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Game discussion / Re: Infinite lives?
June 21, 2017, 09:27:54 PM
Hey there and thanks for your support! We're glad that you liked our game!
Yes, there is no life limit in Dinocide. But if you die you lose your items and dinosaurs, so be careful!

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Greetings MrRight and thank you for a wonderful comment!

Now, you've raised a number of questions which I'd like to address.

Firstly, you've mentioned the language barrier - and we do understand that this might be a problem with some cases. But as an indie studio we couldn't always afford translating the game into all languages our players want. However, we are always and always working with our community and provide it with an extended support in its initiatives, like, for example - fan translation. Here's a wonderful result of such cooperation: German Translation/Deutsche Übersetzung (mit oder ohne DLC!) (, consider using this mod should you need your game to be in German ;)

Secondly, let's talk about controls - those are really easy to get used to, and even if initially it might be difficult for some players, after half an hour - hour of gameplay pretty much everyone gets used to it.

Thirdly, If you're in the beginning of your journey - don't rush it, either follow the quests or store up some money to buy a better ship, this will give you an upper hand against most of the pirates you'll encounter. And if you need some more info don't hesitate to visit our wiki  ( take a look at the videos  ('ve recorded for our newer players.

Lastly, most of the VoidExanse multiplayer servers are run by our community, so... we've pretty much done what you're suggesting already. =)
Hopefully, this helps, thank you once again, and have a great game!
Greetings, Dasky

Yup, we're doing our best with answering questions and chatting with our players, thanks for joining us here! =)

Now, to your qestions. It may indeed seem that galaxy is not as lively, but that is mainly because the main focus of the game is not on the galaxy itself, but the story. There are three factions in the game you can join, each with its own agenda, story and ending. My personal favorite is the Fanatics faction as their storyline reveals some interesting facts about the universe of VoidExpanse.

At the moment, travelling to other galaxies is not planned, but we do plan on adding some additional content in the game later on.
Greetings! Thank you for your suggestion, however there is one detail you forgot to account for, which makes it impossible, unfortunately.

Simple question: what will be the reason for trading in the game, if all the cargo is stored universally?
There will be no sense to use cargo ships, no point in trade-travels. So, basically this will eliminate all trading in game.
This could only be done for items, which are not part of the trade, but then there is a question - why are some items universal and others are not? Inconsistent...

So, with this approach the suggestion doesn't seem applicable, as it makes the game imbalanced.