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Game discussion / Delay with this update
« on: June 16, 2015, 04:11:57 am »
I just wanted to let you guys know why we haven't released the update yet.

We were initially planning to release a test build (as an experimental) this Monday but...

Here's what happened:
And specifically this:
We were actually going to release the test build this Monday (yesterday, that is). But our producer suddenly fell ill with a severe cold. Since he is a major part of the team we decided to wait until he recovers and is back in the office to release the update. Currently the actual coding is done and we are testing the build. We are also using this time to add some extra polish to the update and our lead dev added some extra things during these two days as well. So, stay tuned!

And that producer guy is me. So, I'm sorry for the delay...
But I asked our guys to wait for me so we can be sure that the update is ready.
I will be back in the office as soon as the fever is down! (this should be within a couple of days)

General Discussions / New game?
« on: May 20, 2015, 07:28:07 pm »
While we are working on VoidExpanse it might be a good idea to start planning for a new game that we might do in the future. Design documents are not made in a week, sometimes it takes months or even years to come up with something good. Even in case of VoidExpanse it took almost two years until we were satisfied with the idea. Well, it might not necessary translate into a good game, but at least it gives more chances, rather than doing the design document in a rush after a spark of some random idea. So, the bottom line is - I think it is a good time to start planning for another game that we _might_ start doing in half a year or a year so from now.

We have a few ideas ourselves, naturally. Even a few prototypes done long time ago. And we did some market research. It seems that open world and survival games are very popular now and will most likely stay that way for a few years. At least that is my opinion. On the other hand I can also see that there are some very niche games getting mainstream popularity, which seem like another option.

But what would you guys think would be a good idea for a future game? Naturally we'd like to continue with something similar to VoidExpanse in a sense that we don't want to be making another angry birds clone or some such nonsense :) We'd love to do some big, interesting and innovative game.

News and Updates / Your questions & our ability to answer
« on: April 27, 2015, 03:18:15 am »
In the past we used to reply to every single topic that was created on the forum. But, unfortunately, after the release there is just too much going on to be able to respond to everything.
And not only that, but we also now have to monitor Steam forums as well. With all that it becomes just too much to be able to keep the level of communication we had before. So, please excuse us if we can't respond to you directly. But please rest assured that we read ALL and every single one of the messages or topics you post. Either here or on Steam forums!

Game discussion / VoidExpanse on Metacritic
« on: April 09, 2015, 11:48:14 pm »
Hello everyone.

Can you guys share your reviews for VoidExpanse on metacritic? Naturally we are not asking for favorable reviews, but for your honest opinion, as currently there are only a few ratings and not a single review there.

I think it would be a good idea to have at least some reviews available for people who use this service to decide whether a particular game is worth their attention or not.

So, if you have some free time and would like to help - just head over to and tell us what you honestly think about the game! :)

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v1.2.x
« on: April 03, 2015, 11:23:16 pm »
VoidExpanse v1.2.x Update patch notes.

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.0 ===
   * Improved master server connection handling
   * Improved welcome screen (link with
   * Faster ping measurement
   * Online users list now works on Stations

   * Various UI-related issues (updated to NoesisGUI 1.2.2)
   * Merchants spawning
   * Laptop (especially Macbooks) overheating issues should be resolved (Make sure you use 30fps limit)
   * Too many artifacts removal notifications when trading them to the science points
   * OpenGL rendering issues (black stars on galaxy map, black sun, etc)
   * Mac/Linux: UPnP port forwarding
   * Sun effect not works on in OpenGL ("black screen issue")
   * Factions and stars not rendered on Galaxy Map in OpenGL
   * Issue when firing from projectile weapons transferred from one player to another
   * Game not running in OpenGL mode on Windows
   * Various crashes and freezes
   * Loading freeze/hang

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.1 ===
New features:
   * Added ability to connect to servers running previous version of the game (if the server uses same network protocol version).

   * New balance for most weapons. Generally projectiles are more powerful.
   * Made chat more readable
   * Corrected descriptions of some things to make it more clear
   * Scurvy is now properly removed after quest is done (important for MP)
   * More signposting to make it easier to find certain things.
   * New repair price calculation. Now doesn't take ship price into account.
   * Other balancing changes.
   * New drop lists for all ships depending on their level!

