CryoFall - Patch notes v0.27.x (Total Overhaul Update)

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=== CryoFall v0.27.x (Total Overhaul Update) ===

Major new features
   - Fishing
   - Electricity 2.0 system
   - S.H.I.E.L.D. system (PvP offline base protection)
   - Structures relocation
   - Massive inventory menu changes
   - Pragmium sensor
   - Item tooltip system
   - Mining drones
   - New character customization options
   - PvE tagging / object claiming
   - Tier 5 technologies are finally added into the game
   - New vehicle
   - New skills
   - Lots of new Steam achievements (more than 30 now!)
   - Full DirectX 10 support

   - You can now build fishing rods and different types of bait and go fishing!
   - Different water bodies have different types of fish (e.g. lake fish is different from saltwater fish)
   - Different fish have different preferences for bait
   - The game will keep track of your records for size and length, so you can compete and improve your results
   - Fish can be turned into the fish fillet and used for various new cooking recipes
   - There are a total of 15 different fish species to catch!

Mining drones
   - When reaching Tier 3 you can now get access to industrial drones
   - After making "drone remote control" you can now control several drones and use them for mining
   - Drones can be used to quickly mine minerals or for collecting wood
   - This new feature is strongly recommended to all players as it eliminated grind at later levels of the game and enables you to successfully progress past Tier 3
   - Same as with pickaxes you can also obtain gold and gems when mining minerals with drones (depending on the Prospecting skill level). Also, you will receive learning points while drones are mining, and your Prospecting and Lumbering skills will increase the drones mining speed (same as with the axes/pickaxes)

S.H.I.E.L.D. system
   - S.H.I.E.L.D. system now allows you to protect your base while you are offline
   - S.H.I.E.L.D. can be recharged with electricity from the base electricity grid and enabled before you go offline
   - While under S.H.I.E.L.D. protection the base cannot be attacked or damaged in any way
   - Please note: S.H.I.E.L.D. system only applies to PvP servers (as it's not needed on PvE servers)
Structure relocation
   - You can now move any structure you've built previously around your base. You don't have to deconstruct it and build again
   - To move structures you can simply use your existing toolbox.
   - Some structures such as walls are immovable (for obvious reasons)
Inventory menu changes
   - Leg armor merged together with body armor into a single unified "armor" slot
   - Now you can equip up to 3 implants at the same time
   - Removed "Electricity" damage type from the game and inventory screen (as it was not being used)
   - Added "Explosives" damage type (and defense stats to armor)
   - New Pragmium SensorΓÇöyou can now use this sensor to actively search for large pragmium spires at long range. It works similarly to sonar, but instead of sound uses a psionic field to locate pragmium at large distances. This should make your pragmium hunting much less dependent on luck and more interesting!
   - Rebalanced pragmium placement in the wasteland to be better suited for the new way of searching with sensor
   - Increased pragmium spawn on the volcano

Item tooltip system
   - Armor, weapons, ammoΓÇöwill now display their detailed stats (e.g. damage, protection, etc.)
   - All consumables (including food and medical items) will now have effects listed in their tooltips
   - New hint system has been added to item tooltips. There are dozens of various hints to make you better understand how to use certain items
   - "Spoiled in" duration is now displayed in the item tooltip (the time is automatically recalculated when food is placed in a fridge)

Electricity 2.0 system
   - Each consumer/producer building now has activation (startup) and deactivation (shutdown) thresholds which can be configured
   - Thresholds are configured per building (in the existing UI block that is responsible for power on/off toggle)
   - You can now set up your energy system exactly how you want and ensure that your important structures will have priority when it comes to energy
   - Structures will now automatically turn on and off based on your configuration
   - In practical terms, all of the above means that your fridges will always have enough electricity now (given you've properly set up your grid with enough energy storage)

Electricity balance
   - Reduced electricity consumption for long-running structures such as fridges and lights
   - Bioreactor is now slightly more efficient, it can also be crafted without electronic components now, making it more accessible to T2 players
   - Building requirements for practically all electrical structures have been reduced making them more accessible
   - Recharging station now has 1:1 conversion of EU when charging
   - Oil cracking plant can be used to turn extra mineral oil into gasoline for increased energy yield
New character customization options
   - You can now change skin tone and hair color of your character
   - Character creation menu has been improved to make it easier to use and more clear
   - Some minor changes to character appearance (e.g. replacing one of the T-shirts, etc.)
PvE tagging / object claiming
   - Temporary tagging of objects and items on PvE servers have been added
   - When you interact with any object on PvE server it will be tagged for your exclusive use (or your party use)
   - This will prevent other players from stealing your loot, minerals, etc.
   - Boss event reward now also uses this system and loot is distributed fairly and locked for specific players or player parties. The game will rank players according to their contribution in the boss battle. Players that didn't actively participate in battle will be unable to steal loot earned by other players

