Star Trek: TOS

Started by frizzank, August 25, 2015, 11:17:37 PM


TOS: The Original Series (

For now just has the Constitution class Enterprise, Hermes Apollo class, Phaser, and Photon Torpedo turret. Complete with Sound Fx. The photon torpedo fx needs some work but I though I would share what I have

Turrets have models even though you don't see them on the Enterprise Hull



Next up the Apollo class scout vessel USS Hermes


Yorktown, Beefed up version of the Constitution class


If anyone is interested in helping me out with scripting some unique star trek missions that would be great. I am terrible at it.

I did manage to get it to spawn Federation. Klingon, and Romulan factions though.


Do you plan total conversion?


I'm going to keep as much of the stock game for as long as I can , and just "add" star trek into it. I want the game to still be playable as I add stuff.

Also I don't know how to get rid of stock factions....


Quote from: frizzank on September 02, 2015, 11:23:40 PM
Also I don't know how to get rid of stock factions....
In that case you don't only have to remove the faction.xml but also change the system generation so their capitol doesn't spawn.

I modded a faction once, it was terrible. Map had to be above 70 Systems to not crash (capitols to close and so on).
How did you mod them? Which files did you need to alter?


How do you edit the system generation so their capitols don't spawn?

It was a huge hassle.
I added all the stock game faction xml's like "aliens.xml" to my mod folder then I changed the stock factions to only spawn one star in there system.

I also changed the GenerateGalaxy.js so "NumOfSystems = 150" (spawns more systems by default).

Also "var MinJumpsBetweenCapitals = 0;"  So it didn't fail if 2 capitals where too close together.

I probably broke a bunch of stock missions but it does generate on the lowest setting and the first couple of missions work so  8)