Is VoidExpanse Successful on Steam So Far?

Started by jeeplaw, April 10, 2015, 07:42:59 AM


Well, we have a lot of stuff planned for update launch and in general.

Some of that will be revealed very soon in our blog :)


Quote from: kyokei on June 02, 2015, 09:52:20 PM

I think you should be pretty content with the 70% you have at the moment. Yes you had a bit of launch issues but it didn't make your rating drop below 50% (and yes, I know Steam took care of the Russian reviews).

Are you guys planning any social media push for the content update? Maybe a spot on the Steam frontpage?

Well, 70% is not really representative, because the quantity of reviews also matters. But 70% is good, for sure.
About Russian-speaking community reviews - nobody took care of them or touched them. Because Steam reviewing system works different way and automatically: if review was considered not useful, it is not shown anymore. Anyway, you can see it on the page where all the reviews are stored. But I may be mistaken, I don't know the exact algorithm.
More about negative reviews: yes, sometimes we felt offended or just really bad after some harsh critics. But it is a point to start to improve ourselves, not to shut some angry commentators.
About SM push - well, yes, we are planning the SM and press coverage, of course. Maybe you meant something special - then tell us. We always appreciate your advises:)