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Mods / Re: RELEASED - 9sMODs - Part 2.3.1 BETA - RELEASED
« on: January 07, 2021, 02:41:02 am »
i was able to implement microsoft 10 voice recognition inside of void expanse using simple keystrokes. There is still a lot of work to do. i explained how i was going to do that somewhere maybe on the forums here but i can't find the post anymore so i'm posting the video demo here.

updated video -

thank you for watching.

N.B. i had a bad mood yesterday after 1 hour of failing to record a proper demo. I decided to reupload the whole thing today with testing the current Win10 voice recognition to void expanse menu selector.

 -oculus rift cv1 only -

Virtual Desktop for running video games in Virtual reality using the ab3d.dxengine and ab3d.OculusWrap and ab3d.dxengine.OculusWrap. but only 2 void expanse keys are mapped i think, and the whole 3rd person controller isn't finished yet. it's still very ugly and probably no one would want to pay for those projects anyway in their current state. They are drafts and weren't even ready for release anywhere on steam or the oculus store as everything is still unfinished.

Virtual Desktop for running video games in Virtual reality using the ab3d.oculusWrap only. no controls mapped yet for void expanse.

i didn't want to revive this old thread but i thought i had lost all of my backup projects at the virtual desktop program for void expanse. but trying to sort a bit of my projects on this unorganized backup drives and emails and i didn't realise that the project had been right under my nose while checking if the controls were mapped in void expanse or not... Some of them are and it's easy to map the rest. I thought i should just release it as soon as possible even in it's unfinished state, as a draft repository that i should just keep updating as i program... It was such a wrong idea to keep all of my working basic starter programs including my own virtual desktop. I should have shared those programs when the oculus rift cv1 was still a bit more popular in 2018. it's better than never though but also it's only last year 2020 that i started uploading my first projects on github, i didn't even know how to upload anything there before...

but the keyboard clicks and mouse aren't completely mapped to the Oculus Touch controllers yet on any of my Virtual Desktop projects.

This only works with the oculus rift cv1. so there is nothing really that exciting anymore except that the idea can be multiplied to cover tons and tons of other 2d video games which are also moddable. I thought there could have been a market for that and i wanted to start with the virtual desktop for void expanse, with the virtual desktop working for elite dangerous too. But i am having a buggy time trying to make the overlay work for steamVR in elite dangerous.

I hope the atomic torch team won't mind me posting this message here today, as it was really long in the making and still isn't perfect, but at least everyone now knows where i am at.

Mods / Re: NEWS - 9sMODs - Part 2.3.1 - NEWS
« on: August 14, 2020, 05:47:40 pm »
Station Interiors are now included.
Destroyable ship parts on enemy deaths (excluding alien ships). You can now salvage those destroyed ship parts.
Ability to spawn both Combat and Repair Drones and Mining Drones
Including the Galaxy Market.
You can access the Galaxy Market and spawn drones from the OnBoard Ship Computer that you can get at any stations.

There is still a bug with serialization of the savegame and it is a needle in a haystack to find it. I will keep working on it. But for the moment, if the game crashes at save, you will need to reload the server and use your latest save.
Also, i forgot to put a custom icon for the new Salvaging device.

Edit 2020-08-15 fixes:
Removed a unused item.
Added icon for the salvaging device and made it available through the shop.

English: using Brollof's linear Simple Perceptron found here , i have made a gimbal machine learning system for the x/y/z axis.
Français: J'utilise le Perceptron Brollof Simple et linéaire que vous pouvez trouver ici et j'ai construit un systèmes de gimballes "machine learning" pour les axes x/y/z.

my machine learning compass and gimbal projects are available here:
mon projet de machine learning boussole et gimballes sont disponibles ici:

current known issues: the dot product by itself to slow down high speed rotating gimbal needles is not enough. i will soon lerp this or use both dot product and lerp.

it will be coming in my 9sMODs series for Void Expanse for the ship formations and hopefully more. it's already "working" for the rotation left/right and thrust front/back but i've got the wrong settings and i am missing some very important variables so it's currently failing. i need more time to work on this.

