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Quote from: Yrol Denjeah on March 31, 2018, 07:29:01 AM
I do not have a middle mouse button.

Am i supposed to buy new hardware for this game?

Otherwise i totally agree, QoL in games like this demand a sorted Inventory.
Even Steel Crates are kinda small and many are needed for an advanced,
properly functioning Base.
Even more so, if more than one Player lives and works there.

You can always rebind the key :P
I went heretic, got Windows and look! I installed and played Cryofall.

So first of all the game gives me incredible Don't Starve, Crashlands kind of vibes which is awesome.
So for my 2cent so far.

- Right clicks should just need 1 click and then it harvests, so not having to keep the right mouse button down, same for left mouse when you are chopping down a tree for example.
- Make the wildlife roam around a bit - I was stuck somewhere for a bit to find a way out because I had wolves on one side, boars on the other and I just started the game
- A small tutorial to get players started would help, now it seems like you are thrown into the wild

Now for a wish from my life.... can you check and see if you can make the game controller enabled?
Or do something like the game Crashlands did - some unlimited self managing inventory
Servers / Re: [EU][kG] -PVE- / community server
December 05, 2017, 11:22:16 PM
Link to savegame:

pw: $ve$h1

You have until 31st of Dec to fetch it :)

And you are most welcome
Servers / Re: [EU][kG] -PVE- / community server
November 07, 2017, 06:07:44 AM
I'm ready to decommission the server totally, is there anyone who would still want the savegame?
After being online for many years it's time to retire the VoidExpanse kunix server.
I'm going to decommission my server so I won't be able to host anything anymore.

I will post again with the final date once I have it!

Thanks to everyone who played on the server and enjoyed it.

*edit* The decommission date will be end of October.
If anyone wants the savegame file of the server let me know!
Server is up on new hardware
Server will up be again after migration to new hardware - cpu was spiking up to 80C with VE on :S
I completely agree with the Linux client - but once you guys do a more public launch then I have to say that you really need to support the 3 OS's. Games with early Linux support are highly appreciated by the community.

I sadly don't run Windows anymore so I won't be able to help out on these tests.

btw Lurler, Kunix is ready to host a dedicated server for Cryofall
More I look at the updates, more I want to try the game - and this a good feeling to have - so AI, hurry up with the linux client <3
Well I managed to cut down resources so it's ok for now.

For Cryofall - I would be honored to host a server for you guys but I need a Linux version :D /tease
Is anyone still playing on my server? If not I am thinking of shutting it down for now as it's using quite some ressources
Servers / Re: [EU][kG] -PVE- / community server
November 23, 2016, 07:27:25 AM
Some stats of kunix:

World initialized with 577 players, 290 star systems, 33754 asteroids, 9269 ships, 53 bases, 799 jumpgates, 32154 spaceObjects, 908 specialObjects, 1633 containers, 290 stars, 742 planets.
Servers / Re: [EU][kG] -PVE- / community server
November 18, 2016, 12:48:38 AM
Ahhh, don't think it's needed then - I don't change IP's very often.

Thanks for making the change
Servers / Re: [EU][kG] -PVE- / community server
November 17, 2016, 04:02:34 PM
Hey AI - my public IP changed to -- can you fix the tag in the multiplayer window? Can you maybe direct it to instead of the IP?