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Help section / Interface
August 16, 2014, 11:10:05 PM
Is it possible to add new interfaces with scripts? like the asteroid content table which you get with see_asteroid_content ?
as i suggested once for trading, when trading gets modable i wanted to add (or wanted to have it added) that you can get information of the shops of stations in your system
Somehow you can create those windows with scripts.

Also is it possible to create something like floating text above a position/object for some seconds? (it could used for example to show damage inflicted or gained xp to get rid of spamming left side of the screen or for mining to show current cargo after device usage)
Help section / asteroid.type
August 16, 2014, 03:21:32 PM
I have got some problems to use asteroid.type to differentiate between rocky, ice and lava for my mod.

Even when i use it step by step:

   asteroid = game.GetAsteroidDescriptionByID( args.target_id );
   var btype = asteroid.type;
   var atype = btype.toString();
   game.SendNotificationError(game.GetShipOwner(shipId), atype , "");

I do not get it to work. This makes the function or game crash (can't remember)
are you sure asteroid.type is an integer type and that it is really returned from that function?

I doubt asteroid.type is used in any other function, except in a a non-modable script, which spawns asteroids.

Otherwise i need another option to differentiate if a targetasteroid is rocky/ice or lava.
Do you have a hint for me please? :)
Hi. when i was modding icons for items everything worked fine for me.
But now where i am working on icons for skills i dont get them to work. (I opened a skill icon and changed it appearence liek i did for items).I realized that gimp exported them as 74dpi instead of 96dpi. But even when increase their dpi value to be the same, they are not shown ingame and when you open the skills table, the game crashes (you can only see regular skills, not selfmade ones, they are invisible)

Can i get a hint how to solve this issue? :/ Otherwise i will need to publish first version of my mod without new skill icons.
Game version: 0.9.6c
Game mode: SP/MP
Bug Location:
Steps to Reproduce: Not sure if pirate ships have to get otu of the fight or have to be defeated
Reproduction Rate: i saw it already 10 times
Bug Description: Turrets sometiems fire in a circle, which looks liek they try to hit themself. I guess a pirate got out of turrets range or was defeated by the turret and it still tries to hit it and the missile just steers at maximum degree and flies a circle back towards the turret. They explode a few meters before they would hit the turret.
Game version: 0.9.6c
Game mode: SP/MP
Bug Location:
Steps to Reproduce: Find a business station
Reproduction Rate: Did not find a second one yet
Bug Description: The upper dock does not work, even npcs try to dock there. Those merchants queue up and get stuck
As i did a remake of the ores i did not use the original ones to not confuse with the names. But even when i set the production neutral and consumption stock to 0 there are still some of them in store. When i disable those items the game will crash. When i set them to type 100 (like alien organs) it also does not work. I am just not sure for this case if the game crashed or if they appeared as normal (being stocked up) (even after removing all item_data which contains all shop stock information).
Bug reports / Asteroids
August 14, 2014, 09:11:43 PM
What i forgot to post as bugs so far:
Game version: 0.9.5
Game mode:
Bug Location:Sp/mp
Steps to Reproduce:
Reproduction Rate: spawn asteroids for ResQ. Restart server for refill/load game
Bug Description:
in CSGen.js when asteroids are created in systems there is a variable ResQ which is i guess intended to define resources in asteroid defined as percentage from normal 1= 100% 1.2=120% from normal. When you change ResQ all asteroods will still be spawned with 100% from asteroid content table.

the script for creation itself where resq is used is not modable so i cant take a look inside.

also when an asteroid is depleted and you reload the savegame or restat the server they are refilled. at first i planned for mp versions to spawn a new asteroid and remove old one from game when one is depleted. so that only in sp systems can be totally depleted. but right now its not needed as they get refilled
Is it possible to get the current learned level of a skill with a function? like GetSkillLevel(args.ship_id , haggling) ?
(Instead of asking for effects)

