CryoFall - Patch notes v1.31.x (R31 Singleplayer Update)

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=== CryoFall v1.31.6.7 (Singleplayer Update) ===

New features
   - Local server which allows you to create a local game and either play solo or invite friends from your local network (via the LAN servers menu).
   - "New game +" option which can be used after you complete the game on a local server. You will be able to restart while keeping your existing character (skills, tech, etc.) but play in a fresh world.
   - Local server is available for the solo game even in offline mode (you must be logged in with your Steam account once to download your profile).
   - Item recycling! Can be accessed inside the Tinker table. You can receive part of the resources from an item you no longer need. The number of the scrap resources also depends on the item's condition.   
   - New Rates editor menu which allows you to customize your local game or your multiplayer server, with over 60 different settings. There is also profile support allowing you to choose one of several predefined profiles we've created for additional convenience.
   - New Rates browser menu to view the current server rates (available for all connected players).
   - Added LAN servers list with auto-discovery of the game servers hosted within your local network or virtual LAN such as Hamachi. Please note: UDP port 6100 must be allowed in the firewall to use this feature. Internet connection is required to access the multiplayer server (even within LAN) as it needs to pull the connecting's player profile from the master server to authenticate securely and prevent account hacks and user impersonation.

New content   
   - New technology tier called "Escape" specifically for the end-game content.
   - End game rocket launch platform which makes it possible for you to escape the world of CryoFall and complete the game. You can do that either in multiplayer or on a local server. You will have an option to eject from the launched rocket and continue the game if you wish.
   - New Keinite based mech called Nemesis. It has a unique behavior where it will automatically heal itself without the need to use repair packs.
   - Two new mech-mounted keinite weapons (for the new mech).   
   - New faction emblems for additional variety.
   - Dedicated icons for "Your base is under attack" notifications.
   - New completionist page "Events", which will track all events you have participated in.
   - New Steam achievements: complete the game, participate in all events, harvest all types of crops, kill all mutated creatures.   

Balance changes
   - Increased stack capacity for many item types.
   - Axes and pickaxes are made significantly faster (actual swinging speed), so you will be able to gather resources much quicker.
   - Durability of weapons is doubled. With some individual weapons receiving additional adjustments.
   - Doubled crafted ammunition! Now you will get 20 rounds instead of 10 for the same crafting cost. The same applies to grenades (5->10) and artillery shells (where the price has been reduced proportionally instead).
   - Energy consumption by energy weapons is halved. (to be in line with cheaper ammo)
   - Substantially increased drone mining speed. Also increased their durability.
   - Mining charges radius increased. Now it's much easier to clear large resource areas with them.
   - Significantly reworked pragmium reactor balance making it even more convenient as the late game energy source. Modules will now last longer and will never break mid-cycle, so you won't have to shut down the reactor just to replace them. Additionally, reactor start-up and shut-down are much quicker now.
   - Maintenance skill greatly buffedΓÇöup to +60% durability bonus when repairing items, with +40% as a base number (instead of +10%) so you can repair your items well even in the early game.
   - Removed pragmium requirement when crafting empty vials and also made them cheaper to make implants more accessible.
   - Made all walls much cheaper to build. There is no point in restricting players from beefing up their defenses, especially considering that there is already a space limit with land claim size. Expensive walls only resulted in a long and boring grind in PvP and made PvE players not build them at all.
   - Adjusted crafting requirements for fish bait (to partially offset the infinite fishing loop which was never the intention).
   - Both hoverboards now require only one impulse engine making them more accessible and Hoverboard Mk1 is made even more cheaper to build to make it a relatively easily accessible early game vehicle. Vehicle assembly bay has also been made cheaper.
   - Swarm launcher firing speed increased (meaning higher DPS). Toxin proliferator toxin effect increased making it more useful as a tactical weapon. Keinite ammo is also made slightly cheaper.
   - Increased damage multiplier for Light rifle slightly (1.1->1.15).
   - Rebalanced both bosses and their minions with changes to their resistances to make certain types of weapons viable when fighting them.
   - Some technologies in the tech trees have been moved around and between tiers.
   - Added invisible status effect which is added when starting a new game which reduces hunger, thirst, and stamina use by 30% to make the early game a little bit easier for a couple of hours.
   - You can now mine meteorites and boss remains with drones or pragmium hammer.
   - Official PvP servers: x2 rates and x0.5 bomb damage settings will be removed with R31 Update release as they're are no longer necessary considering all the balancing changes.
   - Rebalanced Sand Tyrant boss to make it tougher to kill solo on multiplayer servers. Previously it was relatively easy to do when using a hoverboard and simply dodging its attacks. We have been contacted by several players who suspected it was due to an unknown exploit, which it wasn't, however it was clear that we should change the balance slightly..