   * "Save and quit" not working
   * Loading screen freezes. (we still need your feedback on this, please!)
   * Projectiles not rendered (OpenGL/Mac/Linux)
   * Local server crash on Mac
   * Quit game freezing
   * Fixed chat issues
   * Price of refuel from space merchants
   * Fixed Fanatics faction achievements
   * DirectX 9 / 11 issues
   * Game saving bug
   * Can't sell item ("can't find empty slot")
   * Several other server related issues

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.2 ===
New features:
   * Added TCP protocol for the Master Server connection, so the issues when the game is unable to connect with the Master Server should be fixed
   * If VoidExpanse can't find server exe - it will report about ANTIVIRUS issue!
   * Added protection from infinite loops in user scripts

   * Added image validation to Mod uploader
   * Escort quest temporary removed until we can make it better
   * In auto-rotation mode the player's ship now rotates to fully match the cursor position
   * Rebalanced asteroids and mining boosters

   * Join faction quests
   * Command "debug_topic_tutorial_complete player_name" in Multiplayer
   * Chat command npcs_list
   * Linux server CRASH
   * Navpoint added by "Enter" click doesn't save it's name
   * Various other issues, including crashes

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.3 (STEAM EXPERIMENTAL) ===
To install this build, open the Steam Client, right click on the VoidExpanse in your library, select Properties, open "Betas" tab, enter the password is "AllTheeHailTheVoid" (without quotes). And then you can select the beta program "experimental".

This release features reworked threading system to fully utilize all of the CPU cores and resolve multithreading issues reported by the players.

   * Game freezes on the loading screen with 6+ cores CPU's.
   * Various freezes/hangs issues (including most of them on Mac and Linux). However, we need more feedback about the loading screen freeze.
   * Sprites (plasma balls, muzzle flashes, etc) rendered through the other objects.

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.4 (STEAM EXPERIMENTAL) ===
   * Improved sun rendering
   * Certain ships now have omni-slots (weapon hardpoints!)

   * Shields not rendered in OpenGL on some GPU's
   * Errors on server (especially on Linux/Mono)
   * NoesisGUI crashes
   * Freeze on loading screen

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.5 ===
New features:
   * Sort by online players count in the multiplayer public server list
   * Server version displayed in multiplayer server info
   * Mono is now not required for running the game on Linux and Mac (Need your feedback on that. If you have any issues please remove *Bundle* file from the Server_Mono folder)

   * Console up/down arrows keys sometimes double
   * Game cannot unpause

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.6 ===
New features:
   * New API method: station.AddItemToStorageAtSta tion(int stationId, int ship_id, string item_type, int quantity)
   * New API method: generator.GetStationsAtSystem(int systemId)
   * Added regeneration for Xengatarn ships and structures
   * Proper Mac/Linux game server bundle included

   * Miners now properly respawn at the station
   * Changed quests after entering faction in multiplayer

   * Fixed various autopilot issues (not ideal, but much better)
   * Fixed an issue with the galaxy creation freeze
   * Fixed an issue with save game loading (or when the savegame reported as corrupted)
   * Fixed models and sounds appearing too late on low performance CPU's
   * Fixed loading screen freeze
   * Fixed "special" effects not applied to NPCs
   * Fixed damage on collision calculation (player could easily ram alien hives)
   * Fixed an issue when the ship not entered players scope when spawn on station and undocking
   * Fixed an issue with Batto resque quest: Declan NPC spawned for every player
   * Fixed an issue with enabled Steam Overlay crashing the game on startup on Mac (we need your feedback regarding this)
   * Fixed an issue with inventory capacity not updating instantly after getting skill "Space optimization"

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.7 ===
New features:
   * 64-bit Linux version
   * Added "ds" shortcut for command "debug server 1"
   * Chat is now automatically closed when clicking outside
   * Cache for multiplayer server icons
   * Current star system name is now displayed in the System map
   * Added hotkeys on station (Overview, Decks, Hangar, Map, etc...)