DirectX 10 support
   - Now you can run CryoFall on the GPUs supporting DirectX 10 (Shader Model 4.0) or higher. The game no longer requires DX11 and you can run the game even on some old GPUs from 2007 as long as they have at least 512 MB of RAM (for better FPS you may need to reduce the graphics settings, especially the texture quality level)
Weapon balance
   - Completely reworked energy weapons (including their crafting recipes)
   - Energy pistol now functions similarly to the old energy rifle, while new laser rifle now fills the role of a long-range sniper rifle and also inflicts Dazed status effect
   - Plasma rifle has been buffed slightly
   - Flintlock pistol reloading is slightly longer now
   - Crafting recipe of almost all weapons is made cheaper
   - Formulated gunpowder (blue) is now much faster and cheaper to craft
   - Ammo which uses black powder is now slightly cheaper to craft

(end of part 1, part 2 below)


(part 2, see above for part 1, see below for part 3)

   - Behemoth (new T5 combat mech)
   - Improved balance across all different mechs to give each of them their distinct role
   - New fuel cells for vehicles (gasoline and liquid pragmium) which replace the old pragmium cores
   - New Fishing skill
   - New Vehicles skill
   - Maintenance skill is now much easier to advance
   - Cybernetic affinity skill has been adjusted now that you can equip 3 implants at the same time
   - It's a bit easier to advance combat skills and conventional weapons in particular
   - Saplings drop now depends on woodcutting skillΓÇöyou get more at higher levels, this is especially important for rubber trees
   - Fishing (T2)
   - All new T5 technology groups
   - All existing technology groups have been reworked for the new 5-tiers approach
   - New art for many of the existing technology groups
   - Technology progression in the game have been sped up roughly 3 times and rebalanced from scratch for smoother progression! No more grind at Tiers 3 and above
   - New fishing quest
   - New electric grid related quest
   - New mining drones related quest
   - Quests order has been changed significantly to make progression more logical and smooth
   - New sprinklers to allow fully automatic watering of crops
   - Growth bonus from watering reduced since it's easier to water crops with sprinklers now
   - Hygroscopic granules are made significantly cheaper
   - Chemical fertilizer is now cheaper to craft, hopefully, more people will start using it now as it's a great way to increase crop yield
   - Pickaxes are now slightly more powerful, meaning you can mine minerals faster before you can obtain drones. Less grind, more enjoyment! :)
   - Crafting and building recipes for practically everything in the game have been adjusted in some way to make progression smoother and eliminate the grind
   - Chanced recipes for some of the food since there are now new ingredients and new dishes (recipes now make more sense)
   - All trees have had their drop lists reworked. Total amount of wood received has increased. Also, their loot will be more predictable and easier to understand
   - Trees that arenΓÇÖt fully grown now take less time to cut (proportional to their growth progress)
   - Pragmium hatchet now has more durability
   - Order of the alcohol tech tree in Recreation technology group is now more logical
   - Antitoxin medicine made significantly cheaper to craft and moved to T2
   - Synthetic recipe for camp fuel now doesn't use gasoline and mineral oil (both complex recipes from late T3) and instead uses raw petroleum making it more accessible
   - You can now craft canisters from plastic as well
   - Medkit now also adds a short Fast healing status effect alongside Slow healing so it is a bit more useful in combat. But stimpacks are still the primary healing method in combat starting from T4
   - Increased water output from water collector and well
   - Removed "Leaf" item from the gameΓÇöit no longer served any useful purpose and only cluttered the inventory, plus some people didn't understand where it was used, which only exacerbated the situation
   - Mining explosives will provide Prospecting skill experience now. You can also obtain gold and gems when using mining explosives (depending on the skill level)
   - Peredozin mechanic changedΓÇönow it takes 5 seconds to apply completely, meaning player cannot put their armor back until peredozin application is finished
   - ATP Energy Extractor implant effect doubled (twice the energy, twice the hunger)
   - Increased organic value of: leather, fur, animal fat, bones
Improvements & changes
   - You can now build lithium extractors even in tropics
   - You can now build wells in the swamp, but they will produce stale water (which requires boiling before use)
   - Clan tags are now displayed in the "Online players" tab
   - New land claim placing mechanic with a designated area of placement and upgrade tiers
