Author Topic: Wipe > abilities > skill tree  (Read 69 times)


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Wipe > abilities > skill tree
« on: August 28, 2018, 01:17:02 am »
hey, it will be a short but propped-up CryoFall game for 50 hours.

According to my opinion, the wipe should leave a skill tree and skills at the same level as they were loaded.
This will make you want to continue playing on your game.
We can not imagine (talking about 11 players from one team) starting a new farm tree + skills.
New players do not lose anything, the old players remain in the game.
If the wipe will clean everything according to our opinion, you will lose a lot, which is a pity because the game is great and everything is ahead of you.

Second: we need to be able to repair items
Third: night comming too fast :)
Fourth: deep contaminated places hit player by too much dmg

Sorry for my English.
Thank you


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Re: Wipe > abilities > skill tree
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2018, 08:52:30 am »

 I am playinng again and again after each wipe and feel fine. Wipe is wipe - it means everything starts from the very beginning. If you and your mates will have high skills and developed researhes - you will not give a chance to newcome players.
 Every time wipe comes - it is nnot a problem from me to develope again and reaise my skills. This is exactly the part of the game. And all players have same fair start. Now i have alomst all skills about 20 and all Tiers researched long ago. I have free unspent 12 000 LP. So where is the point for me to start such developed after wipe? TO dominate?

 THe real reason you want to keep it - is to dominate with your frineds on the map. This is nnot fair and nice idea. Wipe is the new strat for every one. Fair start.

 If you will be able to repair items - production will stop. There will be no need inn getting new resources and crafting new items, trading. Just like in real life it will just kill global economy and trading.

 Night (dark time) is only 5 hours. From 23-00 to 4-00. So you have 19 hours with light. You want more?

 Rad towns give you nice loot. It shouldn't be free. Take anti-radiation meds, craft anti-radiation suit, kill monsters - and you will be rewarded.



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Re: Wipe > abilities > skill tree
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2018, 11:02:15 am »
I have to agree with Evil on this one.

Also the game is an alpha, when it's released I doubt there will be server wipes unless there's a major update that requires everything to be wiped