   * Decreased number of active miners in the system
   * Changed log naming format
   * Rewrote multiplayer menu loading (performance and usability)
   * Improved autopilot asteroids avoidance

   * Fixed memory leak in bundled Mono for Linux
   * Fixed ray weapons FX rendered in reverse direction
   * Spacestation inventory list not refreshed after some time
   * Fixed projectile max distance extension skills not applying to the actual ray appearance in the game
   * Fixed (re)starting a new galaxy after game end in savegame
   * Fixed autopilot flying in circles

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.8 ===
New features:
   * Added command to delete a player character on the multiplayer server (it can be used by the player or by the server admin). Write in the chat: "delete_player_character NICKNAME" without quotes

   * Fixed font issue: current star system on System map was displayed as ???????
   * Fixed energy weapons aiming
   * Fixed planets in gas systems not rendered properly
   * Fixed key binding issues - can bind one key to multiple actions

=== VoidExpanse v1.2.9 ===
New features:
   * Added new API scope: items -
   * Added new mod type - "localization"

   * Added multiline chat input

   * Fixed issues with localization tool
   * Fixed chat not scaling with UI Scale option
   * Fixed various server crashes
   * Fixed the planet scanner research quest
   * Fixed item cooldown indicator ("clock") sometimes not displaying
   * Various other small fixes (dialogs, topics, quests, UI)

! Notes !
* All saves are compatible with previous version.
* And in case of multiplayer - don't forget to update both: client AND server.
*Please make sure if you are running a server that you update ASAP.

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v1.1.x
« on: March 19, 2015, 03:03:39 am »
VoidExpanse v1.1.x Update patch notes.

We are really hoping for this build to become our final version that will go on Steam! There still maybe a few tiny issues, but overall it is a significant improvement over v1.0 for sure! But you will be the judges of that!

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.0 ===
New features:
   * Switched to Unity 5 engine! Yay!
   * Now using physics based rendering. Even more Yay!
   * Mods menu! Now even if you don't use our starter you can still use mods conveniently.
   * Item comparison tooltip: red-green deltas
   * Added station undocking shortcut
   * Playing voice when voice volume changed (to test volume)

   * Tons of corrections to English localization in the game. Thanks askew1!
   * Many skills were rebalanced. Mostly making them have more powerful effects
   * Some small weapon rebalancing
   * Consumables now merge on pickup
   * Made crate/inventory text in the container UI (when picking up stuff in space) bigger because some people didn't see it and couldn't understand which side is which
   * Updated to NoesisGUI 1.2.0
   * Updated credits
   * Fixed consumable generation. Now there will be more of them in stock (and updated stock generation in general)
   * Made weapon cursor more visible to make it easier to aim
   * No more friendly NPC aggring on player too easily
   * NVorbis (OGG audio library) is not used anymore (it caused serious memory leaks)
   * Some small visual changes
   * Now you can encounter Xengatarn in borderland territories

   * Liberation mission ally ship becames hostile if you damage him
   * Hardcore death does not display player's ship explosion
   * Radar - "interference" instead of "offline" in gas systems
   * Miners and asteroids pathfinding, no more fidgeting in place :)
   * Localization issues
   * Incorrect blackhole rendering
   * Memory leak during ships firing
   * Multithreading issues (error on start)
   * Mac and Linux issues
   * Pirate headhunters spawning where they shouldn't

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.1 ===
   * Improved ship explosions

   * Incorrect gender specific phrases
   * 3D sounds (broken while upgrading to Unity 5)
   * Noise issue (like mining sound) which remained in menus/stations
   * Crash when removing nav point
   * Named nav points were displaying on Galaxy Map with incorrect names
   * Language selection fonts encoding

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.3 ===
New features:
   * Mod check. The game now tries to load all enabled mods and if it fails with an error - reloads with only the core mod.
   * Lens flares are added everywhere in the game. Looks really cool and is almost free in terms of performance.
   * Added "update available" notification (it checks if a newer stable release is available).
   * Updated to NoesisGUI 1.2.1.
   * New engine colors (changes the engine trail colors).

   * Remove switching to windowed mode on Login Window.
   * Sprites are now correctly drawn at required layers.
   * Projectiles sprites replaced with new improved versions.
   * Trails improved and more variety added.

   * Outfit tags for avatars not working.
   * Short lag right after undocking.
   * Scaling setting was not applied for weapon aim line.

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.4 ===
   * Grapple beam now switches to another container if you try to grapple a different one while already grappling something.
   * Decreased master server connecting timeout

   * Quick zooming shakes the screen
   * Map shifting issue when you're close to the border
   * Other small map issues
   * Fixed rare crash when selecting autopilot

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.5 ===
New features:
   * Added the ability to use chat on stations
   * Improved performance by 10%.

