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CNEI. CryoFall NEI.

All items, buildings and creatures with info, recipes and usages.

How to use: New HUD button in top-right corner for CNEI menu. (Default key is '?')
Details window opens by clicking any icon in CNEI menu, or pressing 'I' while the mouse cursor over it.
(Works with inventory and default recipe window)
In details window you can go deeper and look for info about recipes ingredients and results. Details menu keeps history when you go deeper, so if you want to go to previous item info use 'Backspace' button.
All keybindings configurable in game options.


Mod type: Client-side mod.

Admin edit:
Download patched version compatible R33 Update: here (thanks to @Mars)

Supported game version:
Download: here

Bug tracker: here

GitHub link:

0.4.13 (26.05.2021)
 Fix style reference.
0.4.12 (19.01.2021)
 Fix Fishing calculator.
0.4.11 (19.01.2021)
 Fix A29 incompatibility. (Fishing calculator still broken)
0.4.10 (03.10.2020)
 Fix A28 incompatibility.
0.4.9 (04.08.2020)
 Fix crash related with fishing recipes.
 Add UpdateChecker via rss.
0.4.8 (22.07.2020)
 Fix fishing calculator don't show chances in non-english languages.
0.4.7 (22.07.2020)
 Add recipe for status effects acquisition by consumables.
 Add ProtoStatusEffect to default view preset.
0.4.6 (21.07.2020)
 Fix equipment defence percentage rounding.
 Fix search filter not resetting on disconnect.
 Rework fishing recipe.
 Rework CreativePanel. Add ToolsPanel.
 Add fishing calculator.
0.4.5 (16.07.2020)
 Fix crash related to loaded mod version from saved settings on client side.
 Add default item tooltip to CNEI item control.
 Add fishing recipes.
0.4.4 (16.07.2020)
 Fix A27 incompatibility.
 Fix styles.
 Add new A27 related information. (fishing, drones)
 Remove hardcoded information. (food and medical status effects)
0.4.3 (23.04.2020)
 Fix A26 incompatibility.
 Fix styles.
 Add new A26 related information.
 Change main hotkey from 'N' to '?'.
0.4.2 (31.01.2020)
 Fix A25 incompatibility.
 Fix A25 food and medicine information.
0.4.1 (25.11.2019)
 Fix A24 incompatibility.
 Add information about vehicles.
 New client settings storage system (will reset all you saved settings related to this mod).
0.4.0 (26.08.2019)
 Internal refactor of recipe types.
 Add different UI for all existed recipe types.
 Add ComboBox to recipe and usage view.
 Add new recipe type (seed -> plant)
 Add new recipe type (ammo usage)
 New style for details window (tabs instead of expanders)
0.3.11 (11.08.2019)
 Internal code rework.
0.3.10 (24.07.2019)
 Fix A23 incompatibility.
 Add some electricity information.
 Add fridge information.
0.3.9 (16.05.2019)
 Fix A22 incompatibility.
 Add some information about wells, extractors and other manufacturer structures.
 Add forum and github links to information window.
0.3.8 (10.04.2019)
 Fix creative panel commands.
 Add item slot count information for crates and fridges.
 Add information window with hotkey description.
0.3.7 (03.04.2019)
  Fix details window header size.
  Proper procedural generation for mob icon.
0.3.6 (09.03.2019)
  Add "Back" button to details window.
  Fix 0.19.1 incompatibility.
0.3.5 (31.01.2019)
  Defense stats shows as percent.
  Timespan now with standard formatting.
  Mob information exp and lp rework.
  Add hud button dynamically. Core mod files are not overridden.
  Fix 0.18.3 incompatibility.
0.3.4 (28.01.2019)
  Add mob information and icon preview.
0.3.3 (23.01.2019)
  Fix A18 compatibility issue.
0.3.2 (09.11.2018)
  Fix compatibility issue.
0.3.1 (09.11.2018)
  Fix compatibility issue.
0.3.0 (07.11.2018)
  Add various templates with information.
  Save settings between launches.
  You can select default view preset in settings. (fancy treeview with entity types)
  Various fixes for compatibility with A17.
0.2.1 (08.10.2018)
  Add creative mode button to creative panel.
  When in creative mode - click on items\mobs icons to spawn them. (If holding Ctrl - spawn stack of items)
0.2.0 (07.10.2018)
  Release for public.

How to install mod:

* If you are using a Steam version:
Here is guide for you.
* If you are using a launcher:
Open mod file "CNEI.mpk" with launcher. Press 'Yes' to overwrite (if you updating mod). Press yes to activate. Done. Enjoy!
(Yep, now it's that easy)
* If you run game client directly:
Place mod file "CNEI.mpk" in your "Data" -> "Mods" folder. Then go back in "Data" folder and open "ModsConfig.xml"
File "ModsConfig.xml" looks like this:

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
--- End code ---
Add following line to enable this mod.

--- Code: ---<mod>cnei</mod>
--- End code ---
Result file looks like this:

--- Code: ---<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
--- End code ---

Save changes. Close file. Run game client.

This is the beauty! Magnificent!!!

I was looking for this! I need this!

Thank you, Sir Djekke.

I think this will be the most popular and used mod for CryoFall!
Thank you, this is really great :)

New version 0.3.0 (Please pay attention when adding mod line in "ModsConfig.xml")
Compatible with the latest version.

If you found any bugs related to this mod or have any suggestion feel free to create new issues here.

Mod updated for A18 now.
If you found some problems or have any suggestions regarding this mod - feel free to create issue on bug tracker or write it here.


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