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Can you ask the administrator to disable this base first, this base makes me unable to play
Dear developers and administrators, I was subjected to cold violence in the PVE game. I am a PVE3 player in China. Someone built a lot of wooden signs in the north of my home and wrote a lot of text on them. This caused the game to render these texts very badly. The difficulty of the game reduces the performance of the game. This person seems to be planning to build a wooden sign for the camp. I canΓÇÖt even imagine whether my game will still run normally if he does this. What should I do? Face cold violence Can I only choose to give up?

The coordinates of this base are F4-1104,617
Game discussion / Dear developers and managers
July 05, 2021, 09:50:39 AM
Dear developers and managers:
In CHina PVE3 server have two game players creamcake and ginhahah publicly attack and issue insulting words in the game.They have seriously affected the game environment and game experience, causing many players to quit the game

Here is some evidence

they ID is im1816 pangpangyyds