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[Solved] Trade goods are sometimes gone when mining


Game version: v0.9.3

Game mode: Single-player

Bug location: Mining

Steps to reproduce:Buy trade goods. Go Mining. Sometimes trade goods are gone.

Reproduction rate: I tried it 2 times again (with polymers) afterwards with the 1000 money i got remaining, but it did not happen again.
So it might be a special number in cargo like the cargo is filled with 98/100 (after mining 2-3 times) and when mining again it tries to add 3 different item types when only 2 slots are remaining.

Screenshot: Would not help

Bug description:  As i didnt get xp beign a trader i decided to get xp by mining, so after i was packed with polymers which were worth all the money i got in about 30minutes playtime. So my cargo was fileld with liek 30 polymers and i started mining a normal asteroid until the cargo was filled. When i arrived at the station i had to realize that all my polymers and so all my money was gone.

I can't find the "attach file" to attach the log :/

Hello! Thanks for reporting! I just tried it: fill cargo on Endevor hull on 447/450 and start mining asteroid. Game gave me 3 glespite ore and inform that cargo is full now. Nothing missed. Seems correct...
If you can reproduce this issue, please write exact steps how to do it!

Also, are the good were in your ship or on station?
Because you might have left them on a different station. Since all stations have separate storage.

Hi. Lurler, you were right. I just had some time to check the station where i bought the polymers. I really found it at the station.... so maybe i was too tired while playing or just missclicked.
Sorry for reporting :-/

No worries. It's good that it is resolved now :)


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