   * Star rendered semi-transparent and black hole not rendered at all
   * Nebulae changes/flickers during flight
   * Minor localization issues
   * Sprites sometimes may be not rendered correctly
   * Crash on low resolution
   * Drug dealer permanently docking to a station

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.6 ===
   * Loading speed improved.

   * Shadows.
   * Linux version graphical issues - textures not loaded / everything black
   * Game stuck on loading screen due to deadlock
   * NPCs starts docking too early/docking through station

Note: Saves are compatible with previous version.

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.7 ===
   * Mods validation implemented for client (after changing active mods in Mods menu they will be validated).

   * Merchants stuck on the station entrance.
   * Various crashes.

=== VoidExpanse v1.1.8 ===
New features:
   * Windowed borderless screen mode for Windows
   * Color blind modes

   * Smooth radar updating

   * Some visual effects cannot be enabled after disabled in options without restarting the game
   * Hang on Loading screen
   * When the game restarted after the end - skill points given again!
   * Some small UI issues
Note: Saves are compatible with previous version.

! Known issues !
Sun effect is not working properly on Intel GPU (everything becomes black when you close to a star).
To workaround it please turn off the "Sun effects" in the graphics options.

I hope you enjoy this update! ^_^

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v1.0.x
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:40:29 am »
VoidExpanse v1.0.x Update patch notes.

Yup, that's right. The 1.0.x is here! Still in experimentals though. As always, see the list of changes below.

Note: achievements are not yet enabled. They will be available with the next small patch, probably with stable release.

=== VoidExpanse v1.0.0 ===
New features:
   * Added achievements to the website and steam.
   * New music track.
   * Completed localization logic.
   * Pirates are now much smarter and may retreat from a futile fight with another NPC.
   * Added muzzle flashes for energy weapons.
   * Other small additions.

   * Balancing changes.
   * Russian localization almost entirely finished, still some corrections to the texts are required.
   * If an NPC kills another NPC there will be no drops.
   * Other small changes.

   * Female NPC & localization issues.
   * Loot.
   * Holodeck and science points.
   * Script issues.
   * Fire origin on Aurora and Boomerang hull.
   * SP/MP missions.
   * Memory leaks.
   * Escort missions / following NPCs.
   * Quest item moved to Storage and can't be equipped again after hull switching.
   * Server icon not copied into the game build for Windows.
   * Game freeze on docking, breaking savegame.
   * Projectiles firing through the objects.
   * Various other issues.

=== VoidExpanse v1.0.1 ===
New features:
   * Target unlock (Shift+R).

   * Experience progression and scaling.
   * Mining experience and money earning by selling resources rebalanced.
   * Extended targeting radius (R key) - it will lock on the closest to the cursor enemy.
   * Slow projectiles like nuke missile, don't inhere the shooter ship velocity now.
   * Russian localization include voices!
   * Various performance optimizations.

   * Localization issues.
   * "New npc" instead of NPC names in escort quest.
   * Stingray Mk2 engine trail position fixed.
   * Anti-hive weapon not dealing any damage.
   * NPC name not being displayed in the locked target display.
   * Generic quests re-added (only "escort" quest was available in 1.0.0).
   * Character generation - wrong number labels.
   * Huge UI controls memory leak.
   * Autopilot issues.
   * Some projectiles remains in space.
   * Removed ALL debug code! :)

=== VoidExpanse v1.0.2 ===
New features:
   * Achievements! Yay!

   * Experience curve adjusted. Hopefully it is the last time we need to introduce any changes here.
   * Server descriptions.
   * Background now can be dimmed if it's too vibrant for you.
   * Key rebinding improved, now you can assign key which is already used.

   * AI pathfinding stall
   * "Cannot reach destination" if navpoint is inside any space object like asteroid + other autopilot improvements
   * Multiplayer "sort by" doesn't display default value
   * Experience meter doesn't update
   * Localization improvements

=== VoidExpanse v1.0.4 ===
New features:
   * New item comparison tooltip - now shows +/- values.

