Author Topic: [1.2.2][SP] Skill Sheet Display Error  (Read 724 times)


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[1.2.2][SP] Skill Sheet Display Error
« on: April 08, 2015, 11:29:52 am »
Stacked up 23 xp points, rapidly clicked on the Primary Consumables skill to spend them all. 20 points spent, and the skill displayed as 5/5, which should have taken 25 points, and the Military Consumables skill lit up, as if I could spend points in it (which takes 5/5), and the Effects sidebar showed +12%/+12% for consumables (which would have been 4/5 / 20xp). Exited game to post, then reloaded game to take a screenshot, but on reloading it has corrected to 4/5 and Military Consumables is no longer lit up.
Haven't tried reproducing, but don't intend to play this a game for a while as I've pretty much done everything. I don't know if I could have grabbed Military Consumables in the state it was in.