//not available yet: other project using parts of this system:
English: A planet type "voxel minecraft" shooter game and a machine learning gimbal that follows the players movements🙂. i built this game. not available anywhere else. work in progress
Français: Un shooter de planètes type "voxel minecraft" ainsi qu'un système de machine learning gimballes🙂. c'est moi qui a construit ce jeu. présentement non disponible ailleurs. en développement .

my first git project. .  A machine learning compass. it can also be a "direction bullseye" for turrets to aim at and mix that with the asset "Projectile Helper" of Unity3D and you've got a very nasty turret defense system for any games.

using the

my compass is not perfect but it is very good still in it's current state. i am currently modifying my compass in order to have drones using machine learning in order to get into formation. it's getting there slowly but surely.

Mods / Re: NEWS - 9sMODs - Part 2.3.1 - NEWS
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:46:07 am »
hell yeah. i think i have found my bug. i have never used the keyboard button "~" in-game to display error messages and here what is what i stumbled on simply out of curiousness today:

because of this, i now have total confidence in my mod. but from now on, i won't just trust the console because these were not showing at all ever in the independant console. The microphone input is working but i was wrong about using SharpDX, as i don't know if the options of clicking with sharpDX are available. i always preferred using pinvoke anyway so this is what i will be using.

EDIT: false alarm. this is not THE savegame crash bug. those are just the destructible stations xml filenames that don't concord. this bug is for the destructible station mod that is on the shelf until i complete it. the confidence is still there guys don't worry, this will not make me quit this time

easy to fix, but not my current priority as i couldnt make it on time yesterday to unveil the power of a pinvoker with a keyboard sending keyboard inputs to send commands.  but i have some very very good news my friends... images and maybe tiny tiny videos coming today of the perimeter of the new interior station turret placements:

outpost station perimeter tour:

business station perimeter tour:

science station perimeter tour:

mining station perimeter tour:

note 2020 - may - 1 - the military station perimeter tour video will have to wait as i am working on my perceptron this morning. but here are the station placement screenshots.

Mods / Re: 9sMODs - Patch 2.3 of 9.0 - RELEASED - Range Combat drones
« on: April 29, 2020, 07:22:02 am »
hi everyone,

it's been a while that i have coded in void expanse, about 9 months from now, i still had bugs to fix but a major one that happens about 10 to 15 mins ++ during play (to be re-tested) when save game happens and the server crashes. it can happen when you change systems (and an auto-save happens) or/and when you get out of a station (and an auto-save happens). here are the 3 bugs that i am currently facing described in details. i think i might have only fixed 1 out of those 3 bug with some major changes that were happening when i was trying the destructible station mod and i might have lost the way to fix 1 out of those 3.

this is the problem that i had fixed... in my head actually. its due to some changes maybe that i made in the original scripts generategalaxy.js. Although it shows the problem is in DLC1, i never made any changes to DLC1

c-field generator issue. i think i asked about this already. i will review my posts on the forums.

i think this one is related to the problem number 4 which leads to the savegamecrash. I think it might be due to the weird names i give the files to pass extra data to void expanse like rotations of stations are actually my file names for instance "science_01_180.xml" means station type "science" model "01", rotation 180 degrees. When i sort through the file inside of javascript, that file name is so important but provides additional data as i described to pass on to void expanse from outside of an xml file.

this has to be about the way i parse the file (there is no parse but only the name of the file actually) and un-parse them in void expanse which is using the xml file name only but . i will continue to investigate.

Code: [Select]
                else if (base_xml.indexOf("science") >= 0)
                    var getSomeIndex = base_xml.substring(11, base_xml.length); //science_01_0
                    var index = indexOfStuff(getSomeIndex);

                    if (index == 0)
                        index = 4;
                    else if (index == 1)
                        index = 5;
                    else if (index == 2)
                        index = 6;
                    else if (index == 3)
                        index = 7;
                    else if (index == 4)
                        index = 0;
                    else if (index == 5)
                        index = 1;
                    else if (index == 6)
                        index = 2;
                    else if (index == 7)
                        index = 3;

                    parsedAngle = parseInt(getSomeIndex);

                    var tempCoordRefuelX = bas_coord.x + 3.5;
                    var tempCoordRefuelY = bas_coord.y + 14.5;
                    var tempCoordRefuel = { x: tempCoordRefuelX, y: tempCoordRefuelY };

