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Game discussion / Re: Is hacking/cheating possible in CryoFall?
« on: February 20, 2020, 01:40:55 am »
In addition to the above, we would also like to explain our approach to this issue in greater detail.

1. Approach to modding
Our approach to modding is very simple. Since it's not possible to implement any actual cheats which are prevalent in other games from small indie title to juggernaut projects like CS:GO—we allow ALL types of client-side mods. Rather than trying to fight a battle that can never be won and only create problems to honest players—we develop the game in a way where any client-side changes won't bring any tangible benefits while making it impossible to develop any actual hacks and cheats.

CryoFall server has its own independent simulation and it doesn't care what changes players do on the client. So cheats like moving or shooting through the wall, interacting with inaccessible objects or any other such cheats are simply impossible, since the server never trusts the client. Again, the server simply accepts raw input from the client and runs its own independent simulation regardless of what happens on the client. After which the server tells clients "this is what happened". People can try any modify the client in any way, but it won't have any effect on what actually happens on the server.

2. How it's done in other games?
Surprisingly, most online games decide to completely skip this and just ask the client "so, tell me what happened?" allowing cheaters to introduce any changes to the world such as "I killed that guy, honest!" even, though that guy might have been behind a wall. This is why hacks and cheats are so prevalent in other games. This approach is just easier to implement. But thankfully CryoFall is completely immune from these types of attacks as explained above.

3. Client-side changes
Changing (whether modding or hacking) client is possible in any game. Whether developers want it or not. This is simply the reality of life. This is a battle that cannot be won. Despite developers spending millions trying to develop some kind of protection or banning thousands of people every month who engage in this type of activity—it is simply not possible to stop. This is so bad that many developers resort to practically installing malware on your computer trying to monitor your every move in hopes to prevent this. But it's not possible. The only thing it does is create a black market for hacks/cheats where only the honest people suffer.

So, rather than fight this battle which cannot be won—we decided to take a completely different approach:
- Make it impossible to hack the server (done!)
- Allow ANY kind of client mods (since it's impossible to stop anyway!)

This way we can be sure that ALL people play under the same rules and have the same opportunities available to them. Plus we don't have to engage in witch-hunts and try to "ban the cheaters".

Any client-side mods are perfectly legal for anyone to use. Want to have increased zoom—please go ahead and use it (though, it's pretty much useless since the server simply doesn't stream data which you aren't supposed to see). Want to have "laser sight" for your weapons—use it! Want to have a mod that would "automatically collect resources" for you—download it and use it. When all such mods are available for all players—it at least levels the playing field for everyone.

We have many such useful mods in our modding section.
Such as "Automaton"—
Or "CNEI" which is essentially in-game wiki—

4. Making mods even more accessible
Some of the features which were initially suggested or implemented as mods have also since been implemented as a part of the game itself. We are always open to new suggestions to try and remove any advantage such mods can provide. For example one of the recent mods which adds laser sight to weapons have since been released as a public mod and we are even considering implementing similar feature directly into the game, so there won't be even a need to use a separate mod.

5. What's the worst that can happen?
The worst that can be developed would be an aim-bot. Currently, we do not believe that it exists as there are no indications for it. However, we have already taken the necessary steps to make even this type of mod useless.

The first reaction from most players to hearing "aimbot" would probably be "AAA!!!!111 it's cheating!!!!" and it would be entirely understood as aimbots in first-person shooters give incredible advantage to the hackers. Essentially it allows them to one-shot any other players giving them almost god status and making it impossible for an honest player to compete.
However CryoFall was designed with this in mind, so even if someone were to develop and aimbot it would be almost useless or marginal at best.

- Aiming in 2D is incredibly easy, you just need to point your mouse in the general direction of the enemy and that's all! You don't need any actual skill like you would need in a 3D FPS game since in 2D you are aiming using 1D input—which is a direction (angle). You don't even need to actually point your mouse at the enemy, just point in general direction and your shots will be successful.

