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Bug reports / [1.2.1] Strange interaction when switching factions.
« on: April 06, 2015, 07:17:16 pm »
I accidentally found an exploit today  ;D Given that it is technically not a bug, I will not follow the guideline :P

[Story-Spoilers!] I played the Order main quest until tasked with conquering an alien system adjacent to their capital. Realizing that I would need a few more levels and bucks, I went to freedom territory and finished a few old quests. I still had the quest to join freedom (Got that one after joining Order), so I went to their capital and talked to the recruiter, not being sure if I could maybe doubledip on factions. I changed factions, but can still buy mercs from the chief of Order and get money from every Hive destroyed. I also got twice the quest reward for getting the device that enables travel to the aliens territory.

I think removing the ability to see ships on your system-map would add a lot of tension and surprise to the game. You could also expand on this by adding asteroid maps to the store, and maybe long range sensore-items that give you the ability to see ships up to a certain level. Quests would come with coordinates, stationary objects would remain visible.

The second big thing I would like to see would be the calling in of allies in fights. Mainly that pirates sometimes call in their friends. This would make encounters less predictable and more fun. Risk is always good. Attacks on pirate bases would be a nice late-game addition to the quests.

Patrols by the factions would be nice to see, too, but are less of a priority to myself.

All of this would make the game more difficult, so it probably shouldn't be added to the easiest difficulty. I'm nitpicking now, but having three difficulties with the easiest one being "normal" is a bit irritating.

This hit me really hard today, as I was hyped for the game, but now won't be able to play it for another week, since only my landlord can unlock new ports and he is on vacation.

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