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Game discussion / Re: Excuse me?
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:45:08 am »
I am not entirely certain what you mean by "timing switch".

To create a door that can't be damaged have a look at:
  and set ObjectDefensePresets.Impenetr able
To implement the timing switch have a look at:
  AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Trig gers
  AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Syst ems.WorldObjectAccessMode
    or AtomicTorch.CBND.CoreMod.Stat icObjects.Structures.Doors.Ob jectDoorPublicState.IsOpened
I haven't done any modding of this kind yet, so let me know how it goes! :)

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Faction System (share your ideas!)
« on: January 03, 2020, 07:02:58 am »
The faction system should not dictate who players can team up with. Therefore party benefits, like e.g. no or reduced friendly fire, should remain.

Consider that at a later time, there might be high level pve content with low player numbers on a server. Not being able to play this content because of an arbitrary faction restriction wouldn't be beneficial imo.


Might be slightly off-topic, but the first association with "factions" I had when hearing about this upcoming feature was the implementation in an older game called Neocron. There, factions represent NPC institutions with them fitting in three affiliation groups: pro-city, anti-city, neutral
Every affiliation group has several factions within them.

Every faction has a relation towards every other faction (+100 for very positive to -100 for very negative). The relationship disposition is generally positive within groups (city, anti-city, neutral) and neutral or hostile towards the other groups.

Goals, structure and background of factions influence their final relations. Factions can e.g. be military, police forces,(shady) traders / corporations, hackers, monks (mages). Police forces and (shady) traders might both belong to the pro-city group, so they won't shoot on one another immediately, but the NPC guards might let fewer things slip before they interfere (start shooting at you) if the relation status isn't quite as positive as could be.

Just to highlight a few facets of factions, they can e.g. have access to different kinds of goods. Military has access to powerful (high-tech) weapons and armor, corporations have access to building material and vehicles, shady traders can manufacture drugs (temporary combat enhancements) more cheaply.

The higher the player's standing within a faction, the better stuff they can buy. Usually restricted areas might open up if a faction likes you enough. High standing players can buy fancy apartments in different areas and many more things.

Faction standing is earned or lost by e.g. doing quests, killing players of hostile/friendly factions, trading.


Clans are the player-made groups within factions. The standings of the players within the clan now result in a combined clan standing that "replaces" the personal standing. If a clan stands in high regards with a faction, it might now be possible for a player who just betrayed his former faction (switched factions) and joined this clan, but still has horrible standing, to make use of faction resources as if they were personally highly regarded.


The faction (politics) system discussed in this post might become more relevant as more NPC aspects get added to the game. Might be too early for all this now, just something to keep in mind where the road could lead later on once the basic systems are in place and enough content is in.
This might all be a bit confusing because I just wrote it down in one go, might give it a little polish at a later time if/when it becomes more relevant.

Ideas and suggestions / Re: Usability: Provide damage stats for weapons
« on: January 01, 2020, 05:21:18 am »
Till those stats are provided by the Core, I'd suggest to install the CNEI mod which at least offers some of the information.

Bug reports / Re: Sometimes crafting results are not in inventory.
« on: December 30, 2019, 10:10:07 pm »
I have had the same bug happen quite a few times and tried to reproduce.

Can't reliable do that, but when doing the following it happens a few times:
  • Craft large batch of milk
  • Open a large crate
  • Move items from crate to inventory via shift+RMB

Can send a small log from when it happened on discord if necessary.

Modding info / Re: Documentation?
« on: December 29, 2019, 10:30:43 pm »
I am getting the error message: "Value does not fall within expected range."

Where am I messing up? :)

I started with a fresh slate; created a new CryoFall Mod Project and added a reference to CoreMod.

There I can use the view in object browser option.

If I open a solution file in Core.cpk or Editor.mpk directly, trying to view the documentation, it's giving me the error message.

Mods / Re: Automaton Mod
« on: December 29, 2019, 09:13:35 am »
I love this mod, huge qol improvement. :)

Some ideas for additional features:
  • Watering plants if it detects that water status is e.g. <50 minutes
  • Different presets for gathering options (cycle via hotkey) instead of just on/off
  • Moving additional empty bottles to the hotbar from the inventory when filling them up
  • Select food to eat in order to keep specific buffs up

Game version: 1.1.4
Game mode: SP
Bug Location: -
Steps to Reproduce: Contact merchant right before docking and ask about drugs. You will get the order to destroy the merchant/pirate but he docks and does not leave the station anymore
Reproduction Rate: Could not try
Bug Description: Pirate merchant sits in station and does not leave anymore

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