- Additionally, to reduce the effect of single accurate shots like for example CS:GO where you can one-shot an enemy and immediately win the fight, in CryoFall we made sure that all gunfights last a good while, sometimes as much as several minutes. So, most of your success comes from tactical choices (where to run, what weapon to use, taking cover, what boosts to use and so on), rather than accurate shooting. Your equipment, your friends and your weapons also play a major role.

So, the overall impact of an aimbot would be absolutely minimal if any at all. But as said above, no such mod currently exists anyway.

6. "But, but... cheats are bad! You should not allow this!"
But that's the thing. Even if we made it illegal to use mods of this type—hackers would STILL USE THEM! And it would only hit honest players who won't be using such mods.
So, rather than fight and lose this fight by default—we took a more sensible approach and allowed any mods that players one to use while making some of the typical cheats useless by developing the game in a certain way.

This way you don't even need to worry about cheats, hacks, exploits in the first place!

And if something comes up that does actually give someone an unfair advantage we would either make this mod public for everyone to use or simply change the game in such a way to make it useless, as we did for example with zoom mod, which made it possible to zoom the view past the default value. Now you can still zoom past the default value, but the only thing you will see is a black void since the server doesn't stream the data outside of your view scope, thus making zoom mod completely useless.

7. Comparison with other games
If you compare the situation in CryoFall with the majority of other online games you will quickly see that this comparison doesn't look good for other projects. Hacks are prevalent in practically all other games from tiny indie games to huge online games developed by large AAA studios. Cheats there is a huge black market with some cheats selling for hundreds of dollars and with a constant arms race between hackers and developers. But honestly, this is just silly... With all this—the only result is that honest users are suffering from this crap. Cheats still exist and will continue to exist in other games simply due to the nature of their client-server interaction, where the server has to trust that the client is honest.

We wanted to avoid this altogether so we developed CryoFall with server-first authoritative architecture. So, we don't even have to think about these typical cheats since they are impossible.

We don't want to ban any players and we don't want to fight a war that is impossible to win. So we embrace client modding while ensuring it's impossible to gain an advantage that would be actually significant!

And if someone were to create some mod which we didn't anticipate and which does give the user some tangible advantage—as always we would either make this mod public for everyone or change the game such that it will no longer give any advantage to the user. Or both! :)

8. Conclusion
We believe that this approach is the most sensible one, especially given our tiny team size (just 3 people!) and in this explanation, we tried to offer you the reasoning behind our approach and all of our decisions. Hopefully, you can understand our viewpoint on the matter.

We never ban people for using mods. We make the game such that cheats/hacks are impossible and any mods that give advantage become public for everyone to use or we change the game such that this advantage is minimized or completely negated.

Thank you for reading! And we always welcome your advice and input on this matter. We are committed to make CryoFall the best experience for honest players it can be! :)

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Suggested improvements for UI/controls
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:51:33 am »
Map marker: If i could place a temporary map marker on a location i would like to go or allow my teammates to head to (waypoints would be nice)
Yes, this is planned eventually when we rework the map menu.

Hotkey for discarding items
Actually there is already one ;)
Just open the inventory and press "help" or "shortcuts" and there's a bunch of different shortcuts, including to discard an item.

Containers being labelled
Yes, this is also planned.

Faster travel on roads: Could imagine a lot more interesting pvp encounters being orchestrated.
Roads provide +10% speed bonus (or was it 15%? :) )

There's a bunch of other things we are planning to add.
Please take a look at our roadmap:

Ideas and suggestions / Re: crosshair , new generator, more input/outputs
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:47:59 am »
make option in menu to change crosshair/pointer color
That might be a good idea in the future for sure. But for the moment we would like to focus on content, which would make a difference in the game.
But after other things are done - sure :)

maybe new 'pragmium reactor core' fueled generator?
We are thinking of other type of reactor, maybe adding it together with the interior locations update.

blank and salt ammo still crap..
Well, they are not intended to be the ammunition used in combat :)
They are there just for fun. And you don't need to spend LP to unlock them. You are essentially getting them for free together with other tech.

plasma pistol and plasma rifle  to expensive (High-Tech Components)   to low effectiveness
They have their uses. They don't use ammo and are very convenient in certain situations.

solar generator.... why solar panels decoy so fast ?.. for me its useless
They are actually quite cheap, in fact super cheap for the amount of energy you get.
You are just paying their price in a single lump investment upfront, compared to other generators where you have to constantly keep feeding them fuel.

