Author Topic: Random crash on entering station  (Read 1628 times)


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Random crash on entering station
« on: February 28, 2016, 11:58:20 am »
On entering a station my game crashed. I experienced other random crashes too, but I'm not sure which logs belong to those, so lets stick with this one.

Game version: 1.6.7 I think, latest from steam, "Current content buildID: 945385"
Game Mode: single player
Bug Location: On entering SpaceStation Thau VI (ID=10628). Space station screen was shown, but then a pure virtual function call popped up behind the game and the game stopped working.
Steps to reproduce: Seems to be random as I entered that station many times before.
Reproduction rate: My game crashes about once every one or two hours of play.
Screenshot: Nope, but I do know the error code from the popup: R6025, which is described over here:
Bug description: The game stopped working ..? Not sure what else there is to describe.
Mods used: No. No mods are installed. I did not even touch mods yet. The game should be as clean as it can be.

Windows 10 with recent hardware.

I sometimes on startup get an error that the server cannot start. Pressing try again helps.
There does not seem to be a crash dump file.

Logs of crash:

edit: Autosave was just seconds before this happened. But I cannot repeat the crash.
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Re: Random crash on entering station
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2016, 08:27:56 pm »
Thanks for reporting.
The crashes with R6025 "pure virtual function call" are well-known since early game alpha version. They're mostly related to Unity game engine and some of them might be related to NoesisGUI (3rd-party UI) library we're using.
When the game crashes, regular log files are useless because the logging system is destroyed before the crash information provided to it.
Unity usually generates a special crash dumps. Also NoesisGUI generates special crash dumps.
Please check the game folder and look for a folders with names like "!CrashDump_20160228" and upload on Google Drive or Dropbox if you have them.
Also you might check Events Viewer in Windows, "Windows logs"->"Application". All crash information from this log are useful for us, please use context menu (right click) on latest crash log entry and select "Copy" -> "Copy details as text".

Also there is the "output_log.txt" file inside VoidExpanse_Data folder in the game folder. This file usually contains some information regarding the crash. However, this file overwritten each time you launch the game, so please upload it only when the game crashes again.