   - Improved bomb placement mechanicΓÇöbomb explosion range and especially the pragmium bomb explosion pattern are now displayed to help you understand the explosion pattern and range
   - Added reverse order hotbar selection mode for "Use scroll wheel for" option. Also, the default order is now the same as in other similar crafting games
   - Number of formatting improvements for energy units in power grid info, equipped devices, etc
   - Added a faster way to pick an icon in a crate containerΓÇöjust click on the icon plate in the crate window while you hold an item in your cursor
   - Characters under Dazed protection now have a status effect displayed over them to make it clear
   - You can now walk between the clay pots, as well as in front of barrels and cisterns
   - Improved base decay system (clearer and more logical)
   - Continuous construction (you can continue building more structures by pointing on them without releasing LMB and clicking again)
   - Pragmium spires will no longer explode on decay (they will still explode when mined by players)
   - "Weapon hardpoint: Large/Normal" added to the vehicle weapon tooltips and to the weapon slots in the vehicle window
   - When crafting/manufacturing, items of the same type are prioritized by their freshness now. Meaning the recipes will automatically use items with lower freshness first when possible
   - Vehicle window will switch to Cargo tab automatically when any item is placed into the vehicle storage (such as by Shift+Click)
   - Land claim window will switch to safe storage tab automatically when any item is placed there (such as by Shift+Click)
   - Tree health bar location now depends on the tree growth stage
   - You can now see how many ammo you have in total for each particular gun in your hotbar
   - New cursor style during weapon reloading (to make it clear when you can and can't shoot)
   - After refilling a helmet with oil or inserting a new battery (such as by pressing the activation key [F]), it will automatically turn on the light
   - Added a toggle button in the equipment menu to make your helmet invisible for yourself and your party members
   - Bridges now provide movement speed boost the same as roads
   - Status effect Drunk will provide some small bonus to fishing knowledge :)
   - Trading station will buy items only with 95% or higher durability/freshness
   - Barrel filling/draining speed increased
   - Improved visual effects for drunk/nausea and Psi
   - Animation improvements for mech movement
   - Added footstep sounds for human movement start/stop animations
   - Radiation effect (Geiger counter sound) made quieter
   - Now you can shot over crates, loot crates/piles, and most other low objects and structures. You can still destroy such objects by melee weapons (including pickaxes), grenades, and bombs
   - Server backup/savegameΓÇöinstead of chat message the game now displays a notification with a timer in the top right corner of the screen
   - Several crafting stations have been redrawn to make their shape more uniform, compact, and easier to place inside your base (no more L shaped crafting stations)
   - Reduced land claim sizes by 1 tile in each direction (necessary to make the planning of bases easier, compensated by the smaller footprint of reworked crafting stations)
   - New console command: /admin.notifyPlayer playerName messageInQuotesΓÇöuseful to notify an online player about something
   - Item names (especially equipment) have been standardized for easier management in mods and when using console commands
   - Vehicles will be not destroyed by pragmium source explosions in PvE
   - Health max changes (such as by a Healthy food boost) will adjust the current HP amount as well to keep the HP ratio
   - Toilet is interactive now and produces some peculiar sounds when you use it
   - Various improvements of the server browser menu
   - Boss event will announce the winners by sending a notification to all the online players! (even in PvP)
   - Reworked hitboxes for ruins props such as bulldozer, construction blocks, etc (17 objects). There will be no longer unexpected issues when such objects prevent you from firing when you stay too close to them
Server rates
   - New server rates added making it possible to configure more parameters for your servers
   - Each world event rate now could be configured separately (EventInterval.* settings)
   - PvP default time gating scheme changed to 1 3 5 7 9 9 days (respectively: T3 basic, T3 specialized, T4 basic, T4 specialized, T5 basic, T5 specialized)
   - By default, servers are now PvE (if you want to host a PvP server you need to find "ServerIsPvE" and change it to 0)
   - Community servers will now have extended decay rate by default (5X) as building space is rarely an issue on community servers. This value can be configured as any other in ServerRates.config

