New v0.15.4 is out with significant defense/offense balance changes and bugfixes.

News and Updates / CryoFall - Patch notes v0.15.x (Explosive Update)
« on: August 06, 2018, 01:47:38 am »
New CryoFall update is finally live now!

We are looking forward to your YouTube videos and specifically let's plays as well as Twitch streams!

Don't forget to join and follow our social channels and websites:
   - Discord server:
   - Forums: (this forum)
   - Reddit:
   - Twitter list:
   - Official website:
   - Development blog:

Now, without further ado, let's see what's new in this version.

=== CryoFall v0.15.2 ===

Major new features:
   - New boreal forest biome with all new vegetation, monsters and resources!
   - Explosives! For now we have added bombs specifically designed for raiding, but we will introduce more explosives (and new wall types) in the next update.
   - Ambient sound system (game environment now feels much more alive!).
   - New monsters: bear, pangolin, crawler, hyena
   - New skills: learning, crafting
   - New loading and splash screens. Looks much better, right? ;)
   - New weapons and related items: .300 heavy rifle, machinegun and .300 ammo.
   - New structure: fermenting barrel to produce alcohol.
   - New sound effects for new and existing game content and features.
   - New night vision helmet with green night vision effect.
   - Completely new visuals for all trees, bushes and mushrooms in the temperate biome.
   - Hammers have been replaced with toolboxes. Now it makes a bit more sense :)
   - New droplist system - now you can be sure that loot in radtowns will be more consistent.
   - New structure: bed.
   - New bricks floor (brick wall will come later too).
   - New coal mineral node that can be found in boreal biome.
   - New tech groups: offense 3, offense 4 and recreation.
   - New glow in the dark mushrooms (don't eat them ;) ).
   - New frame limit option: screen refresh rate.
   - FMOD integration - much better sound engine which will also allow us to use DSP effects in the future (such as echo, reverberation in caves, etc.).

   - Significant balance changes to many aspects of the game.
   - World object spawning now uses local density which drastically improves spawn consistency and ensure no resources will be depleted even if they're mined regularly.
   - Respawn algorithm for players have been significantly improved. Also the spawn areas are modified to ensure a more randomized initial spawn.
   - Quests menu will now have visual indication to show when a quest is completed or unlocked.
   - Quests now track certain actions even if you haven't received the quest yet. Meaning that you won't have to do certain things twice.
   - Walls have been rebalanced to accommodate introduction of explosives into the game.
   - Rebalanced all tools: now better tools offer much higher efficiency when mining/cutting, while skill effect have been reduced accordingly.
   - Improved terrain decals system.
   - Land claim areas now are always visible/highlighted in the structure placement mode.
   - Dropped items after dying will now lose 10% of durability, rather than 30%.
   - Much improved performance and overall gameplay smoothness.
   - Ranged weapon attack vector precision improved.
   - Game builds now use CPK and MPK format for game data (same as in our previous games) which improves loading and installation time significantly.
   - Improved torch/lamp character animations. Also the torch fire position is properly animated.
   - Fullscreen mode is now used by default.
   - Radiation sound effect have been made quieter so it doesn't overpower everything else.
   - Improved inventory shortcuts (e.g. when Shift-click moving items between containers you will never have an item moving to an unexpected destination such as your hotbar).
   - Texture preloading. This ensures that certain visual effects won't be rendered with frameskipping (e.g. muzzle flash & explosions).
   - Added a few minutes pause between the music tracks, and a slow fade-in fade-out effects - so it will be not so intrusive.
   - Wolves and boars were nerfed a bit to make them easier to avoid/kill by the new players.
   - Randomized tree scale (+-15%) to add more variety into the forests.
   - Loot piles and crates now have no free item slots (as you're not supposed to place anything inside them)
   - Now seeds only can be placed in tiles nearby the character.
   - Updated credits.
   - Multitude of other improvements.

   - Fixed many typos and incorrect text in descriptions.
   - Fixed FPS counter.
   - Fixed campfire and other objects consuming fuel even if their output stacks are full (don't waste the fuel!).
   - Fixed "Use mulch" quest requirement cannot be finished.
   - Fixed AI creatures zig-zag movement.
   - Fixed cannot input ! char on AZERTY (same key as /? in QWERTY)
   - Other small fixes.

=== CryoFall v0.15.3 ===
   - Move animation speeds adjusted for several creatures.
   - Shadows adjusted for several creatures.

