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Powered Armor
« on: November 25, 2018, 08:53:40 am »
Yea, the good old "power armor" (actually powered armor) as it became popular with WH40K or the good old Fallout 1 and 2.

Now... what would it add to the game, how to design it, and what can it do...?

First, I'd go for a simpler version that serves mostly a non-combat role,
a powered exo-skeleton like this:
- occupies 2/3 amor slots (chest and legs)
- needs a power source like a power bank
- slow if not powered
- when powered, increases strength (for mining/chopping/melee)
- when powered, can lift up a chest and carry it on the back
- if not powered, and carrying a chest, it gets a harsh movement penalty
- provides only medium protection
- semi-high-end
- quite expensive

Actual powered armor:
I thought about it, like, make it 3 parts or 1?
It needs a power source, usually contained in the chest part and therefore the other parts would not work on their own,
but then again we have powerbanks...
Then again, it should provide serious environmental protection, above hazmat probably or at least on par with it,
and then you should not be able to use helmet alone and get the full protection as it would have no seal without the other parts.

Well, I'd go for one item occupying 3 slots like hazmat and apart suit, the only question is, should it contain a power source or need a powerbank?
And what other bonuses should it have? I'd say a strength bonus like the exo-skeleton, but what else?

Also, killing someone who wears such a power armor, it should have a high chance or breaking, thereby turning into 3 parts of "broken power armor",
that resemble the look, just damaged, and provide lower combat protection, pretty much no environmental protection and a slightly lower strength bonus.

But most importantly, what role should it fill?
Simply being a all-in-wonder super expensive "super" armor for the highest tech tier?
I'm actually not sure about that, ... it could be balanced via weapons like this:
- as suggested in another post, making melee more viable in endgame through certain weapons, dual-wielding and shields (sort-of-riot-shield-like things)...
- should also include hand-held shockers, this could be part of a new category of weapons that deal electric damage (tasers, hand-held shockers, and more advanced weapons to come)
- these could be highly effective against metal based and "high tech armor" and for instance have a chance of disabling them (effectively stunning the target for some time)

But after all, I guess that needs a bit more thought for the details, I just wanted to put it here already. ;)