   * Mining experience adjusted
   * Key bindings, now non blocking
   * Multiplayer saves from non-dedicated server now stored in the user documents
   * MP: Ship stats update is now a configurable option.
   * GameServer processor resources / memory usage is reduced drastically
   * Group invite notification added
   * Some more signposting to make certain things easier to figure out
   * Topics list is dimmed during an active conversation
   * Notification time increased
   * New screenshot notification
   * Stacking consumables on pickup

   * Lots of fixes to in-game texts
   * AI pathfinding stall
   * Typing quanity when moving items doesn't update the price
   * Mac/Linux fixes
   * Pause issue
   * Hardcore death doesn't display player ship explosion
   * Radar offline/interference

I hope you enjoy this update! ^_^

It should be the last version in this branch, hopefully :) (fingers crossed)

Game discussion / Vote for us!
« on: January 08, 2015, 03:53:49 am »
If you guys have couple of minutes we would really appreciate if you can leave your vote for the game.

For now here in particular: as it would help us to get better place in the rating.

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.16.x
« on: January 06, 2015, 08:48:44 pm »
VoidExpanse v0.16.x Update patch notes.

Surprisingly this update was fairly quick! Never the less it brings quite a few neat features and additions. We tried to listen to your feedback in "Is VoidExpanse ready for "gold" release?" thread and implement as much suggestions as we could that you said are crucial for game to feel complete. I hope the game is now ready for release! :) There will definitely be more polishing and bugfixes, but that is ultimately the version that will go on Steam. There will most likely be no more significant changes to the game until release.

=== VoidExpanse v0.16.0 ===
New features:
   * Implemented multiplayer party feature!
   * Added party chat and improved how PM works.
   * Custom portraits for NPC & special generator restrictions for certain NPC types. Now scientists will wear coats, while the military guys will be in battle armor.
   * Added option to disable pause in singleplayer mode.
        * Added option slider for weapon aim lines opacity.
   * Two new ships.
   * More in-game content moved to external localization files allowing it to be localized to any language.

   * Added scientists to all neutral science stations.
   * Improved performance.
   * Changed how the avatars is saved - now it's more modding friendly.
   * Improve aiming direction indication.
   * Engine sound somewhat more quiet.

   * Dedicated server option (flag: --dedicated).
   * Outpost station auto-entrance area too big.
   * Turrets not updating for other players in scope if they're not moving.
   * Private messages.
   * Black hole doesn't suck at all!
   * Turrets firing at an arriving ship before it actually arrives.
   * Other player's ship disappear/appear FX not displayed.
   * Enemy names.
   * DropDown lists are not hidden when parent is hidden (for example, if Options window is closed in Main Menu).
   * Firing when context menu clicked.

I hope you enjoy this update! ^_^

Game discussion / Box Art
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:58:39 am »
Our artist just finished preparing the box art for Steam release.

Let us know what you think :)

Game discussion / Reworking wiki
« on: January 05, 2015, 03:08:06 am »
Hello everyone.

Now that the game is almost ready we have little more time for other things and one of the things I personally would like to do is make our wiki a bit better since currently it lask a lot of important information.

So, my question - what articles/pages in particular would you like to see there?

Game discussion / Is VoidExpanse ready for gold?
« on: December 24, 2014, 02:15:45 am »
Hello everyone.

There is a very important question we would like to ask you.

Seeing that many people in other communities feel betrayed by the developers when they (developers) "release" their game or move them out of early access to "gold", we felt it is something worth discussing with you first.

One recent example that I came across is this and I really don't want for anyone to feel that way. Which is why we discussed that point inside our team and decided to ask you directly.

For VoidExpanse we were considering both options: releasing it as a finished product or to early access, but in the end we feel that the game is ready. So, if you feel the same way we would like to release it on Steam early next year as a "gold copy", i.e. a finished product.

Does that mean we will stop developing it? We REALLY hope not! There are still a lot of features we planned to implement from the very beginning of this undertaking. It includes, for example upgrades and crafting, among other things, so there is really a lot more we can do with the game. If people on Steam, and the press can support us enough it would enable us to fund further development, which is what we ultimately want.

So, the bottom line:

Do you feel that VoidExpanse is ready to be released as a finished product ("gold copy") to Steam?

If not - what do we have to do to make it ready?

Note: There are a few things we will do before the release, naturally:
* Fix English (currently working on it).
* Fix all remaining bugs (currently working on it).
* Finish Russian translation (currently working on it).

News and Updates / VoidExpanse - Patch notes v0.15.x
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:26:47 am »
VoidExpanse v0.15.x Update patch notes.