   - Small changes to the map to fix a few minor issues with topology, some improvements in the center of the map around the town, and a few other changes all around.
   - Space debris and meteorites (during world events) will be no longer obscured by trees and other tall objects.
   - Watering a plant now resets the decay timer, so plants won't rot away if you water them periodically. This is especially convenient if you want to keep flowers growing around your house.   
   - Total amount of EU generated from one solar panel over its lifetime is now shown in the tooltip to make it absolutely clear that they are a great investment in terms of resource cost and just how much energy they generate, as previously many players erroneously assumed "1 EU/s = bad", which is obviously no the case.
    - Over 60 new and reworked server rates to configure various aspects of the gameplay, such as loot from creatures, loot from radtown crates/piles, loot from meteorites, loot from space debris, etc.
   - New server rate to adjust the speed of time-dependent generators (such as solar and pragmium power plants). It will increase both the output and the fuel/panels decay speed, making them much more powerful. This rate is essential for the local server as it's operating intermittently (compared to a multiplayer server, which runs 24/7) and the slow generators cannot produce plenty of power overnight. The rate is already preconfigured in all local game presets to ensure proper gameplay.
   - Improved an error message when the limit of personally owned land claims is reached.
   - Allow connections to the server that is going to stop soon (e.g. for maintenance or update) as long as the remaining shutdown timer exceeds 1 minute.   
   - Closed connection due to server shutdown now displays the shutdown reason instead of simply displaying "Not connected".
   - Oil lamp and other portable light sources (items) will refill automatically when possible when selected in the hotbar.
   - Faction log: now land claim removal entry log includes information on who disassembled the land claim.
   - A drone that has already started mining will be able to continue mining until it has finished the cycle. The return range is greatly improved. Additionally, when the control range is exceeded the drones will not drop on the groun in land claim areas that belong to other players.
   - Added support for the optional Steam Chat filter to filter profanity in most languages supported by Steam. It complements our existing filters. Your experience may vary depending on how you configure the filter in your Steam Profile and what language you have selected in Steam Client.

Technical & modding
   - Loading splash screen now has a spinning indicator.
   - Refactored server rates into individual classes and implement a new system to make the client aware of all the server rates.
   - Savegame compression (3-4 times smaller savegames on average).
   - Async event objects spawn to prevent server hiccups during server event initialization (for events like a meteorite, space debris, etc).
   - Improved flushing for file logger (now it's useful for parsing server stats, etc).
   - New server setting "Structures.TextSignsAvailable" (enabled by default) which can be turned off to disable custom signs (to prevent players from using it to write profanities and abusing the feature by spamming too many signs). Accessible only directly by editing ServerRates.config file. All the official servers will restrict the placement of text signs.
   - Server stop/restart reason (such as maintenance and update) is now properly displayed in the server shutdown notification and on the disconnect screen (if it was caused by server shutdown) to make it easier to understand the reason.
   - New console command "/faction.setLevel" to adjust the faction level.
   - New console command ("chat.openPrivateChat playerName") to open a private chat with any player (by specifying the character name; useful when there is no other way to contact an offline player).
   - For the local server, ServerRates.config is now embedded in the savegame file to enable customization on per-save basis, rather than just having one global configuration. Now you can configure each of your worlds independently.

   - Previously, when using Neural enhancer a notification was displayed with an incorrect amount of LP (the server rate didn't apply).
   - Deconstructing a sprinkler will now drop stored bottles in the ground (if there were any).
   - Fixed some characters being incorrectly rendered in Asian languages.
   - Fixed multiple translation mistakes in Chinese Traditional localization.
   - Fixed energy cannon damage to bosses (it was unable to slow down the HP regeneration).

   - This update is compatible with the savegames from the previous (R30) version savegames (wipe is NOT necessary)
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update (server update guide ( or not (we're providing legacy R30 client version in Steam Client -> CryoFall Game properties -> BETAS tab)
   - Some mods are not updated by their authors for this version. You can contact the mod authors to ask them to update their mods

And finally, please consider leaving an honest review for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet. Thank you for playing CryoFall and always supporting us!


=== CryoFall v1.31.6.8 (R31 Patch #1) ===

Patch notes:

- Official PvE servers: Increased the difficulty of all bosses as well as the amount of loot from them (the setting is fine-tuned for each server to ensure good challenge).
- Introduced a new server setting to restrict building on meadows. Enabling it on the existing servers will break the game for players that have already built their bases there. Due to this limitation, Official PvE servers will restrict building on meadows after the next wipe. If you're hosting a community server and wish to restrict building on meadows, search for "RateStructuresCanBuildOnMeadows" in the ServerRates.config file (currently, it's not exposed in the server rates editor).

- Achievement "Harvest all crops" was provided when any farm plant was gathered (it should be provided when you gather all kinds of crops).
- Welcome message was not displayed after joining the server.