                    var tempCoordRepairX = bas_coord.x - 3;
                    var tempCoordRepairY = bas_coord.y + 14.5;
                    var tempCoordRepair = { x: tempCoordRepairX, y: tempCoordRepairY };

                    var rotatedCoordRefuel = RotatePoint(tempCoordRefuel, bas_coord, parsedAngle);
                    var rotatedCoordRepair = RotatePoint(tempCoordRepair, bas_coord, parsedAngle);

                    var StationRefuelPlatform = generator.AddSpecialObject(sys_id, rotatedCoordRefuel.x, rotatedCoordRefuel.y, arrayOfRefuelPlatforms[index], 0);
                    var StationRepairPlatform = generator.AddSpecialObject(sys_id, rotatedCoordRepair.x, rotatedCoordRepair.y, arrayOfRepairPlatforms[index], 0);

                    var turret_radius = 35;
                    var level = inf.danger_level + Math.round(MathExt.RandDouble() * 4 - 2);
                    level = utils.Clamp(level, 1, 100);
                    //var angle_offset = 0.0;

                    NpcGenerator.SpawnTurretsOfType(args, bas_coord, 4, level, turret_radius, "Turret", "special_human_turret", inf.faction, { class: "turret", non_talkable: true }, parsedAngle, base_xml, sys_id, base_id);
var theBase = { id: base_id, coord: bas_coord, base_xml: base_xml, sys_id: sys_id, rot: parsedAngle};// widthL: 21, widthR: 21, heightT: 19, heightB: 42,
storage.SetGlobal("system_" + sys_id + "_base_" + base_id + "_xmlStationType", theBase);

and once those and the station turret placement are done, i will be able to release the patch 2.3.1 also when i will have done minimum this:

1. microphone input for void expanse where a player can talk, and have his voice give commands without ANY SORT OR FORM OF HACK. it is very important that you engrave this in your minds. There is no limit for a modder like ninekron. sharpDX keyboard input at "image location of device slot 4 or 5 or 6 or 7" and then 1 keyboard click on number 4 let's say and i've already got an AI drone receiving my commands at 20 frame rates per seconds and that leads to my drone menus as in morse code S.O.S is "... - - - ..." and then my drone will be oh noes "my master is in danger, lets go save him":

frame 0 - dot - device is activated per frame and frame 0 activates the variables and captures first "dot or pause". device captures dot (device activated on the slot)
frame 1 - dot - device captures dot (device activated on the slot)
frame 2 - dot - device captures dot (device activated on the slot)
frame 3 - pause - device captures pause which means nothing/nada/no device activation.
frame 4 - pause - device captures pause which means nothing/nada/no device activation.
frame 5 - pause - device captures pause which means nothing/nada/no device activation.
frame 6 - dot - device captures dot (device activated on the slot)
frame 7 - dot - device captures dot (device activated on the slot)
frame 8 - dot - device captures dot (device activated on the slot)

but the only problem will be the synchronization. i already have the input working. i say the letter "a" for attack and void expanse device starts but currently there is nothing else except a counter. today i am showing you proof but, un-unsyncronized proof. and i think the frames between the "dots" and the "pauses" will have to be longer.

currently i am working on the turrets placements for all stations but i've still got the turret buying to add.

here is the same turret placement compatible for the business station. its identical and symetric (argumentable a bit and i can prove that i am not totally 100% correct on my conversion of the units from blender to Void Expanse)

here are some defects in the current platform placement:

i will need to rotate 180 degrees both the refuel and repair platforms of the business station

i will need to rotate 180 degree the mining station refuel platform

then 10 minutes later i realized wow, i am working towards showing my defects... let me put some green marks on that right away :)

edit#2020-04-29at07h49pm#can-east# i am about done with all stations turrets placements except the army station.  they are nice but not perfect yet. they need a little bit more love and preferably not spawn in the middle of my stations would be awesome. it's almost there.

Help section / Re: Collider hangs main Thread question?
« on: April 25, 2020, 06:18:20 pm »
i am thinking of releasing version 2.3.1 with non-destructible stations to start off. But i can't release it now. i have finally found the issue which i gave up on 9 months ago on everything because of this. i had a hunch it was that but i thought my code was fine.