   - Charred ground will now appear only on solid ground
   - Incorrect damage calculation by explosives to vehicles
   - Blueprints not decaying even when they're outside the land claim area
   - It was possible to wall-off the bridges and prevent players from accessing them
   - It was possible to interact with objects through a closed vertical door in some positions
   - Fixed respawn animation (there should be no blending between death and idle animation)
   - It was not possible to harvest from plant pots that were placed right below the walls
   - Improved algorithm for stacking gathered items when the inventory is full (items will no longer drop on the ground if there is any free space available in the inventory)
   - A rare issue when the textures are getting stuck and cannot be loaded requiring to restart the game client
   - An issue when the damage from the grenade launcher propagated to the lower/higher ground under certain conditions
   - Minor rendering issues which appeared under specific conditions such as different resolutions or rendering quality


(part 3, see above for part 1 and 2)

Additional information:

List of all new items:
   - Pragmium sensor
   - Fish (15 types)
   - Fishing baits (3 types)
   - Fish fillet (white and red)
   - Fishing rod
   - Fish related dishes (roasted fish fillet, sushi, ukha, dried fish)
   - New fragmentation grenade (for grenade launcher)
   - New food: salami, pizza, taco
   - New mech weapons: artillery cannon and energy cannon
   - Artillery shell (new ammo type)
   - Fuel cell: empty, filled with gasoline, filled with liquid pragmium
   - Advanced night vision device
   - New laser pistol
   - New implant: skeletal reinforcement (prevents broken bones and dazed effect)
   - Neural recombinator device which allows you to wipe your technology progression and receive the LP back. Basically, a technology respec option
   - Drones: 2 control devices & 2 types of industrial drones

List of all new objects:
   - New advanced recharging station
   - Large display case
   - Stool
   - Oil cracking plant
   - New trash pile (with plastic related trash)
   - Atmospheric moisture generator (ala wind trap from Dune) to extract moisture from the air
   - Sprinkler

   - Creatures no longer have 25% HP increase on the official PvE servers
   - Currently this update is available in experimental ( Feel free to give it a try!
   - When the update is released all official servers will be wiped as the savegame from the previous version is not compatible with the update due to massive changes
   - Community server owners can choose whether to update or not
   - Some mods are still not updated by their authors for this version. You could contact mod authors to ask them to update their mods

And finally, please consider leaving an honest review ( for the game on Steam if you haven't done so yet. Thank you for playing CryoFall and always supporting us!


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.4 (A27 Patch #1) ===

- PvE: hiding your helmet will hide it not only for you but also for every other player on the PvE server.
- Deactivated or destroyed drones will drop as a loot bag with a mark on the map so you will no longer lose them accidentally. Also, PvP players will be able to learn who is taking their drones.
- PvP: space debris rebalancedΓÇöit will be impossible to obtain could obtain ammo/armor/consumable items of higher tiers until the respective time gate reached. You may find some high-tier components and implants and some other items that don't affect PvP combat balance.
- PvP: improved space debris random roll algorithm to ensure it will provide the desired number of slots. Previously if the server rolled an item that is not yet available due to a time gate, it didn't dropΓÇöresulting in fewer items obtained from the space debris).

- Adjusted night brightness for PvP servers (as we know some player used GPU gamma/monitor brightness adjustments or alternative workarounds to make nights brighter). So we've decided to make the night a bit less dark in PvP to make it fair for everyone and remove the need to use those workarounds.

- PvP: a "cannot build under raid block" notification spam when hovering over a damaged structure or a blueprint on a base under raid block.
- Chat activity sounds were heard and local chat message bubbles were displayed even if the chat was not yet enabled by the player.

If you're hosting your own CryoFall PvP server it's recommended to install this update.


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.6 (A27 Patch #2) ===

- New sounds: flying drones (different sounds for T3 and T4 drones), laser rifle, plasma pistol, energy cannon (for T5 mech), "Competionist" menu.
- New item quick use shortcuts: Alt+number (of the hotbar slot) and Ctrl+number (please note that you can bind hotbar slot numbers to any other keys in the Controls options).
- Quest for mining drones could be completed by crafting and using drones and remote controls of any tiers, not only Tier 3.
- New server rate setting: "FreshnessDecaySpeedMultiplier" ΓÇö adjusts the speed at which the food and other items with freshness lose their freshness.
- New server rate setting: "FarmPlantsSpoilSpeedMultiplier" ΓÇö adjusts the speed at which the farm plants spoil.