How to request the current value of cargo? cargo_capacity works well, but cargo does not seem to be an effect, so GetCurrentValue GetFinalCacheValue does not work for "cargo", or does it have a different name?
Game version: 0.9.5
Game mode: SP/MP
Bug Location: always
Steps to Reproduce: have no fuel
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Bug Description: boosters and cruising still works at 100% when out of fuel, only generator fails to work as it is inteded (and when energy is 0 also energy ammo/shield refilling)
Game version: 0.9.5
Game mode: SP/MP
Bug Location: everywhere
Steps to Reproduce: playing the game
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: no need
Bug Description: mining experience bonus (mining expertise skill), ramming bonus (ramming skill) and mining range bonus (mining range skill) do not work, the effects are not included in ingame scripts.
Bug reports / Can't create new lvl 0 skill
August 13, 2014, 10:33:37 AM
Game version: 0.9.5
Game mode: SP/MP
Bug Location: Modification
Steps to Reproduce: Copy any lvl 0 skill, rename xml, rename id ->crash
Reproduction Rate: 100%
Screenshot: not possible
Bug Description: When you add a new skill (or copy any lvl 0 skill and rename it) and lets have it no requirements the game will not be able to load
->the game just does not know where to place it in the table->crash

Bug was found by Hammish, and got approved by me
Mods / Miners Heaven V0.0.1 available
August 10, 2014, 04:55:42 AM
Miners Heaven

Download: (

How to install the mod?
-Click on the download link above
-on the upper edge of the website click on download
-select download location
-open the downloaded zip-file
-open your Void Expanse installation folder (For Windows it is by default: "C:\Users\%YourUsername%\AppData\Local\AtomicTorchStudio\Launcher\Games\VoidExpanse")
-create a backup of your "ModsConfig.xml" (E.g. rename it to "1ModsConfig.xml")
-unzip the downloaded zip file into this folder
-start the game
-have fun! :)

Title: Miners Heaven
Author: BeLugh
Mod version: 0.0.1
Game version: 0.9.6c
Game mode: SP/ MP (untested)


Miners Heaven is a mod for void expanse which extends the mining part by a large scale making the prospector class really fun to play.

Here are some key features:
-exchanged the 6 ingame ores with 16 real resources:
silicon, nickel, copper, iron, zirconium, silver, gold, platinum, palladium, titanium, water, manganese, helium-3, uranium, iridium and osmium.
-you will not be able to start extracting all minerals. The civilian mining device is only capable of extracting silicon ore and the first real mining lasers are only able to extract silicon, nickel and copper. You should try to find asteroids containing all of this 3 resources to level up faster!
-mining ranged is reduced alot when you start the game. You have to get quite close o the asteroids until you enhance your mining range skill
-mining lasers require a lot of energy to work, this way your fuel tank is not useless anymore!
-The skilltree for mining is exclusive now. It got a complete makeover with some new icons and very special abilities. The ability i pefer most is "silan generator". It converts all freshly extracted silicon into fuel, which extends your mining trips by minutes and always frees your cargo from this cheap ore
-10 different rocky asteroids, 3 ice and 3 lava ones can occur in every system now
-asteroids differ much more in size, although it is not possible yet to make the mineralhold depending on scale as one variable (ResQ) is not working yet
-When mining minerals the amount you extract is random (0.25+random(0-1)^2*0.75) (highest chance for 0.25, lowest chance for 1.00 realized by a square function)

( ( (

Plans for next versions:
-adding skills to improve ice/lava asteroid mining (right now i can't differ the types in scripts)
-skills for improved ice/lava asteroid extraction
-more hulls and generators, level resriction for geneators
-higher level equipments and some more skills (to fill the skilltree being able to spend all skill points until lvl 99 in it.
-anomalies: random events when mining. Getting bonus xp, gold, finding special items, spawning pirates, etc...
-debris collector: finally you can collect all those debris and convert it into ores! they have a much higher concentration of metals
-consumable which will spawn a turret to your aid
-cruisers will get a skill to produce turrets which you can spawn. Producing those turrets will cost some ores.
-maybe adding the first heavy cruiser to the game (cargo ship)

Right now the game has enough content to be played up to about level 55

When you have more ideas i can try to add them earlier or later :)
Suggestions are always welcome!!!
Modding info / Several problems occured during modding
August 07, 2014, 05:58:43 AM
Hi :) I would really like to go on modding, but every step i want to change somethign i cant go on as i am missing information, a script which is not modable etc. etc.
I hope you guys can help out somehow

