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Game discussion / Re: Missile Lock??
« on: December 19, 2014, 06:38:39 am »
If we have the opportunity I would actually like to completely rework the way targeting works.
1. Allow to have more than one target locked at the same time.
2. Allow to quickly switch between acquired targets.
3. Some for of auto-targeting.
But it will definitely have to wait until after the release. I am really hoping the game does well on Steam to allow us to implement all these features we wish we could.

Yes, that would be greatly appreciated.
As it is right now, whenever using a "lock-on" weapon, no matter how good my Radar is I tend to take damage just trying to get my mouse over them to lock.
Not to mention the annoyance of having a Radar that can actually lock on to things further away than I can see but not being able to utilize that as my cursor can't reach them.

Game discussion / Re: Missile Lock??
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:45:33 pm »
Would their be any way to make an auto-lock feature?

Something like, whenever flying around any ship that gets within your missile lock zone gets "tracked" by a passive radar.

It takes longer to lock on than with your active lock-on but allows you to lock on to quick, fast-moving targets that you can't get your mouse on and also allows you to target enemies that are off-screen.

Game discussion / Re: What's your favorite ship and why?
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:28:34 pm »
Playing with the BTC mod, I've been enjoying the Boomerang Ship loaded with Photon Torpedoes.

They're quite powerful, making the ship almost "fang-like" but it removes the need to constantly replenish your ammo as long as you have enough fuel in your reactor to continue producing energy.

You can sometimes run into issues when in a heated firefight, but as long as you choose your targets carefully and have a good reactor you should do well.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Autopilot, boosters and other ideas
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:22:53 pm »
I dig the idea of having Autopilot as a booster.

It makes sense to me as well, like...why would a simple civilian shuttle have the same autopilot as a heavily armed Military warship?

You could add other boosts as well, such as having lower level autopilot boosters not applying any passive bonuses from your pilot skill level but having the highest levels actually increase them.

In addition to that, you could have different varieties of autopilot, like one that doesn't work as an "autopilot" at all, but is instead always active in the background providing your ship with increased maneuverability.

Game discussion / Re: Testing STEAM version, need your help
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:47:29 am »
Personally, I hate when a game forces me to open a launcher to actually launch the game.

Instead, I would suggest adding modules to the actual main game menu, with news and whatever other stuff you would normally include in a launcher including options to open the Mod Menu and log menu and etc.

This is mainly because when gaming with Steam, 90% of the games you launch can be easily and simply launched via the Steam menu, and when they open a launcher it just seems unnecessary and smells too much of blatant advertisement.

However, I wouldn't remove the launcher.
It should still be available to launch either manually or through steam.
My thinking behind this, is if someone is willing to try and mod, they'd be willing to go through that extra step, whereas someone that just wants to play the game just wants to click a button and have the game launch like almost ever other game in their library.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Useful Artifacts and Various Artifacts
« on: October 03, 2014, 05:38:49 am »
Actually there are alien weapons already in the game, though technically players can't acquire them without modding the game or cheating :)
But I agree, it would be interesting to have this option.
If it does become an option, it would be imperative that alien weapons and gear have unique playstyles associated with them.

Something that makes them handle considerably different from normal human ships and weapons.

News and Updates / Re: VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.10.x
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:45:29 am »
I'd ask why you took out Herobrine, he's the best part of the game, but...

... well.  He'll be back, anyway. :)

(Now I totally want to put a Herobrine in BTC somewhere.)
Make a Herobrine drone!

That would be hilarious. xD
Just have little Herobrines flying around the enemy ship kamikazing into it.

omg, I would laugh so hard.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Useful Artifacts and Various Artifacts
« on: October 02, 2014, 09:40:47 am »
I like this idea, would be cool to have really unique alien weaponry or something.

Or even an entire "Alien Set" with organic weaponry and modules.
Would give players a bit of incentive to really explore around the different areas.

I mean, why would I spend half-an-hour searching for an Artifact when I could just mine the nearest asteroid and make double the profits?

Unique items are always a strong incentive for players, especially in Multiplayer since having a full alien set could be a mark of considerable status.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Long-term suggestion: animated turrets
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:01:48 am »
I'd love to see weapons with charging animations.

Similar to how FTL does it, just a simple little visual display on the weapon itself with shows you, graphically how charged the weapon is and when it can fire next.

Would be useful in PvP, being able to watch the enemy ship to see when they're capable of firing their "big bad super weapon" again and would also give you something to watch while dogfighting instead of a boring little HUD icon.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: several remarks after couple days of playing
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:20:54 pm »
Maybe as a long-term goal, you could look into transporting items.. for a fee of sorts!  Either give the item a chance to be lost (pirate attack) or affix a cost based on the price of the item so that people can't abuse it, but could still say pay to have a hull towed to a new base station far away from where they were in the past.  With enough of a fee it would complete kill any (or at least most) profit to be made from trading that way.