How long has it been already? More than half a year since the last major version release in July! And the game changed so much that it is just incomparable to what was there before! It changed so much, in fact, that we couldn't even release it as an experimental version since we also rewrote the launcher, master server, and many other subsystems. So we are releasing it in one grand shot of pure awesomeness! Well... if it works :)
This version is still marked as alpha, but it is a beta candidate. And as soon as we finish a few other things we will release a stable beta version and after some time after that we will do a full Steam release. So, here it is. Below is the list of changes. Though some changes had to be omitted due to sheer size of the update.

Note: We are still working on some things and will release subsequent updates and fixes in the next few days. We will do a blog post and proper release once everything finalized in a few days.

=== VoidExpanse v0.15.0 ===
New features:
   * Re added missing quests and topics to the game (such as "rats in the cellar" and others).
   * Localization is implemented. Now in-game content and interface can be translated into other languages.
   * New UI!
   * Steam integration.
   * Voice notifications, such as "shields down", "energy depleted" and such.
   * You can now finally complete the game for all factions! There are a number of different paths to take leading to completely different endings.
   * The game now properly pauses in singleplayer mode.
   * A LOT of new content, items, devices, objects, goods and everything else.
   * Added list of all available servers in multiplayer menu, as well as different filters, history, favorites, etc.
   * New music tracks and sound effect.
   * Added "version.txt" to easily track versions of the game for modders or server owners.
   * Added special portraits to most of the unique NPCs.
   * Tutorial system for Singleplayer mode.
   * New meters and reworked design of inventory/hangar screen.
   * Added new kind of turret to guard jumpgates.
   * Damage of enemies now depends on level of a system, making low level systems a bit easier, while high level much more challenging.

   * Inventory slots now blink with green color if you can put an item there, making it easier for people to understand where they can equip a particular item.
   * Many changes to different quests in the game.
   * Updated upcoming features list in extras.
   * Updated networking protocol, data buffering and behavior to decrease lag and amount of traffic.
   * Visual changes to a lot of parts of the game.
   * Completely redone all NPC ships with better balance, unique quirks and much more variety on all difficulties.
   * Performance and compatibility improvements across different operating systems.
   * Smarter autopilot system.
   * Reworked tooltips for all items in the game.
   * The game now uses documents folder to store saves, logs, mods and other such files on all operating systems for easier access.
   * Improved galaxy generation.
   * Improved AI.
   * Rewrote sprites animation system for weapons.

   * More than a hundred different minor and major bugs were fixed.

=== VoidExpanse v0.15.3 ===
New features:
   * New voice events.
   * "--dedicated" server launch arg
   * Weapon turrets: added adjustment of firing point and turret scale in XML.
   * Russian localization is now available. It isn't finished yet (quests are not localized yet).

   * Projectiles now shoot out of the barrel of the weapon with proper visual effects.
   * Mac & Linux server performance improved.
   * Hull collision sparks.
   * Improved launching time VERY significantly.

   * Mining.
   * UPnP port forwarding.
   * Black/White lists.
   * Backend issues.
   * Volume sliders.
   * Max players count in Online Servers list.
   * Multiplayer menu - freezes.
   * Freeze on exit (still may happens on Mac, use Cmd+Option+Escape).
   * Various crashes.
   * MP chat issues.
   * Localization switching.
   * Incorrect crates disappearance.

Game discussion / Testing STEAM version
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:48:07 am »
We are almost done with Steam integration and we need to test the game to make sure it works the way it should.

We are going to do it ourselves (naturally), but it would really help if you guys can test it as well.
Though, we don't plan to release any of these update to the public yet.

So, basically we need people using different operating systems to test the Steam version of the game on Windows, Linux and Mac.

If you have enough spare time and would like to help us with testing please let me know here! Also please specify what system you are using and could test the game on.

And as always, thank you for your continued support! We are almost there! Just a bit more and the finished version of the game will be ready!

Edit: we reconsidered the part of doing it in secrecy, so we are just going to give away keys to people who expressed their interest.

Edit: Thank you everyone, but we already have enough people participating in the closed testing!

Game discussion / Steam!
« on: October 15, 2014, 01:44:34 am »
The game now runs on Steam!

Well, not exactly. It runs all right, but we haven't yet implemented steam API to allow for multiplayer and other mandatory features.

But I thought it is worth sharing with you guys, at least for us it's a major milestone :)

But that's not all!


Yup, that's steam trading cards for VoidExpanse. We've created a bunch, but I won't share more info until the release to not spoil the fun of discovering it for yourself.

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