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Title: Router adjustments for server
Post by: Khaos on May 23, 2020, 06:18:55 am
I have started my own server on a separate mostly dedicated computer. I have played on it for a couple weeks and it seems fine. When I change to it being on the Public server list is does show up but there is no information other than the server name. I have tried to refresh it but I receive a note that that there is a network instability problem or my internet is a problem. I did find a line in my server that may be the problem [WRN] UDPServer: Important information: automatic UPnP port-forwarding not supported by your router. Port-forwarding status is unknown. Please manually forward the port on the router if the players are unable to connect to this server.

I am not sure what this means or have a clue if or how to fix it. My router is the standard one supplied by my cable company.
Title: Re: Router adjustments for server
Post by: ai_enabled on May 23, 2020, 07:53:25 am

That's expected. From "Connecting to the server" section in the server setup guide
Please note that if you're running a game server on the same PC as the game client, you might be unable to connect to the game server from the Community servers list on that PC due to NAT routing even with the proper port forwarding. In that case, simply add your server into the client custom servers list by providing its address as localhost:6000 and connect to it directly.

To verify that other players could connect to your game server, please ask someone outside of your local network to try to connect to your game server. If you've set up a port-forwarding rule on your router and properly configured the Firewall, other players will be able to reach your server without any issues.

Title: Re: Router adjustments for server
Post by: Khaos on May 23, 2020, 07:01:58 pm
Thank-you, I have not been able to test yet but it does show up on the list and has information.