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« on: October 04, 2018, 10:30:19 am »
Ultimate Weapon of Peace

Every time I play cryofall, there is always a player/team of players that are so annoying by its behaviour, that you just want to wipe them out of the game. And by annoying I mean very hostile, doing lots of PK, and spaming on chat, being rude, vulgar behaviour.
That is why, together with my cryofall friend and team member, INDIGNOPLAY, we came to an idea of Ultimate Weapon of Peace. A bomb like atomic one.

Here is how we see it.

Technology: t4 or higher, at least 250 LP to unlock each stage.
Recipe: 100 modern bombs, 1000 toxic potions, 1000 steel, 500 canisters of gasoline
Range. 100X100 squares
Damage: Equal to 100 modern bombs damage. Droping 2% every square away from detonation point.

Additional effects:

Toxic mist/fog, doing toxic damage accordingly to range as bomb damage. The fog will stay over wasteland, dropping 1% every 6 hours, until it vanishes. This time should be no less than 120 hours. Additionally, since it is very acid, it will accelerate degradation of all worn weapons, items, armor when in range.
Wasteland – respawn of resources should be stopped in range until toxic mist vanishes.
Bomb Silo: a structure to be build where bomb needs to be kept. When builded and equiped, it will be shown on the map with special sign (like Trading Station does). Cost of bomb silo: 500 steel, 500 plastic, 500 mechanical components, 500 high tech components, 2000 cement. Area 10x10 squares.
Highly hazardous: bomb needs to be kept in bomb silo. It will detonate automatically after 15 mins being outside silo. When set on detonation square, countdown time will be 60 secs.
Missile Launcher: structure to launch bomb automatically targeted on manually given coordinates.
Cost: 2000 steel, 500 plastic, 500 mechanical parts, 500 high tech components, 500 electronic components.
Activation Card/Key: item. Will activate Missile Launcher control panel when in users inventory. Destroyed after use. To be dropped in Radtowns, veeeeeery rare.

the same like atomic arsenals of USA and USSR during Cold War. To make „bad boys” calm down, otherwise their base will dissapear with no coming back to it within a week. It should act like prevention, not being used actually (that is why it should be exteremely expensive to craft and hold).
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Re: UWoP
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2018, 12:41:48 pm »
Sadly I can see this being abused a lot, just think when those people who just kill everyone they see for fun get it, and its not a matter of if they get it but when.

One of the most longest things in this game is skill and tech building from use and lp points  even if you get reduced to the stone age with the already known skills you can get up and running in no time vs when you first started. Plus once you get a group of them working together they will get the mats to mass produce it and then everywheres will be under hazard fog.


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Re: UWoP
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 01:38:47 pm »
You can add it as mod to you own server, but i'm that is a bad idea for standard servers. It's a game, not real life, so if anyone build this weapon - I pretty sure they use it immediately. But for team-pvp server it's can be good - it can be used as ultimate victory tool. (Just add server-wipe option, when other team surrender, and go again)