My two main problems right now:
1. i am trying to figure out how to receive the hullid of a ship. so i can ask it in the minign function to check it against the laser, if it is ok to use it in that size of the ship. maybe i need to add this later
2. I have changed all the ores, so Glepsite does not exist anymore, but i can't access the tutorial quest. What i can change is the text of the starting quest which tells you to go to one eyed joe, but i neither cant change the text, nor i cant change any event, check, requirement etc. I have searched through all the scripts. Right now people would not be able to mine glepsite, which means they are stuck in the spawn system

Now the other ones i found:
-this isnt a bug but something went bad in functions. Asteroid data lets you edit the scale, but the scale, orientation etc is totally overwritten by the script. All asteroids have a scale of 0.8 up to 1.6 and ResQ does not seem to have a working function as how it seems. I tried making it random ang giving ResQ the same double as scale, but resources are set independent of ResQ
-to fix it being able to mine asteroids while cargo is full i would like to check if the cargo is full or check cargo max against cargo. Right now after mining when no item is added it is assumed that the cargo is full
-for multipalyer games i would like to remove depleted asteroids and create new ones, but i have no idea how to remove an instance as it is does not happen in any script. I already found checking multiplayer and creation of asteroids

Thats all i found so far ;)
I would be very glad if one of you guys can help out.

-changing the scale of asteroids after mining resoruces would be great, so it would visually show the remaining content inside the asteroid
I didn't work with graphical programs for years, are there recommended ones i can use to create modified icons?
Also it would be great if you guys can post vanilla icons ;)
Hi, i would like to create a mod for mining and trading. So far i tried getting first changes done to see how it works. I had to realize that i was missing some stuff:

-is it possible to add requirements when mining ores with something like a tier 2 mining laser? I would like to have some ores only minable with better lasers.
(so far i tried to add requirements for the items, as well for the asteroids, but none of the requirements seemed to restrict at all)

-is it possible to add a requirement for items to check which class of ship hull you are using? (heavy frigate, light cruiser etc)?
As i would like to add better mining lasers for bigger ships

-would it be possible to have a skill in the skilltree which always adds a usable device slot in your ships?

-is there a file where i can change xp-rates? i could not find experience in any file so far

Ideas and suggestions / Trader Class suggestions
July 31, 2014, 01:04:15 PM
Hi! First i tried testing being a miner, i found 3 different asteroid types, while i wasnt able to mine the 3rd one being chased. (need to go on checking that one if there are more types)
Then i tried being a fighter hunting all that pirates, that works really ncie so far and is the best playable class right now.

Today i tried playing as a trader. It is obvious that the skill tree and trader is still very new. To make the trader class more attractive there should be something like an insurance that when you die you will get your trade goods back or like 75% of its value, because when you fly aroudn with all yoru money in your cargo and you die for a trader its like you are playing a higher difficulty level.
I got one suggestion which is essential to make the trader playable: right now you do not earn xp at all when trading, so you are still forced to do missions, mining or combat. My idea is quite obvious, you should earn xp based on trade profit.
For example you buy polymers for 5000 and sell them for 6000. You should earn like 1000xp for that. And you could add skills for traders optimizing the xp output like you did for miners.

You could also add rare and really rare trade goods, which are only shown sometimes and will always give profit when selling somewhere else. A skill for traders could improve the chance of having those goods in the shop.

Also nice would be an expensive device that you can activate anywhere outside a station to receive trade good prices of all stations in the same system.

(Another device idea would be a treasure finder: to have a small chance of creating a crate somewhere in the system with random items depending on your level)
Game version: v0.9.3

Game mode: Single-player

Bug location: Mining

Steps to reproduce:Buy trade goods. Go Mining. Sometimes trade goods are gone.

Reproduction rate: I tried it 2 times again (with polymers) afterwards with the 1000 money i got remaining, but it did not happen again.
So it might be a special number in cargo like the cargo is filled with 98/100 (after mining 2-3 times) and when mining again it tries to add 3 different item types when only 2 slots are remaining.

Screenshot: Would not help

Bug description:  As i didnt get xp beign a trader i decided to get xp by mining, so after i was packed with polymers which were worth all the money i got in about 30minutes playtime. So my cargo was fileld with liek 30 polymers and i started mining a normal asteroid until the cargo was filled. When i arrived at the station i had to realize that all my polymers and so all my money was gone.

I can't find the "attach file" to attach the log :/