If you're hosting a community server and wish to update, please follow this guide:


=== CryoFall v1.31.6.9 (R31 Patch #2) ===

- Local server was not accessible (even from the same PC) when it cannot bind to the LAN interface due to firewall restrictions.
- Improved reliability of savegame file writing for the local server.

This is a client-only patch. No server update is necessary and no new server distribution is provided.

CryoFall Dedicated Server availability in Steam
Additionally, we want to let you know that CryoFall Dedicated Server is finally available in Steam as a separate download. You can also download it with SteamCMD (under anonymous login) if you're familiar with it and prefer this way instead of downloading the server distribution directly from our website or using the official Docker image.

With Steam you can also pull small updates instead of downloading the whole server distribution when we release a server patch.

How to access CryoFall Dedicated Server with Steam Client:
1. Launch Steam Client
2. Select LIBRARY tab
3. Click on "ALL" and toggle "Tools"
4. Search for CryoFall Dedicated Server and install it

How to install or update CryoFall Dedicated Server with SteamCMD:
1. launch SteamCMD
2. enter:

login anonymous
app_update 1061710

3. navigate to the installation folder (usually in steamapps/Common/CryoFall Dedicated Server)

After downloading the game server, please follow the dedicated server setup guide in our wiki


=== CryoFall v1.31.6.12 (R31 Patch #3) ===

- Steam Achievements are available now when playing on a local server with mods and/or with unpacked Core.cpk.

- Opening vehicle interaction window sometimes broke the UI and required restarting the game.
- Initial local server savegames were not created when Saves folder is missing (likely a rare issue as there were only two reports of it).

This is a client-only patch. No server update is necessary and no new server distributive is provided.


=== CryoFall v1.31.7.2 (R31 Patch #4) ===

- Items disassembling: Now you can disassemble ammo and grenades on the Tinker table. It's recommended to disassemble a significant number of them at once (similarly to how many are crafted in the recipe).
- Greatly improved the chance of finding a teleport location data item. The algorithm has changed to guarantee that you can obtain one in a reasonable time (look for military/industrial/science crates in radtowns; the chance is one item per 80 crates on average).
- Rebalanced Nemesis mech (mech properties, building costs, and its weapons).
- Very slightly adjusted damage resistances for bosses making energy weapons more viable against them.
- Rebalanced amount of biomaterial provided from Psi grove.
- Local server: Removed network quality indicator when playing in singleplayer mode/from the same PC.

- Community servers/Local server: The signs were missing in the construction menu (they should be disabled only on the official servers).
- PvE servers: Fixed a bug when an item dropped inside the boss spawn area (before the boss has spawned) broke the UI.

If you're hosting a community server, you need to install this patch to allow the updated client to connect. Please follow this guide to update your server:

If you cannot connect to a community server because it's not updated, you can switch to the previous client version in Steam Client. Click with the right mouse button on the game in your Steam library, open Properties, select BETAS tab, and choose "legacy-r31-v0.31.6.12" in the dropdown menu.


=== CryoFall v1.31.8.1 (R31 Patch #5) ===

- Reworked medical cooldown system: You can use weapons without restrictions while under medical cooldown. The cooldown itself is slightly longer for primary medicine (such as medkit). It's still not possible to spam medicine and you need to think before using some medicine preemptively as the cooldown may restrict you from using essential medicine (such as stimpack) at the best moment. We will be happy to hear your feedback once you try this updated mechanic in the game. We will consider further improvements with the next major update, if necessary.
- New medical cooldown indicator will appear over all medicine items you have to make it easier to determine which items you cannot use at the moment and when the cooldown will expire.
- New bindable shortcuts: "Quick useΓÇöSlot #X" (for all hotbar slots from 1 to 9 and 0; available in Options->Input settings, not bound by default so you can select the best key you wish for any slot; you can bind to any keyboard keys as well as side buttons on your mouse intended to navigate back and forward in the web browser).

- T2 rifle fire range increased to match the range of T3-T5 rifles (13 tiles, it was 12 before).
- Increased x2 the chance of finding teleport location data in radtowns/ruins.
- Strenth boost now provides +25% melee damage bonus.
- Events: Increase the number of circles from 2 to 3 for Thumper Migration event when online is 20+.
- Events: Reduced amount of sulfur and slime from Blue Glider fish (as they're caught x5 more often in R31).
- Local server: Removed max base size limitation (Please note: Power generation efficiency will clamp at min 84%).
- Local server PvP: Disabled time gate mechanic in all local server presetsΓÇöeven if you enable PvP there will be no time gates.

- Events: Improved event location selection (sometimes an event appeared with a much lower number of circle areas than usually).
- PvE: Attempting to place a mining charge inside the boss spawn area broke the UI.