I can't release it now because the issue was the turrets i was spawning right next to stations. removing those turrets fixes the saving issue i had last year in june 2019 approx. i am sorry i gave up because of that, but i am glad i have found the courage to dive back in. But i only tried it earlier today and it worked, the first save passed though. I will recheck the code tonight. The Farseer physics was fine and i owe probably an apology to them thinking it was their engine the issue. it seems i am having doubts in them when i should be having more doubts in me. but i am happy. it works.

I have found back my project and will be unveiling very soon. I now have the Windows 10 image necessary in the case things start getting sour again and lose all capacity to have access to a decent OS. Soon of course also, I will buy my windows 10 activation key hehe.

I have made a ton of Virtual Desktop Screen Capture programs and now I was able to mix those with the Jitter Physics engine and soon to be BepuV1 and BepuV2. I already have working (laggy for the moment - fix coming soon) of all 3 physic engine working in VR. I will soon make videos and show this.

hi guys, it's been a while. I am re-launching my invitation to everyone to come and look at my virtual reality c# program development on here
and that program will incorporate a virtual desktop screen, for everyone. Of course, i am not down to coding multiplayer yet and a massive amount of work awaits me. But i was able to incorporate the 3d physics engine Jitter and physics engine BepuV1 and BepuV2 in virtual reality in directx 11. Only my Jitter physics version is the most advanced with in game physics objects and a completely working virtual desktop screen. Take a look here:

.... note of 2020-0406-04h45pm - on Atomic Torch Void Expanse Forum:

tragic mess of computer issues and i couldn't unveil my C# project of Void Expanse in VR mixed under the Physics engines Jitter and Bepu V1 and Bepu V2. This project does NOT hack Void Expanse in no way at all. absolute ZERO hack as i have no tolerance for hackers either. but have no fear, as long as i am alive, i will work towards achieving that. sorry for the bad quality, but here is my C# very bad premiere youtube unveil of the Physics Engine Jitter working with my C# architecture and with Inverse Kinematics of a human Rig, using SharpDX dlls and the AB3D.DXEngine dlls. I don't mess around much with the Desktop capture on the video, but that version of the program had this working. This premiere Unveil also feels rushed as it definitely was. Sorry again for the bad quality as i have made better presentations than this.

ok thank you for the fast response ai_enabled. Ill try and find some alternative to help me get the correct pos otherwise ill just go do it "trial and error".

I have a working example for Perceptron and i used it in Unity3D in order for a "perceptron" to learn whether to turn right or turn left. I just can't wait to bring that in Void Expanse. It's a really EASY to understand Perceptron program, i believe for ANY beginners working on AILearning. In fact, the best one i came across even if no tutorial. It's just that simple:


I use a modifiable array of 360 length (360 degrees modifiable to 720 degrees for half degrees and so on) and whatever the position of the waypoint is, the perceptron learns fast enough and keeps its weights and data in memory so it will be possible with Global Variables to keep in memory the "learned" things for the drones, which means it will be safe for when server "debug_reinit" happens.


I am working back again on the destructible stations. if you ever have a minute, could you please answer my question about which units i should use in blender when exporting the models xml files like cm or mm or inches etc?

here is how my files name look and how i am able to get the correct offset location that they are supposed to be at in-game:


So in code i simply use string.replace in order to swap the "underline" character and replace it with a dot instead.
var posX = XMLTitlePosX.replace("_", ".");
var posY = XMLTitlePosY.replace("_", ".");

And in order to get the correct location of the digits in the XML name i use indexOf:
var indexPosX = arrayOfWallXML.indexOf("posX")
var indexPosY = arrayOfWallXML.indexOf("posY")

I lost my VR project i think :(

Mods / Re: 9sMODs - Part 2.3 of 9.0 - RELEASED - Range Combat drones
« on: October 07, 2019, 10:10:34 am »
oh wow, 3 months after release i notice that my download is not even working on Steam. it even feels like an empty project... my bad, i really don't know what happened there, in the midst of doing backups i probably uploaded the empty project that i as gonna work on for destructible stations. I find it kinda sad though that no one even posted in this thread to report this. version 2.3 was then "unreleased" for 3 months. I think i've found a backup and will upload it as soon as i can. There was 15 subscriptions to the MOD itself so people tried it and maybe thought i was a scam or something.

I apoligize to the community for this mistake. Will update you soon for when the backup of version 2.3 is ready.

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