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Modding info / Events? And some other questions
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:24:43 am »
Hi there!

Been having a great time diving into modding this game.  A couple of things have me stumped though-

Events that can be bound with actions.Bind - wiki does not seem to have a complete list.  Is it possible to get a complete list of the available events?  Are there some handy ones not exposed in the core scripting?

Items xml all contain an upgrade element.  Is this implemented in some way?

Are there any unused item type codes buried in there?

Are there any other filters that can be used for the shops element in items besides faction_filter?

How does item durability work?  Can the item durability be effected from script?

Is there a way to initiate a topic dialog screen via scripting?  One example might be to have a device that opens up a settings dialog screen. Another example would be to have a scripted NPC ship engage the player with a dialog instead of player initiated F.


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