- PvE: a whole pragmium cluster of pragmium spire will be claimed/locked for you when damaging any pragmium beetle. It will make it easier for you to mine the pragmium spire that you've rightfully located first.
- PvE: pragmium sensor will no longer detect pragmium spires claimed/locked by another player.
- A deactivated drone will not only drop itself on the ground but also unload its storage container. A destroyed drone will unload its container on destruction.
- Drones will fly back as soon as they notice the target object is being mined by another drone, instead of reaching the target object first.
- When an arrow lands in water it will either appear on the shore (if close enough) or disappear.
- Trading station will no longer allow selecting of A26 pragmium reactor core and empty reactor core (these items are temporarily removed from the game as they were replaced with new fuel cells for vehicles).

- PvP: fixed a rare issue players' loot appeared in an unexpected place away from the body (such as through the nearby wall inside the enemy base, or on a cliff).
- PvE: drones were unable to mine objects that are covered by a land claim area (such as rocks and clay pits that could be mined with a pickaxe).
- Fixed a rare issue when the drone disappeared on return when the inventory is full and there is no empty space nearby to drop the drone.
- Localization added for fertilizer messages such as when you cannot apply it to a plant as it's too far.
- "Base size exceeded" appearing incorrectly in some cases when trying to place a separate land claim nearby another land claim.

If you're hosting your own CryoFall PvP server it's recommended to install this update.


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.18 (A27 Patch #3) ===

- Implemented a new random item roll algorithm for rare items (such as seeds, gold nuggets, and gems) that will ensure that such items could be obtained in a reasonable time and nobody has infinite bad luck when looking for these resources! You can find more details in this topic
- Now you can set up an item tag/icon for fridges the same as you do for chests (except the evaporator).
- PvE: now you can move almost every structure including walls, doors, wells, extractors, etc. The exceptions are land claims and farm plotsΓÇöthough you can move a plant pot even with a plant!
- You can quickly use a consumable item from the hotbar by Alt+Number (or Ctrl+Number) even if you hold the mouse button/while firing your weapon.
- When any building containing items is deconstructed or destroyed, all items contained within will safely drop to the ground. No more lost canisters and other stuff when you deconstruct your buildings!
- The drinking option is removed for wells built in swamp biomeΓÇöthe well will properly recognize when it's built there and display stale water bar instead of clear water.

- Increased the number of pragmium spires spawned in the desert every spawn cycle (roughly every ~30 minutes) on a third to help you find more pragmium when the server online number is high.
- Increased the amount of fiber that you get from the synthetic fiber recipe (100->125).
- Mechanical components drop rate increased x2 in radtowns/ruins loot crates.
- Changed some balance values for the Behemoth mech (T5). It mistakenly dealt double damage to the Pragmium QueenΓÇöthis double damage was only intended for grenade launchers and not artillery cannon as grenade launchers have very low DPS (they're intended as AOE weapon) and needed a boost. This double damage was a bit too much when compared to other mechs in this regard. The artillery cannon will now deal x1.33 damage to Pragmium Queen instead of x2.0. Additionally, Behemoth mech will have slightly less armor against cold damage (as all Pragmium Queen damage is cold damage). This change should not affect PvP combat significantly (the only PvP difference is that the mech is slightly more vulnerable to Helium grenade) but will definitely make the boss battle more challenging as it should be.

- Incorrect draw order for the liquid icon on barrel and cistern.
- Polish version: fixed chat emoticons display among few other issues with the text formatting.
- Fixed the Behemoth mech walking animation. No more jerking motion with the hand there.

Technical changes and improvements:
- Multiple client-side improvements regarding memory management. Reduced the chance of texture memory leaking. More logging added to help us locate any other texture memory leak sources (we would appreciate more feedback regarding this from players that playing 5+ hours straight!).
- Multiple server-side improvements to ensure smooth operation 24/7 without consuming excessive memory. A server with high online will no longer randomly briefly pause once in 1-2 days to perform memory garbage collectionΓÇönow this operation is performed with every world snapshot once an hour when players expect a slight server pause. We've also cut the number of memory allocations per second in half reducing the memory pressure. With this change, we could be certain the server will run 24/7 without any unexpected pauses or frame skips.