Mods / Re: Improving mod announcement template
« on: February 10, 2020, 02:15:08 am »
Yes! We are definitely planning to make installation of mods easier and also  completely change the whole process.
Ideally installing mods should be a single click!
But there's just too must other things we must complete first. But we will definitely go back to mods and eventually rework it to make it easier.
Please, just give us a little bit of time and we will get there! :)

Game discussion / Re: Refinery changes
« on: February 03, 2020, 05:47:10 am »
It is in T4 chemistry if I'm not mistaken.

Mods / Re: Change the number of stacked items and the size of the backpack
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:47:04 am »
You can make a mod that would change that. Though, explaining how to do a mod would be beyond a short answer on a forum. If modding is something you can realistically do - changing stack sizes is quite easy. Otherwise you can ask help from people on our discord. I'm sure someone will be willing to help you with such a small change.

Game discussion / Re: Sand from Stone
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:45:34 am »
I am very sad that what once was a T3(?) ability is now a T4 one (and I am not T4 yet). My easy sand from stone was ripped away from me, in lieu of making more sense in a higher tiered skill.
Well, yes. Having that recipe in mineral processing plant just makes more sense than crafting it on a workbench.
Plus we actually reduced sand requirements for practically all recipes and completely removed from other.
Same goes for glass (which use sand) - most recipes now require much-much less of it.
The balance is much better overall now.

Game discussion / Re: Refinery changes
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:43:40 am »
Well, if you only need gasoline - you can use cracking recipe to turn mineral oil into more gasoline.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Improve Map
« on: January 09, 2020, 01:50:19 am »
These are some good ideas and generally should be relatively easy to implement. Thanks!

Bug reports / Re: New oilfield cannot build oil production equipment
« on: January 09, 2020, 01:49:15 am »
Yesterday we occupied the oilfield in the global pvp server ,But we cannot build oil production equipment on the oilfield.
This problem has caused us to lose a lot of oil.
What's the matter, please.
Can you clarify the issue? Why can't you build it?

Help section / Re: Please provide more Icons/Images for your Wiki
« on: January 09, 2020, 01:48:10 am »
Sure. We will continue uploading the images for different content pieces.
I've been actively updating wiki in the past, but it just feels like a bad idea to update everything by hand, considering that content in the game changes a lot with every version. So, we are also considering some automated way to populate the wiki eventually. Hopefully it can be implemented relatively soon.

Game discussion / Re: .50 SH rounds
« on: December 25, 2019, 05:53:56 am »
Is it intentional for the .50 SH rounds to only require black powder to make? Or was it supposed to be the formulated gunpowder and got coded wrong?
Yes, it is intentional. Steppen hawk is intended as a simple weapon to use outside of PvP.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Faction System (share your ideas!)
« on: December 20, 2019, 08:16:24 am »
"Leave faction (all) - if leader exists then faction is dissolved"
I think you meant exit, yes? There should be a deputy role then I think.
Yes, let me fix that :)

Ideas and suggestions / Faction System (share your ideas!)
« on: December 20, 2019, 07:00:21 am »
We are planning to implement a faction system in A25 update.

Here is our current plan. Please take a look and share your ideas!

Please note: this is only the basic idea. In the future updates the system will be expanded with more features such as faction levels or upgrades and other features.