If you're hosting a community server, you need to install this patch to allow the updated client to connect. Please follow this guide to update your server:

If you cannot connect to a community server because it's not updated, you can switch to the previous client version in Steam Client. Click with the right mouse button on the game in your Steam library, open Properties, select the BETAS tab, and choose "legacy-r31-" in the dropdown menu.


=== CryoFall v1.31.8.3 (R31 Patch #6 / Client Hotfix) ===

- Fixed random client crashes related to texture loading.
- Fixed the local server getting stuck when the game client is stopped before the savegame is completely loaded.
- Fixed an issue when switching from a multiplayer server to the local server with server mods prevented it to load.

This is a client-only patch. No server update is necessary and no new server distributive is provided.


=== CryoFall v1.31.8.7 (R31 Patch #7 / Client Hotfix) ===

- The discrete GPU will be detected and selected automatically when available. We've verified that it works properly with NVIDIA GPUs. Looking for feedback from AMD Radeon users.
- Improved compatibility with ZIP-compressed mods.

This is a client-only patch. No server update is necessary and no new server distributive is provided.


=== CryoFall v1.31.9.2 (R31 Patch #8) ===

Event changes:
- Boss event duration shortened to 30 minutes (plus 20 minutes preparation timer on multiplayer servers only).
- Improved boss minions placement. Their spawn is properly randomized now.

PvP changes:
- Reworked loot from space debris event. We've increased the amount of T3-T5 ammo, added laser rifle and a few other items, mech components, and even bombs (very rare!). But most importantly, now you will obtain items of the actual technology tier or close to it instead of some random rubbish. E.g. when Tier 5 timegate is unlocked on the server the weapons and armor that you will obtain from space debris will be T4+. If Tier 3 timegate is unlocked you find only T3 weapons/armor, in T4 you will find only T4 weapons/armor.
- The game will forbid disassembling items on the Tinker table during raidblock (same as using Trash can is not allowed).
- Newbie-protected players are no longer able to interact with anything inside other player's land claims (the problem was that when they were able to sneak inside the base they took stuff from crates, furnaces, etc and once killed they will just drop the loot on the ground and nobody can pick it up as it's protected by Newbie Protection system).
- The boss will not spawn immediately after the event is announced. 20 minutes timer will start giving you time to prepare for the event. This is an experimental change: Please try and let us knowΓÇöwe're awaiting players' feedback to consider whether this change will stay.

Misc changes:
- Sprinkler: Reduced water consumption 3 times (single sprinkler will last for 5+ real-time days when filled to its full capacity and watering plants around it every hour).
- When you have a retina implant, the night vision from Nemesis mech and Super Heavy Armor will not activate automatically. Also, Nemesis mech will not activate night vision when you're mounting it during the daytime.
- Weapons for Nemesis mech will use Vehicle skill instead of Exotic weapons skill (other mech weapons were already using Vehicle skill).
- Building skill: Reduced amount of experience gained by building and deconstructing wooden walls (it was too easy to raise the skill level this way).
- Tinker Table: The amount of Maintenance skill experience gained by disassembling an item will be proportional to the amount of disassembled item compared to the amount from this item's recipe. E.g. if you disassemble 1 ammo that is usually crafted as 20 pieces, you will gain only 1/20th of skill experience.

Technical changes:
- Optimized texture loading (less frame stuttering when walking in large bases on weaker GPUs).
- The game will no longer use LocalAppData for its data (such as savegames) when the primary data folder exists (the primary location is: Documents/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall). IMPORTANT: If you're suddenly missing your local server's savegames, perhaps you have both game folders on your PCΓÇöone in %LocalAppData%/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall and another in your Documents folder (this may happen if the game was denied access to Documents folder and used %LocalAppData% instead). If this is the case, please transfer the contents of %LocalAppData%/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall folder to Documents/AtomicTorchStudio/CryoFall folder. For further assistance please reach us in official Discord or over email

- When another player character is launched on a rocket the body remained visible.
- When repairing a pragmium reactor part on Tinker table a broken part appeared in the place of the second input slot.
- Fixed formatting issues in Portuguese-Brazil translation.
- If the savegame is corrupted the savegames list was unable to load. The issue is fixed now. The game will also clearly designate corrupted savegame files in the saves list and explain how to recover to the latest backup version. Please note: we're certain that savegame corruption cannot happen under normal circumstances, if you experience such an issue please check your disk with ScanDisk and CrystalDiskInfo or any other HDD SMART tool.

If you're hosting a community server, you need to install this patch to allow the updated client to connect. Please follow this guide to update your server:

If you cannot connect to a community server because it's not updated, you can switch to the previous client version in Steam Client. Click with the right mouse button on the game in your Steam library, open Properties, select the BETAS tab, and choose "legacy-r31-" in the dropdown menu.