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Best Location on the map
« on: May 06, 2020, 04:22:23 pm »
New player here, less than 50 hours played.

Am i right in assuming the best location is edge of north area of swamp, so you can build landclaim 2 on the green side of the edge. So your close to ore deposits too.

Or the same thing with the desert?
Desert might be even better as salt is available here..
But ore deposits mite b a slighlty further out than swamp.

Thoughts ?

Edit :

The perfect location is in fact in the the North East, where the desert meets the green.  Close to the 3 ore mines. I spoke to players in my server, this is a sought after location and there is usually a rush to get there after resets.

Second best is any of the other desert openings or than where swamp meets the green.

If you were unluckly like me, its a pain having to travel between landclaims for stuff. I feel in PVE atleast there should be an option to travel between land claims. Even if its like a tier 4 thing thats locked behind LP.

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