Author Topic: Partial pvp mode: territory wars  (Read 105 times)


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Partial pvp mode: territory wars
« on: January 31, 2020, 08:36:28 am »
This is an idea of mixed pve and pvp mode.
The server is mainly pve, and special actions are required to pvp. Bases can be raided, but the new system favors the defender.
Land claims are greatly modified in this mode.

Land claims have a new ability: they can project "Influence" around them. For example, a L1 landclaim has an influence area of 26x26, L2 is 40x40, L3 is 45x45, L4 is 50x50 and L5 is 60x60.
The influence area allows pvp: the owners of the landclaim can damage other players and their buildings in the influence area. Since the influence area is larger than the building area, this allows base sieging. To siege a base, you need a T2 (or higher) landclaim next to the base. And since the target has already set up a base, they can fight back when you set up the base.
If both sides have influence in the area, then they can fight like normal pvp, and maybe plant bombs to blow up buildings and so on. If neither sides have influence in the area, then it's same as pve.
If only one side has influence, then this side could freely shot the other side and they can't fight back.
For balancing, the landclaim should take time to upgrade. A T1 landclaim can be ploped down instantly, but it must be defended when upgrading.
The level of landclaim could also affect the damage of weapons.

What do you think about this?