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How did you discover VoidExpanse/AtomicTorch?

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How did you discover VoidExpanse/AtomicTorch?


--- Quote from: r4gegaming on July 22, 2014, 05:43:07 am ---How did you discover VoidExpanse/AtomicTorch?

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That's actually a good question.
I'd like to know the answers as well :)

Browsing for this type of game

I was looking for an alternative to Star Sector, because the developpement is very slow. The game right now has a wonderfull fighting system, but overall it's boring... So, welcome Void Expanse. I think i've seen the link on a general forum from a french community, i can't remember.

I think so far Void Expanse is going to be a perfect mix between Star Sector (too slow, and looong developpement) and Drox Operative (too much hack'n'slash, and finished)

after tried naev, escape velocity nova, starsonata, astroflux, pocket starships, dark orbit, nova raider and a lot of them ...

i spend many time in search on google : top down space rpg 2d or 3d but with a lot of contents

this one is the game i seached

thanks !

I was searching for indie games on youtube as i wanted  to find a new game which is worth playing for a longer time or even modding. And after some minutes i somehow found void expanse and had to buy it one day later :-)
i just tried again to find it that way but could not find it anymore


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