If you're hosting your own CryoFall PvP server it's recommended to install this patch (no server wipe required).


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.24 (A27 Patch #4) ===

Event improvements and changes:
- Space debris, meteorite, and migration will be about 20-30% more frequent.
- Boss event (Pragmium Queen): +50% increased pragmium and gold reward.
- Floaters event will provide x2 amount of biomaterial (6 vials) that is necessary for implants crafting.
- PvE: doubled the number of locations for each event, but each location's circle area made smaller. This way the game will better distribute the events over the world map so more PvE players could participate in them regularly.
- PvP: meteorite event will provide +50% more gold when the server has reached Tier 4 (basic) time gate and an additional +50% more for Tier 5 (basic) time gate. This way we hope this event will be more interesting for endgame players.
- PvP: space debris event will exclude some low-tier items when a higher tier time gate reached. This way the game will provide more valuable loot when Tier 4/5 time gates are unlocked.

- Hold Alt or Ctrl key to shot the grenade launcher like any other ranged weaponΓÇöthe grenade will explode by hitting an obstacle or by reaching max range.
- PvP: added a map icon for S.H.I.E.L.D. status of the land claim. It's flickering when the shield is activating. You can also browse the shield status (how much time remains until activation or expiration) in its tooltip.

- Drones will not slow down when they got close to you so they will be able to catch up with you if you're running away (especially the advanced drones).
- Steam generator will burn items with lower fuel value first (e.g. twigs before the logs, logs before the coal, coal before the firelogs).
- PvE: boss reward allocation changedΓÇönow only you will be able to pickup the loot allocated for you. (Previously the loot objects were collectible by the party members and we have received several reports from confused players telling us about players stealing their loot. We're still investigating an issue with not all the nodes displaying a lock mark but it could as well be fixed due to other changes)
- PvP: unstuck mechanic change: getting damaged and using weapons will not abort the unstuck timer. Now the mechanic matches what's mentioned in the timer notification. There are no other changes (e.g. moving will abort unstucking, and it's still not possible to use unstuck during the raidblock as it would allow base defenders to escape with precious loot, etc).
- Changed fish weight calculation method as the fish weight doesn't scale linearly to its size (the weight of the fish you've already caught was recalculated).
- The hotbar slot will be not selected on mouse button up to prevent accidental weapon switching. The game now require pressing the mouse button over it.
- The game will not disturb you if the master server connection was lost during the game. Also, it will close the master server connection automatically when it's no longer necessary (e.g. when you're connected to the game server and when you close the main menu overlay by pressing Esc key).

- Button tooltips didn't update their contents when the key binding is changed in the control options.

If you're hosting your own CryoFall PvP server it's recommended to install this update.


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.30 (A27 Patch #5) ===

- PvP: offline raiding protection shield is no longer available for a land claim that is located completely inside another base. This is required to prevent the abuse of shield with such base layout (see ).

- Coal and salt minerals will provide a correct amount of resources (the same as before the previous patch).
- Increased the number of attempts to select an area for events (sometimes the server created fewer event locations than it should).

If you're hosting your own CryoFall PvP server it's recommended to install this update.


=== CryoFall v0.27.7.35 (A27 PvP Server Hotfix) ===

- PvP: fixed an exploit when it was possible to work around the oil/Li extractor placement restrictions and place them close to each other in PvP (there was a bug with placement checker when relocating an oil/Li extractor by 1 tile at a time).
- Food such as bread will no longer provide small healing effect (1 HP) as some players started eating dozens of them at once to heal quickly and it's an obvious advantage in PvP for players that could use a macro or mod to batch-eat and heal (we will consider further changes but in this hotfix, all food will no longer provide small HP restore).
- Pragmium Queen will be able to damage offline players as some players started placing offline player characters between them and the boss to use as a shield.

This hotfix is currently provided only for the official and some featured servers (CryoSmall/CryoFive/etc, as they're integrated into our deployment system). PvP only (PvE might get the same changes in future patches). It's available as a Docker image for community servers. It's not available for direct download from our Wiki (sorry guys, I'm on a vacation and it's a problem to upload 500 MB to FTP here!).
(No client patch with this hotfix)