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Multiplayer server browser
« on: June 07, 2014, 06:59:43 am »
So I was thinking in order for people to actually notice that there are multiplayer servers available to have them show automatically in the multiplayer server list.

My idea is that in the server Settings file you add a field to have your server be visible/invisible. If the server is set to visible then as soon as the server is up it tells the atomictorch master server that it's alive. Atomictorch then adds the server in the multiplayer server list (think off most multiplayer FPS games). If the server is down then it won't show there.

If the server setting is set to invisible then you can only connect to it if you have the address/ip.

This way, when new people buy the game and go for multiplayer straight away, they are given a choice of servers to choose from.

The idea came to me while thinking of ways to promote the Kunix server and the second reason was that the Atomictorch server has quite a high ping for me.

And then for expanding the feature you could add a filter where the player can choose a ping range etc...