Author Topic: What I think and also what I predict will happen  (Read 180 times)


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What I think and also what I predict will happen
« on: October 04, 2018, 08:40:00 am »
 Ok so starting off I put this in suggestions as its more a my view point on it but would list suggestions, as well as what I think will end up happening.

Ok so not really much I can suggest because most of it is on the road map it seems as well as still being developed on there is one thing I kinda do wish would be a thing in this game. . .

   Thats when you log out you would not show up in the world or at least hide someones name if they are behind walls or such as this gives people easy ways to just find you while your logged out. This is easily the thing that will be the most abused in targeted in game harrassment.

  I mean really I do find this game fun and intresting outside the monthly resets but with this being a open pvp game and it seems it might be planned to open a pve server later down the line I will already tell you something that you will probly deny it but I have seen it in multiple games with pvp like this happen.

  Once the pve server comes up get ready for the pvp server to be really dead, truth is while this is just me giving my saw exsample and is not any offical stat at all  in games I have played if you have 400 people playing it near 80% of that population will choose the pve server, so what I am saying is if there is plans on a pve server thats offical opening up pvp servers will be at a low pop rate.

  I have played MMO games starting with UO and that being the lonest game I have ever stayed in for around 8 years, played it when it was just one map and was full pvp, seen it change and add a duplicate map with no pvp. Played games like Runescape where if most people can they avoided the wilderness. Most games even including City of Heroes and villans most of the pvp areas were dead and pvp servers in low population.

   This is not about if pvp is fair or whatnot  if its limited or open it is about most times in MMO games people just do not want to deal with pvp as this game type is annoying to a lot of people as well as it brings out the worst in communities. Open pvp and the abuse of someone just getting kicks and giggles out of constantly killing someone drives people to not even bother staying.

  Now I do not hate pvp I learned over time and years to accept it as well as I am sure others have or some might just live for this kinda gameplay, but the sad truth is pvp is in the minority, while it is my opion and viewpoint this viewpoint of mine is from the time I have spent in gaming  online wise ( mmo or not ) so do not be surprised if a pve server opens up and most the new comers or some of the old players go there and leave the pvp servers with very few people ( on a good note for that at least most of the people who would choose the pvp server are at least probly liking that play style, it is a shame pve is a majority as pvp can be fun too but a lot of people just do not want to deal with the risks that involve.

  Anyhow this is my viewpoint of the game, with the monthly wipes though not sure how long I would play it, although I understand its alpha and a lot changes and wipes would be needed. I would make my own server but I just do not have the resources to do that   aka my pc is not that great.

 But is this game worth the money I feel it is    as this game has a lot to offer and even more with the more development it gets, I personaly will keep playing but with the monthly wipes I might get wore out though so I am hoping there is a point there will be a no wipe offical server for all regions.