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Rich oil/lithium minimum area?



Is there a minimum amount of real estate required for rich lithium and subsequent oil to spawn?  Xeno has been available for 2.5 days and there is only a single oil node and 0 lithium nodes so far


The number of oil/Li deposits depends on the zone size and configured spawn density.
As you intend to have a small map, I would suggest overriding the spawn density for the oil/Li deposits by including the override scripts into your map's MPK distribution.

Edit these two files:

--- Code: ---Core.cpk/Scripts/Zones/Scripts/Resources/SpawnDepositGeothermalSpring.cs

--- End code ---

Find the line:

--- Code: ---spawnList.CreatePreset(interval:
--- End code ---
and change the interval constant there. The smaller the value, the higher spawn density you will get (the density is calculated as "1 / (interval * interval)").
Experiment with the numbers until you get a desired number of the deposits while using CryoFall Editor -> F8 -> Zone tool -> "Invoke select zone scripts" (press it several times as each call will spawn only a single node per biome).



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