   - Moved the Toxin recipe from Laboratory to Medical lab (as it should have been).
   - Equipped armor will now only lose 10% of durability on death (previously it was set to 90% by mistake).
   - Invisible player's corpses will no longer create a problem for construction (thanks @p0ki for reporting).

=== CryoFall v0.15.4 ===
   - Walls, doors and land claims are all generally 2X stronger then before. Certain other structures have also been adjusted slightly.
   - Price to craft explosives have been increased to be 2X more expensive (with other slight adjustments).
   - Blast radius for advanced explosives (bomb) have been reduced.

   - Fixed bug: it was possible to place explosives through the door.
   - Fixed bug: it was possible to build structures in the top right corner of the lithium deposit.
   - Fixed bug: if number of players in a land claim or door was too large it broke the UI formatting.
   - Fixed bug: infinite "Game cannot compile" dialog message boxes spamming with editing scripts.

   - The world has been wiped. Enjoy a fresh start!

=== CryoFall v0.15.5 ===
   - Maces rebalanced: dazed special effect duration increased to 3 seconds, chance increased to 6% and 7% for Copper and Iron maces resoectively. Attack animation/interval now 33% slower.
   - Improved player (re)spawn algorithm to ensure the better spawn position (less probability that a player will respawn in a non-claimed walled up area).
   - Players won't respawn in the bed if the area around it is claimed by another player.
   - Bear loot adjusted to be more consistent (thanks @Evil Mammoth).
   - When attacking any structure with fists it will deal zero damage (thanks @Djekke).
   - Physics de-stuck algorithm implemented to ensure characters won't be stuck in another physics body.

   - Berry pie recipe requiring 5 ingredients but Oven has only 4 ingredient slots (thanks @BobTheFish).
   - Special effects (such as bleeding and dazed) were not applied to creatures.
   - Rare issue when player's character couldn't move after the respawn in bed.
   - Loot sometimes not dropping from a dead player (thanks @z00nk).
   - Sound volume option was not working properly (even with volume set to zero player could hear all the sounds as usually; thanks @APXEOLOG).
   - Crafting queue displaying an "empty" recipe on reconnection (thanks @Evil Mammoth and @Daitallica).
   - Barely noticeable color banding ("16-bit color") in night around the light sources.
   - Live recompile crash in certain conditions (thanks @Djekke).   
   - High CPU usage after long server uptime which required regular server reboot.
   - Stumps and fallen trees were playing "falling tree" sound on destroy.
   - (Steam version) the game will ignore screenshot key (F12) to ensure there is no conflict with Steam Client screenshot feature. It's still possible to rebind the screenshot key to another key and use in-game screenshot feature (thanks @Kane Hart).
   - Problem when opening an interaction window (RMB click) and item stack is under the just opened window - sometimes item was taken automatically in the hand (thanks @Evil Mammoth).
   - Fixed bug when the bottom right corner of the map was uncovered for the dead players (unfortunately the fix will apply only to the new characters).

=== CryoFall v0.15.6 ===
    - The game server runtime is ready and we're planning to release it very soon as we finish the documentation.

    - Now mining and woodcutting experience is added proportionally to the structure points of the object (for example, regular iron mineral will give 120 XP total as it has 1000 structure points, but sand pile will give only 30 XP total as it has 250 structure points).
    - Door auto mode will not consider offline players.
    - Post-effects checkbox is removed from the Debug tools overlay (it will be available in the Editor game version only). Please don't use the developer mode (unless you're a modder and require the debug experience).

    - Meat & Mushrooms stew recipe requiring 6 ingredient slots but Oven has only 4 ingredient slots (thanks @Sarai0989).
    - Major performance drop with the land claims visualization (very noticeable when building/destroying on the EU server).
    - Properly restore the time continuum after loading the server snapshot/savegame (bug with the incorrectly long plant growth time after server restarts after a patch, also bug with the berries growth duration).
    - Items desync: when a manufacturing output item is moved from the output slot while its count is incremented on the server side (thanks @Daitallica).   
    - Exploit introduced in the 0.15.5 when players were able to push each other through the walls.
    - When disconnecting from the game server during the world map loading in background, it spammed errors in the console.
    - Object owners list UI: adding a new user right after construction of certain objects (e.g. door or land claim) led to an issue when the creators username displayed twice in the owners list.

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