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Ideas and suggestions / Claimland Item
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:08:07 pm »

I was building a claimland and was asking myself : how's gonna be my claimland on level 3 or 4 ?

So i got an idea: Is it possible when we press the " Alt button " to see like it is at the moment but with differents colors the view of the level 3 or 4. To see if i don't gonna have any problem when i upgrade it because i'm too close from my base or even my neighbor.

That's all =D

Have a nice day guys!

Game discussion / Electronic Components
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:04:41 pm »
Hi guys,

Tonight , i spend about 3 and a half hour (From 11Pm till nearly 3Am ) trying to find some electronics parts to do a fridge.
They suppose to be in abandonned building....

I cannot find even 1.

Is it possible to find some or it's a legend =D ?

Have a nice day!

Ideas and suggestions / My Feedback after approx. 10h
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:48:56 am »

So. To start i will tell that Cryofall is one of my favorite kind of game. It's 1PM, you say :" i play 2 hours " and next time you check the hour, it's 10PM =D. But i love it.
For an alpha , the game is pretty complete with a lot of things to do. He's gonna keeps you busy for a while. So i recommand it.

Only i thing change my mind about buying the game. I would pre-order the game, but this morning, i discover in suffer that the PK can be done in the game. What a surprise. ( The guy kills me in the back during a fight with a monster ... pretty fair ).
Now, i played a lots of games , i own over 2500 games on steam ( same tag if you wanna check ) , and there is 1 thing that i'm sure of : I hate spending time for nothing. I mean , i farm 3 or 4 hour this morning and the guy stole everything from me within 10 seconds. If i play , it's for fun , and spending time for nothing , for me , it's everything but fun.
My fisrt think was to give the PK's name , but i change my mind. The guy did only what the game allow him to do. He's just half responsible ( was not an obligation killing me =D )

So i will definitly not buy the game because i just wanna relax and not get angry.

But if you love the raw PvP and survival games , just go ahead , the game is for you ( and it's free atm so , don't be shy and test it =D )

Have a nice day guys , have fun in game.


Bug reports / French Keyboard
« on: May 19, 2018, 01:57:23 am »
Hi ,

I play with a friend in game. But when i wanna talk " local " and should use the "!" carac... I cannot. On my keyboard and only in game ( the rest of time i have no problem ) i cannot use that sign , it's like the button is not running.
So i have to change the language , use the QWERTY layout too use it because it won't on AZERTY layout.

Thanks , and have a nice day.

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