Author Topic: Proposed feature discussion—S.H.I.E.L.D. (offline raiding protection)  (Read 322 times)


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The idea is to provide a way for players to completely protect their base when they are going offline (so players can be 100% certain they would be not raided in offline for the specified period). The mechanic should feel natural and be easy to understand.

It will encourage online raiding, which is way more fun than finding your base raided in the morning, as currently happens with so many players. Also, online raiding provides more options for defense—such as negotiation with raiders, calling for help (especially when we add fractions/alliances), etc. It should also favor smaller bases as a shield for large bases (such as built by large clans) should be more expensive.
PvP servers only (obviously).

S.H.I.E.L.D. == Super-High Impulse Energy Layer of Defense :-)

Activating shield:
  • Players can enable shield for their base from the land claim menu (from any land claim on the base). Basically a new tab with info on how the shield protection works, its electricity consumption, and a toggle button to enable/disable it.
  • It's available starting from T2 land claim.
  • It uses electricity so it's not unlimited. It should last a few days if fully charged. A larger base should require more electricity to protect due to larger coverage so building solar generators and more power storages is a good idea (though larger base already has a penalty on electricity production so maybe it's unnecessary). To make the shield duration predictable we can add "shield buffer" allocating (taking) energy from the power grid (see below) for the shield's exclusive use.
  • Shield requires 15 minutes to "charge" when activated by the player. Electricity consumption is starting immediately. Then the player can wait until shield established to safely logout but it's not required.
  • The shield charging is aborted if the player leaves the base (either walks away or using the "Unstuck" feature, etc). A corresponding notification is displayed. This is required to prevent the case when a player has triggered the shield and runs away from the base.
  • An activation cooldown is applied to ensure the shield cannot be established faster than (for example) 2 hours since the last shutdown. It will prevent abuse of this feature while ensuring the feature usable to most players.
  • Requirement: a player who is trying to enable the shield must have an active bed/respawn point on this base.
  • Requirement: there are should be NO other players inside the base except the players listed as base owners (added to the land claim access list). They can not have a respawn point inside (as to prevent mechanic abuse we need at least a single such player).
  • Requirement: a raid block aborts the shield establishing.

Established shield:
  • Players cannot damage walls and doors.
  • Doors outside the base are completely blocked (even for base owners though they can disable the shield).
  • Base owners are free to use the base as they wish, probably except placing new buildings/blueprints and using a crowbar.
  • To enter/leave the base, the shield should be disabled.
  • To disable the shield, any of the base owners can do this by interacting with any base's land claim or outer doors of the base.
  • Unstuck is blocked when inside the shield-protected base (so it's not possible by all base owners to leave it from inside without disabling the shield).
  • A simple shader effect covering the outer walls and doors with blue translucent energy overlay is necessary to make it clear that the base is under the shield.

+ Pros:
  • Hard to abuse while actually playing the game—players need to leave the base often, so they would disable the shield.
  • Not possible to keep it active while leaving the base. While another player on the base could switch the shield after you leave, charging takes a while. Plus we can make the charging process much more expensive (power consumption-wise) than the charged shield's operation, making frequent switches unreasonable. We can also make a cooldown—activating shield is possible only an hour after the shield was disabled the last time.
  • Hard to abuse by large clans for large bases—players in such large groups usually play in a different time so they have to keep the shield down for much longer and keep it vulnerable for raids.
  • Players can establish long protection if they want to leave the game for several days or even a week—if they have enough power storages and generation to support the active shield.
  • We can make that shield is not providing 100% protection, but simply makes raiding much more expensive by making bombs damage much lower. This option could be a server rate setting for community servers.

- Cons:
  • It's not possible to simultaneously protect more than a single base by a single player this way. Anyway playing PvP solo is not a good idea so it's probably fine as long as your primary base is safe.
  • Possible to abuse via alt characters—a T2 base with a power grid and enough resources could be built by primary characters, and alt character (with a respawn point inside that base) can be used to trigger the shield at any time. There are no any (such tech/skill/playtime) requirements for the character itself.
  • Charging takes a while so some players might find this annoying, but most players can find a lot of things to do for that time: crafting, building, organizing items, simply chatting. So should not be an issue.
  • Some PvP players might prefer shields that a vulnerable at least once a day. It could be done by limiting the max number of hours per last 24 (or 32 hours) the shield could be active but it will be not welcomed by players who want to leave the base safe for a weekend or holidays/short vacation.
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Re: Proposed feature discussion—S.H.I.E.L.D. (offline raiding protection)
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It might take away from some solo play. Probably not a great fit for Cryosmall server.


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Just to bump up this post.
We're looking for more feedback, guys! :-)


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Hi there! I would highly appreciate an offline raiding protection and your ideas sound very reasonable to me.
For me, it would be the most frustrating event in a game, when i loose all of my stuff and if it would not be my fault. Make my base disappear because of an offline raid is a nightmare! I prefer this feature even over the faction system.
IMHO the central aspects are (you mention these already):
  • protection should be limited in time
  • protection should cost resources or effort
  • so that SHIELD should not deny raids at all
Of course, this feature will 'soften up' PvP a bit, but i think it will make the game more fun to the majority of players.

Some small wishes:
  • dont deny actions like building in their base during SHIELD. So the player can do something useful while waiting for the activation.
  • what whould happen if the SHIELD is active and I use a crowbar to open a wall? This should deactivate the shield
  • SHIELD protection effectiveness should be a server config, so that admins could disable the feature (as you mentioned)


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QuantumVortexX, thank you for your feedback!

I think it's fine to allow building/deconstructing while SHIELD is activating. But as soon as it's active, it would be reasonable to restrict these actions—as written in the original proposal: "(Established shield) Base owners are free to use the base as they wish, probably except placing new buildings/blueprints and using a crowbar."

With this feature implemented, we will be able to rebalance the game to provide the best online raiding experience (for both defenders and raiders). Currently, we have to balance the game by keeping the offline raiding in mind so the cost of bombs is high and many players prefer to avoid online raiding due to a much higher risk for the same reward.