  • Each player is starting as neutral (no faction).
  • All of the current content from "Politics" menu must be moved into "Social", politics now will only be used for faction list.
  • New menu "Faction" must be shown for players who have already joined a faction.
  • In case of death from a non-neutral player, we need to update our current text to include faction information (e.g. showing clan tag/icon near the name). Additionally we may add another string there along the lines of "You can consider joining a faction to get help in fighting [browse Y faction to learn who are their enemies]" or such. To have a bit more option to show/hide certain things - this string must be separate in localization.
Faction properties
  • Each faction has a name (text, must be profanity filtered or possibly randomly generated), tag (3 characters long), flag (composed from 3 layers OR selected from country flag list).
  • Faction descriptions: public (visible to all) and private (visible to faction members).
  • List of allies, list of enemies (declared by them and declared by your faction).
  • Players cannot damage other players in their faction AND in allied factions.
  • Players in a faction get access to the faction chat. ("%" prefix)
  • Faction chat also receives system notifications about raids on faction member bases and players belonging to the faction being killed.
  • Possibly: faction tag/icon is displayed near the player nickname in the chat.
  • Newbie - [Shield icon] Blue name
  • Regular player - White name
  • Faction member (different faction) - [Faction icon] White name
  • Faction member (your faction) - [Faction icon] Dark green name
  • Faction member (allied faction) - [Faction icon] Light green name
  • Faction member (enemy faction) - [Faction icon] Red name
  • Party member: just adds [Party icon] to other arrangement
  • Issue: should we allow partying up with people from other factions? What about enemy factions? Also, with the faction in place we have no choice but to remove "no friendly fire" rule for parties. This mechanic will already be present from the faction rules. And I think we should only allow partying with your and allied factions.
  • Note: we should include color coding information somewhere to make it clear which color represents what. For example faction screen.
  • For party: add party status screen ( see center left ), that should be fine, since party size will be just 5 people.
Joining and leaving
  • Newbie players cannot join a faction. This is especially important considering newbie protection and a mess of rules when combining newbie mechanics with faction mechanics.
  • Depending on faction type player can: join a faction freely (open), send an application to join (closed), or be invited to join (private)
  • If player leaves a faction he cannot join another for the next 24 hours. When leaving a faction there must be a warning confirmation which explains it.
  • Idea: we should probably come up with more interesting names to classify factions, possinly: anarchy, democracy, autocracy. (reference: )
Politics menu
  • Presents a list of all current factions and their basic information. Must include: name, tag, icon, current and max players, active players in the last 36 hours, etc.
  • Button to join (a public faction) or send application to join (closed faction).
  • Button to open detailed view for any of the factions.
  • Button to create a faction.
  • Join cooldown displayed in the Politics menu.
Creating faction
  • Any player can create a faction. To do that they must press "Create faction" button in the "Politics" menu. But if players is already in a faction - they will receive an error message when pressing the button "Already in a faction: To create a new faction you need to leave your current faction.".
  • To create a faction the player must fill in all of the necessary fields and press create.
  • Cost to create a faction is: 500 LP
Faction menu (for members)
  • Several tabs: overview, events, members, admin.
  • Overview: basic page with general information about the faction. Button to leave faction, etc.
  • Events (log): list of events that happened in the faction. E.g. someone being killed, raided, new members joining, leaving, being kicked, etc. Each event type must have an associated icon to make it easier to see.
  • Members: list of members with their information, list of applications (to accept or reject) and management buttons (i.e. kicking all inactive members).
  • Admin info: this tab only available to faction leader and officers. Includes different admin functions. Such as transferring ownership of the faction to another player, etc.
Faction roles
  • Faction roles: member, officer, leader. Admin has access to all of the actions that officers do + extra.
  • Leave faction (all) - if leader exits then faction is dissolved
  • See list of applications (officers)
  • Accept applications (officers)
  • Send invites (officers)
  • Kick members (officers)
  • Edit faction information (leader) - only once in 24 hours. Note: possibly prevent changing faction name, tag, etc. AT ALL.
  • Edit faction descriptions (leader)
  • Assign roles (leader)
  • Transfer faction to another player (leader)
  • Add factions to enemies list (leader)
  • Send invitations to other factions to ally (leader)
  • See list of allied factions invitations (leader)
  • Accept other factions alliance invitations (leader)
  • Remove enemies/allies (leader)
  • Dissolve faction (leader) - Note: clan hall will be destroyed when faction is dissolved. There must be a confirmation with a checkbox.

Game discussion / Re: plasma pistol and stacks
« on: December 12, 2019, 07:42:11 am »
We will be completely changing laser and plasma weapons in the next update. Yes.

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