Miners Heaven V0.0.1 available

Started by BeLugh, August 10, 2014, 04:55:42 AM


It would be really nice to get some feedback so i know what to change/improve :-)

I will add some media later in the evening (european time)


I think it is a very neat mod :)
But now to reinforce the reward-ness of mining you could add some rudimentary crafting system.
For example for the best mining gear or mining busters you might need to talk to some NPC and give him the ore in exchange for these devices.


Thanks :)

That is a great idea, i wanted to add some quests lateron anyway and your idea fits best to fill it! It could even be a mining campain to have an alternate ending.
About crafting i had some ideas yet, but only for really basic stuff. But quests could really be used to implement an indirect crafing system.

Adding a workshop on several stations which are accessible like the terminal having quests to offer which represent a crafting recipe.
Additionally you could have a campaign at the terminals contacting people from companies that require certain amount of minerals. Going this way it would even be possible to implement those companies as factions where you gain reputation (relation) until you get higher level quests.

For example:
-First company sometimes grants you access to special (better) crafting recipes
-second one gifts you experimental mining lasers
-third one just pays off in money and experience (but significantly more)

Second example:
Better relation to a company->better devices
-one company could go for energy saving lasers
-second one has better extraction rates
-third one offers mining laser which could also be used in a military way


Quote from: BeLugh on August 18, 2014, 03:46:50 AM
-third one offers mining laser which could also be used in a military way

The most direct way to mine metal, right?  Just strip it off another ship. :D

BTW, one of the things that I always miss seeing in games in this general genre is that it always seems to be a 'mining laser'.  Think you could be enticed into looking at something like mining explosives?  Chuck some on a 'roid and it gives a higher yield over time in exchange for limited charges, if that's possible, or a massive energy cost.  It doesn't matter to me; I just want to throw TNT on space rocks!


Hahaha i can try to get that work :)
It won't be that easy but will definitely be fun (even when you would not use tnt in space i guess as you could not collect the minerals anymroe at all then)
But it could be something similar which still gives explosion animations and higher yield ;)