Just a thought. :)

To expand on this a bit, you could have a couple of different "options" set up.
-Transfer it via freighter: which is cheap, slow and has a chance of being lost.
-Transfer it via private transport, which is a bit more expensive, a bit faster and has less chance of being lost.
-Use an experimental transporter, which is only available on high-tech stations and very expensive....but is transferred instantaneously and only has a very small chance of being lost due to transporter malfunction.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Missile Avoidance / Defense & Types
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:14:11 pm »
If you really want to build an OP ship, all weapon types are OP.

Ballistic, Laser and Missile can easily decimate any pirate ship out there.
The only real challenge is in PvP, and missiles against a skilled opponent are.....not very effective.

Though I wouldn't mind seeing the ability to upgrade your ship with additional defenses.
Armor plating for Ballistic, Shields for Lasers and Point Defense for missiles.

Anyways, eventually greater challenges will be added to the game, which will probably decrease the effectiveness of missiles greatly.

Imagine trying to do a mission deep in Alien space when your main weapons only carry twenty ammo each or something.
You'd be rendered defensless three systems in.

General Discussions / Re: When space gets a bit /too/ close.
« on: September 15, 2014, 05:54:42 am »
I have no idea, to be honest with you.

However, just as an update, the building I work in lost power for most of the day, none of our cell phones could get decent signal either.

So it definitely affected us a bit, though not as much as OP thought it would.

Mods / Re: What ship should I build next?
« on: September 12, 2014, 07:44:14 am »
How about Hyperion?

Oooooh, yes.

I second this notion, I'd love to see this thing added.

General Discussions / When space gets a bit /too/ close.
« on: September 12, 2014, 07:40:01 am »
From one of the other forums I frequent:

Yesteray, Sun made an X1.6 class flare. Unfortunately, the flare happened right in the center of the visible Sun disk, and the accompanying CME (coronal mass ejection) is heading towards Earth as we speak, and is found to be "strong" one (in relation to the flare class related to it). In other words, billions tons of plasma flies at the speed of several hundreds miles per second towards Earth. .

And in general, there are lots of messages about it, and lots of them truncate lots of important details about it. In order not to worry people too much - those people who do not know what powerful CME is capable of, of course. Which is vast majority.

If the data (which i am so far able to get) is correct, the plasma front will hit the Earth tomorrow, Friday, 12th of September, at about 14:00...19:00 GMT (sorry but that's as precise as i am able to get, at this time). This data is from one of sources in my own country, not from above linked page.

One model for the cloud so far reports that Earth will be hit by nearly the center of hte cloud. The other reports it will be a "glancing blow" - however, i am quite sure that many, if not most, of public messages would read "glancing blow", or even wouldn't mention any possible damage at all - even if ALL models would actually predict direct impact. Because panic won't help, and many people in the media know it well. Too little time to do anything global about it, anyways.

Anything similar has only happened as far back in the past as 1859 (iirc). Mankind didn't have thousands of giant electric transformators back then, - ones which are absolutely required for our electric power grids to function; ones which will likely be completely destroyed by induction currents' flow if some strong CME manages to overpower Earth's ionosphere and magnetic field; ones which can't be repaired nor replaced any fast, since there are only few of those big transformators in reserve at any given time - too expensive to have any more in reserve, - and those can't be made in any large quantity any fast. But back then in 1859, mankind already had one significant electric system in use: telegraph. The CME effect on telegraph lines in 1859 was, quote: "... intense geomagnetic storms viewed from the Arctic to Cuba that triggered global telegraph lines to spark, setting fire to some telegraph offices." (from: ). I can imagine what will happen with massive and thick conductors and transformators several dozens tons heavy (most of it being wires, literally), should similar effect hit the Earth tomorrow.

There is some chance models are wrong, but it's little. There is some chance that this CME and/or plasma distribution within the cloud won't result in strong enough hit in terms of how much of that plasma actually ends up hitting Earth, and as a result of this, the equipment - including those huge transformers, which literally power up our societies, - won't suffer that much, or even at all. Nobody knows right know - for _sure_ - how much of the plasma will end up hitting Earth, nor how intense the peak will be, and whether Earth's magnetic field would be overloaded, or not. Yet there is also quite real chance that tomorrow, more than half of the world will lose its electric grid for months on end.

And if you think it's no big deal - then it means you most likely didn't watch this BBC film: . Ironically, perhaps tonight is the last chance for you to see it, eh.

P.S. I find myself strangely calm about tomorrow. Even if SHTF... In fact, i'd be even glad if it would. This "modern" "civilization" of ours is quite ugly, anyways. Last few decades, overall, it quite is. Well, we'll know in less than 24 hours whether it'll go on for some more while, or not. In case we'll never communicate after tomorrow, let me wish all of you guys here best of luck, and let your gunpowder never get wet.

Seems pretty interesting, doesn't it?
I wonder what will happen (if anything)

Game discussion / Re: Steam greenlight
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:20:03 am »
I actually asked him about it, but he said that it's possible, but most likely - no. But it's okay. He did a great contribution anyway.
That's unfortunate but understandable.
I'm glad you got some new voice-overs, though. ^.^

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